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Why is Nannybag the best luggage storage in London?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage. By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in London, you are choosing:
🌍 Available in +10000 spots around the world.
🕐 Customer service available 24/7
🔒 1000€ luggage protection
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↩️ 100% free cancellation: cancel your booking anytime before your arrival and get a full refund.
🎒 +500,000 users, and over 1M luggage stored with our service

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4.6/5 - 7890 reviews
In Paris
Excellent location. Very easy to find in Google maps. Park next to the church to drop luggage. They were very flexible with our reservation timing as we were late. They responded promptly to our message through the nannybag website. Overall great peace of mind knowing luggage was stored safely.
In London
Easy to book. Easy to hand in luggage. Easy to collect luggage. Very convenient.
In London
Simple booking process, bag drop and collection efficient and smooth. Location was directly opposite Lille bus station and open 24hrs. Perfect!

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Is Nannybag luggage storage in London safe?
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Nannybag luggage storage
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Your guide to luggage storage in London

Are you heading out to London and have no idea where to put your suitcase as you enjoy your trip? Classic problem!

From Big Ben to Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square (to name just a few), you could visit UK's capital for weeks and still not see everything that it has to offer.

With Nannybag, storing baggage in London is actually not that difficult. Whether you're planning to explore Buckingham Palace or take a lovely walk in Hyde Park, you've probably wondered: where can I stow my suitcases? Have no fear! There are plenty of locker options that can make your life easier. If you need a place to keep your things, look no further. Nannybag luggage storage London takes care of everything. Let us be your luggage hero!

What are you waiting for? Read all the information you need in our complete storage guide!

How do I store luggage in London with Nannybag?

Storing luggage with Nannybag is easy and only takes a few seconds: you can book from the website or use the Nannybag App, available on the App Store and Google Play. Enter your location in the search bar, and you’ll be presented with many options to store your luggage near you safely. You’ll easily find storage points in various key London locations, including Victoria Station luggage storage, Paddington luggage storage, and London Bridge luggage storage. Depending on your plans, you could even book Paddington luggage storage. You might notice that there are different ways to refer to luggage storage. However, they’re all referring to the same luggage storage service. In the UK, for instance, you’ll find mentions of left luggage Euston or left luggage Liverpool Street. If so, no worries; it only means you’ll find a storage spot for your belongings!

Is Nannybag luggage storage safe?

To guarantee a worry-free experience, Nannybag protects travelers’ luggage up to €10,000 against any incidents (loss, theft, or breakage) that may occur during the service. The booking process is 100% secure: numbered luggage tags are affixed to each piece of luggage deposited by customers, giving them peace of mind and making it easy for the Nannies (Nannybag partners) to identify each luggage item. Moreover, our Nannies are certified and carefully selected by our company to guarantee their professionalism and hospitality. Customers can also consult the online ratings for Nannybag and comments given to each Nanny by other travelers.

Keep Nannybag in your pocket!

Does Kings Cross have lockers?

Nannybag has many luggage storage options available in King’s Cross, central London, and around all major London tourist sites. Find the ideal Kings Cross locker and safely store your luggage with full luggage protection included for only £6! Download the Nannybag app and book your luggage storage within a few seconds only!

Can I store luggage at Tower of London?

To explore the Tower of London and the nearby Tower Bridge properly, make sure to book left luggage nearby. You wouldn’t want your quest for luggage storage Tower of London to be the highlight of your London trip! Don’t worry though - Nannybag luggage storage provides storage points close to the Tower of London and all around the city for only £6 a day, with baggage protection included!

Is there luggage storage at Heathrow Airport?

The luggage storage services available at Heathrow Airport are pretty expensive; we therefore strongly advise you to book Nannybag’s left luggage. Its collaborative luggage storage network offers secure yet much cheaper service for only £6 a day per luggage item. You can easily book with the Nannybag app or online. Within a few seconds, it connects you to a partner storage location near London Heathrow Airport to store bags for a few hours or more.

Can I bring a suitcase in the British Museum?

It’s not advised that you bring anything larger than a small backpack. Anything over 8kg in weight or with dimensions of over 40x40x50cm, as well as any suitcases with wheels, are not allowed inside, and therefore we recommend that you use a nearby luggage storage service.

Luggage storage and Lockers near Museums

If you like sciences and art, prepare to be blown away. The Great Fog has several hundred of them, including the oldest in the world, the world-famous British Museum. You can witness some incredible collections all around town. The Natural History and Science Museums are perfect for a culture-filled experience for science and nature lovers. There are also places like the National Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, and many more. The multitudes of art galleries scattered around the British capital captivate millions of visitors year-round. 

Are you planning to visit any of them? You’ll need to leave your stuff to enjoy your visits properly! With Nannybag, you can free yourself from the burden and walk the streets effortlessly. 

Please note that other galleries exist to explore, including the National Gallery, Imperial War Museum, Wallace Collection, Victoria & Albert (V&A), Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Maritime Museum, and the Transport Museum.

British Museum luggage storage

Located at the heart of Bloomsbury, this beautiful ode to human history from its beginning to the present is also one of the biggest in the world, with an impressive surface 807 000 square feet (75,000 square meters). Its collections are worth a visit! Sculptures, manuscripts, books, medals, and many more pieces… this place has every ingredient for a walk through human history. Its central location is perfect for making the most of the area. Three parks are within walking distance: Bloomsbury Square Garden, Bedford Square Garden, and Russell Square, ideal for a nice walk! Don’t let a silly problem ruin your plans. Use the ideal bag locker instead! You’re only seconds away from a fun, worry-free day!

Natural History Museum luggage storage

London’s Natural History Museum is one of the reasons why the South Kensington area has a « Museum Quarter.» It is right next to Victoria and Albert and the Science Museum. Whether passionate about science or simply curious, this could be your chance to witness meteorites and learn about dinosaurs! Another cool thing about it is that it is free to visit! However, visitors aren’t allowed on the premises with heavy backpacks or suitcases, so reserve left luggage in the area. Don’t let a silly storage problem ruin your day: make Nannybag your luggagehero instead!

National Gallery luggage storage

The National Gallery lies north of Trafalgar Square and is rich with thousands of paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. From the work of Monet to Vermeer, Cézanne, and many more, this place is the perfect cultural visit for your trip! Besides the art pieces, the great thing about this place is that entry is free. Don’t be that one person contemplating visiting the gallery with your suitcases. First, this experience would be dreadful, and second, because it’s forbidden. The National Gallery’s cloakrooms are not your usual locker or bag storage service: their strict bag policy may remind you of the airport. Visitors can’t enter with anything over cabin size (56 x 25 x 45 cm). Skip complications and store your backpack with Nannybag instead. Think of us as your luggagehero; size will not be a problem with us!

Science Museum luggage storage

The Science Museum is perfect for embarking on a fun adventure. Its fascinating collections include ground-breaking inventions such as the Apollo 10 Command Module or the Newcomen’s steam engine. Many exhibitions about computing, medicine, and telecommunications are hosted annually. With the Victoria and Albert and the Natural History Museum only seconds away, you have the perfect excuse to enjoy every minute!

Design Museum luggage storage

The Design Museum is at the crossroads of contemporary art, perpetual innovation, and fascinating designs. Its collections and workshops are just as interesting for kids and adults. Besides what it offers, it is conveniently close to many other must-sees, including Kensington Palace, its royal gardens, and the beautiful Holland Park. Whatever your plans, we doubt you’ll want to drag a hefty carry-on around these amazing places. Turn to Nannybag instead; this could save your holidays.

Madame Tussauds London luggage storage

There might be 25 Madam Tussaud’s around the world now, but there’s only one in London! It was the first wax gallery of this kind when it opened in 1835. Marie Tussaud initially worked as a model maker during the French Revolution. Constantly updating its collection with new celebrity models, Madam Tussauds has over 150 celebrity lifelike figures, among which Beyonce, Yoda, and the Royal Family, to name only a few. Store your baggage before your visit and have fun at Madam Tussaud’s!

Tate Modern luggage storage

Luggage storage and Lockers near places and monuments

London has many significant landmarks and monuments! It is one of those cities where you can always have things to do and see. Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace are only a few must-visit places! 

If you plan to visit any of the places and monuments mentioned below, Nannybag can save your trip! Put your suitcases away; it’s the only way to fully enjoy your stay! Nannybag provides you with the best options in London to store your luggage while you explore without any constraints.

London Eye luggage storage

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, it quickly became a symbol after opening in 1999. With three million annual visitors, it’s also one of England's most visited places! Its Ferris wheel provides visitors with a breathtaking view of the skyline. Its central position makes it possible to visit many other monuments and places nearby, such as Big Ben or Trafalgar Square. So before you embark on a cultural adventure, select a storage spot for your belongings!

Covent Garden luggage storage

With over 44 million visitors annually, Covent Garden is one of London's must-see places. This top tourist attraction never sleeps and is full of hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Covent Garden is where you'll discover the Royal Opera House, the British Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral, and many more monuments worth visiting. Whether you're in the mood for a long walk or planning to tap your Oyster card, we strongly recommend exploring Covent Garden without your baggage. You'll need to be hands-free to snap pictures and enjoy everything this district offers. Skip all bag problems using a left luggage service. With Nannybag as your luggagehero, you'll have a safe place to store your suitcases anywhere in Covent Garden!

London Bridge luggage storage

Don't confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge! You might be disappointed if you do. A small tip to differentiate them: Tower Bridge is known for its twin towers on piers in the middle of the river. It has an engine-powered drawbridge that occasionally opens to let ships pass on the other side. London Bridge is a more standard, typical bridge. The good news is that both bridges are actually in the same area. The other good news is that you'll easily encounter storage nearby!

Marylebone luggage storage

Marylebone is a must-see in the West End. Consider a village by many Londonians, some of the most famous streets, including Baker Street and Oxford Street, are in Marylebone. While you might come to walk through these streets, you'll stay for Marylebone's farmers' markets, restaurants, and atmosphere. Don't let your backpack or suitcase ruin your plans to stop by Hyde Park, Madame Tussauds, or the BBC headquarters. Put them in the bag storage of your choice, and go on with your day! We told you that we could be your luggagehero!

Tower of London luggage storage

Built in 1078, the Tower of London is one of its most ancient landmarks! It has been many things over the years! It was once a Royal Palace and a prison for some of Britain's most notorious historical figures. Known worldwide as an emblem, along with the nearby Tower Bridge, it is also one of England's most famous monuments. While there, you'll have access to many things, including the Crown Jewels and the Museum of Royal Fusiliers, and many more things that make the visit worthwhile. The only thing that could ruin your experience is being stuck with luggage while planning to visit this unique place. That's when luggage storage comes in and saves the day!

St Giles Hotel luggage storage

Quite popular, St Giles lies on the famous Bedford Avenue, in the West End. This hotel has been around since the 1970s, and visitors enjoy its central and convenient location. Close to Hyde Park and easily accessible from Waterloo, Euston, or Tottenham Court Road, St Giles is also 5 minutes away from the British Museum. It's the ideal place if you're wondering where to store luggage to make the most of your day! Find left luggage near St Giles Hotel

Tower Bridge luggage storage

Often mistakenly called London Bridge, Tower Bridge is undeniably one of the most popular monuments in the world. This gothic-style bridge attracts millions of visitors each year! Constructed in 1894 to connect the East End to the city's south side, it is primarily famous for its twin towers. If you were wondering if you could come to Tower Bridge, the answer is no: only airport cabin-size luggage is allowed inside. And we don't recommend visiting this place with any carry-on. Reserve a bag service nearby instead and enjoy Tower Bridge the only way you should: 100% hands-free thanks to your only luggagehero: Nannybag!

Piccadilly Circus luggage storage

Some call it Piccadilly Circus, while others consider it the British answer to New York's Times Square. This prominent shopping spot in central London keeps visitors entertained with many restaurants and must-see monuments. You'll have access to the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and Chinatown, only minutes away on foot! Our pro tip: don't visit Piccadilly Circus with bulky luggage; this could make for a dreadful experience. Use Nannybag instead!

London O2 luggage storage

As the UK's second-largest indoor venue, the O2 Arena is the place to be for concerts and cultural events in London! Located on Peninsula Square, it is easily accessible by transport and has many parking options. Nannybag luggage storage is available nearby to complete its many amenities, so you will not have to worry about where to put your bags at the O2 Arena. Have fun!

London Zoo luggage storage

Did you know that the London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world? With hundreds of animal species to this day, it is still one of Europe's most prominent city zoos. People often call it Regent's Zoo because it is close to Regent's Park. Its central position makes it ideal for planning an itinerary with several places to visit. If that's something you would like to do while there, check the Nannybag app or website to reserve a place to deposit your things.

Soho London luggage storage

When thinking about London, Soho quickly comes to mind. This iconic district is as vibrant as its many hot spots! Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, and Oxford Circus are only a few places to explore in Soho. The Liberty Store and Prince Edward Theatre are also worth stopping by. Soho has entertainment, restaurants, and open shopping spots to keep you busy! If you want to embrace your trip fully, remember to reserve a baggage locker! It's the easiest answer to «Where can I store luggage in Soho? »

U.S Embassy London luggage storage

The U.S. Embassy in London is Western Europe’s main American Embassy and sits at the heart of the Battersea district. Visitors mainly come there seeking a visa for the U.S. and American passport-related queries. For security purposes, the U.S. Embassy forbids access to its premises with any item over cabin size, laptops, and, much like at the airport, any liquid over 30 ml. Storage is an excellent option to avoid any unfortunate situation. Stow your carry-on before entering the U.S. Embassy and make your visit stress-free!

Leicester Square luggage storage

One of the city's busiest areas, Leicester Square is a renowned entertainment hotspot. It is famous for its theatres, cinemas, and casinos. Around the Holiday season, Leicester Square lights up with beautiful Christmas decorations, much appreciated by Londoners and visitors of all ages. From there, you can easily walk to other popular tourist destinations, including Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Chinatown. Dragging luggage around these places won't be fun, so plan service for your bags if you're stuck with them. Nannybag thankfully provides cheap and secure luggage storage near Leicester Square. It's the ideal alternative to enjoy your trip worry-free!

Camden Town luggage storage

Camden Town is by far one of London's most animated areas. Famous for its markets and street food stands, it's a foodies' favorite! It's also perfect for a stroll along Camden Canal or Regent's Park. Music lovers even get to listen to live music! The Jewish Museum and the British Museum both deserve a spot on your to-do list. Since Camden Town has so much to offer, making the most of it is essential. Whether you're stuck with luggage because you're waiting to check into your hotel or Airbnb or because you want to make the most of your last day, Nannybag left luggage is a great way to safely store your belongings while exploring the city!

Trafalgar Square luggage storage

Trafalgar Square and the iconic Nelson's Column are true city symbols. Created in memory of the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, where the British Navy won over the French, it now plays a central role in many celebrations, including New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and the Chinese New Year. Did you know Trafalgar Square is also home to the biggest Christmas tree in the city? Another great thing about Trafalgar Square is that it is only a few minutes from the National Gallery and the British Museum. The great news is you can explore all these spots luggage-free. Use one of Nannybag's partner shops and safely store your suitcases near Trafalgar Square and all around town!

Excel London luggage storage

Also known as Exhibition Centre London, Excel is a convention center in East London, on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock in Docklands, near Canary Wharf. Inaugurated in 2000, it has hosted many cultural, political, economic, and sports events annually since then. Whether you come to ExCel for work or fun, make the most of your trip by staying 100% luggage-free. And while there are cloakrooms on location, you should know they have strict rules. For instance, visitors can't store cameras, laptop equipment, or other electronic devices there. The good news is that Nannybag is the luggagehero that you need, with plenty of storage solutions near Excel!

Wimbledon luggage storage

Earl's Court luggage storage

Vauxhall luggage storage

Wembley Stadium luggage storage

Knightsbridge luggage storage

Shoreditch luggage storage

Oxford Circus luggage storage

Fulham Broadway luggage storage

Chelsea luggage storage

Marble Arch luggage storage

Westminster luggage storage

Big Ben luggage storage

Lockers in London and Near major Train Stations

You have just reached London by train, and one question springs to mind: where can I stow my things to avoid overloading? 

Are you going to be stopping at one of the railway stations listed below? Wanting to travel by train or Eurostar train rather than fly to an airport is understandable. Either way, make the most of your stay: find Nannybag luggage storage and lockers at London train stations and explore in complete peace!

Victoria Station luggage storage

Because we believe you should be able to stow your things safely without spending all your travel budget on it, Nannybag provides storage near Victoria Station for a daily flat rate of £6 per item/day! With attractions such as Buckingham Palace located nearby, a straight connection to attractions such as Buckingham Palace, and interlinks with Gatwick Airport, it’s no surprise that Victoria railway station draws millions of tourists yearly. Other London public transport available include London Underground and Victoria Coach station.

King's Cross luggage storage

Nannybag is a safe and secure way to book luggage storage near London Kings Cross, a frequent stop and one of the busiest stations in London. On the plus side, it’s cheaper than Kings Cross lockers and has locations around the main attractions surrounding King’s Cross. You’ll have access to numerous Nannybag storage locations for a daily flat rate of £6 per bag! Once that’s done, get ready to explore the British History Museum, Leicester Square, Marylebone, and many more iconic London landmarks. While you’re there, why not stop by Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3⁄4 to snap a photo and shop at The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9¾?

St Pancras luggage storage

Nannybag has various safe and secure storage alternatives to avoid expensive storage! Travelers who want to stow luggage safely in St Pancras can deposit them at a nearby shop of Nannybag’s open partner for only £6/piece. Lucky for them, St Pancras is at the crossroads of some great restaurants and shops but also close to the Camden borough, Regent’s Canal, and of course, the lovely Camden Market.

Liverpool Street luggage storage

Whether you’re going in or out of London via Liverpool Street, you’re in luck. If you need to store luggage nearby, Nannybag has various safe and secure storage facilities near Liverpool Street Station for a £6 daily flat rate and with flexible opening hours! On top of great shops, nearby monuments and museums include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and The British Museum.

Bank Station luggage storage

Some call it Bank Station, and others refer to it as Bank and Monument. The reason for this name is that Bank & Monument consists of two stations on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The cheapest luggage storage London option near Bank and Monument is the service provided by Nannybag: for a £6 flat daily rate per baggage item, you’ll enjoy secure storage close to Bank & Monument, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy every minute! Its convenient location makes it one of the busiest underground stations in London, and a great station to stop by as you explore the city without your luggage: the London Bridge and Tower of London are only a few minutes away!

Euston Station luggage storage

Want to store luggage at London Euston? Nannybag is the perfect alternative for cheap and secure storage. It provides safe storage options near London Euston for only £6 per day! With service on the Victoria Line and the Northern line, it’s by far one of the busiest stations in London. While there, you might as well explore the lovely Camden borough! And if you’re looking for landmarks near Euston Station, you should know that the British Library and the British Museum are only a few minutes away on foot.

Paddington Station luggage storage

Looking for a place to drop off luggage near Paddington Station? Let us do the math for you: Nannybag storage only costs £6 daily per baggage and per day, no matter how big or small your item is. Consider this your cue take a walk through Hyde Park, the Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Canal, or explore Little Venice! All of which are only a few minutes away from the famous central London’s Praed Street.

Hammersmith luggage storage

Your only option for baggage storage in Hammersmith Station is Nannybag. Its many partner shops are luckily available only minutes away from Hammersmith and provide cheap and secure storage service all around West London and beyond. Because we believe storing baggage safely should not ruin your travel budget, Nannybag provides storage for a daily flat rate of £6 per item/day! Hammersmith is one of London’s major hubs, meaning you can easily go anywhere in the city via bus or the two underground stations, but if you’re more eager to visit London on foot, know that the Thames is also very close.

Charing Cross luggage storage

Is there luggage storage at Charing Cross Station? Yes, and the cheapest option is Nannybag, which only costs £6 daily per piece, no matter the size and duration of your reservation. This zero hidden fees rate includes luggage protection. So save yourself a headache and book storage with Nannybag in Westminster! Once your luggage is safely stored, you can visit the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. And why not stop by Trafalgar Square while you’re at it?

Waterloo Station luggage storage

If you’re looking for Waterloo luggage storage, look no further: Nannybag is the best service to store luggage at Waterloo Station. Within a few clicks on the app, you’ll access various safe and secure storage options available at flexible opening times for a daily flat rate of only £6 per item. As London’s busiest train station, Waterloo is also a historic landmark and an ideal starting point to explore the city. Think about King’s College, the Thames, or the London Eye. Pretty soon, you could be enjoying these places luggage-free.

London South Kensington Station luggage storage

Green Park Station luggage storage

Holborn Station luggage storage

Watford Junction luggage storage

Luggage storage and Lockers near London airports

You just landed at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport, and the first thing on your mind is: where do I leave my suitcase? Especially if you have a late Airbnb check-in. 

Are you flying into an airport listed below soon? Stow your baggage in safe lockers with luggage storage London Nannybag and explore!

Heathrow luggage storage

Formerly known as London Airport, London Heathrow is the UK’s main international hub. It ranks as the second-busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic (after Dubai) and Europe’s busiest airport. Heathrow also boasts the world’s most extensive international connections. For layover convenience, booking Nannybag London is the best option to explore hassle-free for a few hours or more.

Gatwick luggage storage

Gatwick Airport, often called London Gatwick, is known as the UK’s second-busiest airport for passenger traffic, right after Heathrow Airport. Located in Horley, Surrey, near Crawley, West Sussex, this international airport services London, England, and most of the UK’s travel needs. For travelers navigating a layover at this bustling airport, Nannybag London provides a convenient luggage storage solution, allowing you to drop your bags for a couple of hours and explore stress-free.

Stansted Airport luggage storage

Stansted Airport is located over 50 km north-east of London, making it the furthest airport from the city. Nevertheless, London Stansted is the UK's fourth busiest airport, after Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. It serves no less than 160 destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and it is a hub for many low-cost airlines. It is the main base for Ryanair, Europe's largest low-cost airline, with flights to over 100 destinations. If you have a stopover at London Stansted Airport, Nannybag's storage service is a practical solution that you can easily book online.

Luggage storage and Lockers near parks

Don’t hesitate to relax in one of the city’s many green spaces in between visits! 

Little known fact, it is one of the capital cities with the most parks in the world! Needless to say you will have places to relax. Discover its nature, from the famous Hyde Park to the romantic Regent’s Park and the beautiful Kensington Gardens! St James Park is also worth a visit if you’re in the mood for a stroll! 

Are you planning to visit one of the parks listed below? You’ll need to store your bags to stay free! With Nannybag, you can free yourself from your load and enjoy your visit hassle-free!

Hyde Park luggage storage

Hyde Park is undeniably a must-see with many stories to tell! It is central London's largest park, with a surface of 350 acres (140 hectares) stretching from Kensington to Buckingham Palace! Since it opened to the public, many significant events have occurred in Hyde Park, which remains the city's most famous park, with around 13 million travelers visiting the park every year. We could see why you'd prefer to stroll there without anything heavy to carry!

Kew Gardens luggage storage

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