Guides London London: Best Christmas 2023 Things to Do Beside Mariah Carey

London: Best Christmas 2023 Things to Do Beside Mariah Carey

City Guide November 20, 2023



Christmas 2023 in London promises to be a festive season filled with joy, lights, and timeless traditions. From the enchanting Christmas trees to the melodies of Christmas carols, the city is a hub of holiday spirit. While the music of Mariah Carey often symbolizes the start of the Christmas season, London offers activities and experiences that go beyond the festive tunes, creating the best Christmas atmosphere for everyone.

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A Wonderland of Lights and Festivities

During Christmas, London transforms into a winter wonderland, with its streets and landmarks adorned in dazzling light displays. Areas like Regent Street and Oxford Street become focal points of the city's Christmas decorations, drawing visitors from around the world. The sight of these iconic streets lined with sparkling lights and festive decorations is a hallmark of the Christmas season in London.

For those wondering what to do for Christmas, the city offers a variety of festive activities. From exploring the enchanting Christmas markets and ice-skating rinks to attending holiday concerts and theatrical performances, there's something for everyone in the family. Delight in the festive food and drinks, shop for unique gifts, or simply stroll through the illuminated streets to soak in the magical atmosphere.



London's 2023 Christmas Lights Schedule

Experience the festive charm of London as the city illuminates with Christmas lights. Here's the 2023 schedule for the lighting ceremonies across various locations:

  • Oxford Street: Thursday, November 2
  • Covent Garden: Tuesday, November 7
  • Carnaby Street: Wednesday, November 8
  • Regent Street: Thursday, November 9
  • St James’s: Thursday, November 9
  • Marylebone Village: Thursday, November 9 at 6 pm
  • Kew Gardens: Wednesday, November 15
  • Belgravia: Wednesday, November 15
  • Mayfair: Thursday, November 16
  • Chelsea: Saturday, November 18
  • Trafalgar Square: Thursday, November 7

Each location offers a unique festive experience, from the iconic Oxford Street to the historic charm of Trafalgar Square. Plan your visits to catch these magical moments when London lights up for the holiday season.


Covent Garden: A Center of Christmas Spirit

Traditional Charm and Festive Joy

As one of London's favorite Christmas destinations, Covent Garden transforms into a hub of festive joy during the holiday season. Known for its vibrant energy year-round, the area truly comes to life with the magic of Christmas. The stunning Christmas tree and elaborate decorations that adorn the piazza create a picturesque backdrop that is quintessentially London during the holidays.

Covent Garden is a treasure trove for holiday shopping and festive activities. The markets here are bustling with holiday cheer, offering Christmas gifts and treats. From classic candy canes to unique handcrafted items, these markets are perfect for those looking to embrace traditional Christmas customs.

It's not just about shopping; Covent Garden offers a variety of festive activities and entertainment, making it a perfect place to soak in the holiday spirit, whether you're enjoying a festive show, participating in holiday workshops, or simply basking in the festive atmosphere that envelops the area. For many, a visit to Covent Garden is a cherished part of their Christmas, offering a blend of tradition, entertainment, and holiday joy.


Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

A Festival of Holiday Delights

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is a must-visit destination during Christmas in London. This annual event brings the magic of the holiday season alive with its Christmas market, ice skating rink, and festive attractions. Whether sipping mulled wine, enjoying a hot chocolate, or exploring the numerous stalls and rides, Winter Wonderland offers a delightful Christmas experience for all ages.


Have Drinks in a Cozy Igloo

Every winter in London, a variety of magnificent pop-ups take over the city's rooftops, riversides, and terraces, offering locals and visitors alike a delightful mix of delicious food, warming winter cocktails, and cozy vibes. One of the highlights of these winter experiences is the opportunity to cozy up in an igloo.

Willows On The Roof

Located atop John Lewis on Oxford Street, this spot features rooftop igloos that provide panoramic views of central London.

Glide at Battersea Power Station

Offers rink-side igloos, perfect for watching the ice-skating action while staying cozy and warm.

Tipis on the Green

In partnership with Pimentae Drinks, this sustainable option offers a festive experience in eco-friendly tipis.

Skylight at Tobacco Dock

This unique venue combines rooftop igloos with the excitement of an ice skating rink.

Thor’s Tipi at Winter Wonderland

Though not technically an igloo, it provides a similarly cozy environment, adding a sense of warmth and joviality.



Shop for Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

London, with its markets and boutiques, becomes a haven for last-minute Christmas shoppers. From the festive stalls at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to the eclectic shops in Covent Garden, the city offers endless options for those final holiday purchases. Whether you're looking for artisanal crafts, luxury goods, or unique trinkets, London's shopping scene in winter is bustling with choices that cater to all tastes and budgets, making your last-minute gift hunt both exciting and fruitful.

Unless you're the hyper-organised type who's got their gifts bought, wrapped, and under an immaculately-decorated tree already, I've got a feeling you'll be needing this one. Stores all over London are dressed up for Christmas, and here's a selection with sure-fire festive appeal.


Always London's earliest to open a Christmas shop, Liberty's is a delightful destination where you can immerse yourself in the enchanting holiday spirit. Their festive decor and carefully curated selection of gifts make it a must-visit for Christmas shopping enthusiasts.


The famous department store is a quintessential Christmas destination. Not only is the interior decked out in festive cheer, but the exterior of Harrods is also a sight to behold with its stunning holiday displays. Inside, you'll find a treasure trove of luxurious gifts and decorations.


Known for going joyously over the top during the holiday season, Selfridges is a true Christmas wonderland. The store is adorned with dazzling decorations, and their Christmas department is a paradise for finding unique and festive goodies for your loved ones.

Fortnum & Mason

A fabulously bougie shopping mainstay, Fortnum & Mason is the epitome of British elegance. Their Christmas offerings are nothing short of exquisite, from hampers filled with gourmet treats to beautifully crafted decorations. It's the perfect place to find a touch of luxury for your holiday celebrations.


See the Light Festival

Winter in London is not complete without experiencing its dazzling Light Festival. Various neighborhoods across the city, including Southbank and Canary Wharf, transform into luminous art installations, with brilliant light displays and interactive art pieces. These festivals offer a mesmerizing evening stroll, where you can witness the city aglow with innovative and enchanting light works. It's a visual treat that brightens up the long winter nights and adds a touch of magic to the city's festive season.



Christmas Carols and Advent Calendar Celebrations

The sound of Christmas carols fills the air in London during the holiday season, with numerous choirs and groups performing across the city. These carols, along with the excitement of opening advent calendars, add to the anticipation and joy of the Christmas season. London's churches and public spaces host various carol services, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of Christmas traditions.

Christmas 2023 in London is set to be a memorable celebration, offering a plethora of activities and experiences that capture the essence of the holiday season. From the festive markets to the radiant light displays, and the traditional Christmas carols, the city celebrates Christmas in a way that is both magical and uniquely London.

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