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How does bike shipping work?

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The carrier collects your bikes from your home or a collection point.
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Why ship your bike?

No matter where you are in the world, our carriers collect your bikes from your home or a collection point and deliver it to the location of your choice. It's simple, affordable and you'll get nothing but benefits. Say Goodbye to:
Expensive fees for special luggage
Airline size restrictions
Endless price and regulations comparisons
Painful trips with your bike and all its accessories

The ultimate guide to bike shipping

1. Why choose Nannybag?

Who has never dreamed of traveling hands-free? You wish to travel without any constraints? You don't like waiting in line to check your luggage at the airport? Not to mention the numerous size and weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Whatever your means of transportation, traveling light is a real advantage. Whether it's for practical or economic reasons, there are many reasons to use bicycle transportation.

Are you planning to cycle across Europe, heading off to a sporting event abroad or do you simply don't want to be burdened by your bike and its accessories during your journey? If you have just bought or sold a bike, the prospect of managing the logistics is surely not a something you're looking forward to! In any case, there's no need to start comparing the prices and restrictions of each airline, train or bus company. You won't see the end of it.

Ship your road bike, VTC or mountain bike with Nannybag, everything will be easier! Our service will take care of your bike smoothly and easily, guaranteeing you a secure, affordable and quick service!

Choosing Nannybag to send your bike means opting for a secure and quality service, with a personalized follow-up from A to Z.

Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Road bike, mountain bike and VTC transport We accept all types of parcels and luggage weighing up to 70 kg and measuring up to 270 cm in length. The rate will be calculated according to the information provided.
Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Simple tracking of your bikes Once your reservation is confirmed, you automatically receive a tracking number that allows you to follow your shipment in real time.
Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Customer service available 7 days a week Real humans answer your questions. Our customer service is there to help you. All information is also available in our Help Center.
Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Cancellation and refund As long as your bikes has not been taken care of, you have the possibility to cancel your transport reservation, free of charge.
Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Optimizing your trip Our service adapts to your needs: book without headaches and enjoy your bikes, at the location of your choosing, whenever you want!
Expedition bagage avec Nannybag
Quick delivery Thanks to our partner DHL, your bikes and all the equipment it may require will be shipped to you in France or elsewhere in Europe as soon as possible, so that you can make the most of your stay.

2. How much does it cost to transport a bicycle?

The price of your reservation depends on several factors: the destination, the number of packages sent and their weight. We work closely with DHL to provide you with the best rates. To get a better idea of our prices, feel free to make a simulation on our website!

3. Booking and payments

How to book a bike transport?

To book a shipment of your bikes, go to our site. Enter the following information:
- The address where the packages will be picked up;
- The delivery address;
- The date your shipment will be picked up;
- The number of packages.

The booking system will then offer you different packages, from which you can sort through using our filtering system. Once your reservation is confirmed, your labels will be sent to you by e-mail.

Is it only possible to book online?

Yes. To book your transportation in advance, go to our website.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can book by credit card only. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Where can I find information about the Nannies where I can drop off my shipment?

Regardless of your type of shipment, you have the option of dropping it off at a Nanny, where our carrier will pick it up. If you choose this method when you make your reservation, we will provide you with several luggage storage facilities near the address you have indicated, as well as the time slot to be respected for the deposit of your luggage or package. The confirmation email of your reservation will also contain this information.

How can I track my shipment?

Once you have made your payment and your order has been confirmed, you will shortly receive a tracking number that will allow you to follow the route of your shipment online. You will be able to follow each step of the shipment thanks to the tracking link that will be provided to you.

How do I know when my luggage or packages are delivered?

Your tracking number enables you to follow the progress of your shipment in real time. Its tracking status is updated regularly. Once your luggage has arrived at its destination, a notification email will automatically be sent to the email address you provided, informing you of its reception.

I want to cancel my order, how do I proceed?

You may cancel your order until the last moment, before the carrier takes charge of your shipment. To do so, you simply need to log into your customer account.

I made my reservation but I want to change it. Is it possible?

Once your reservation is completed, you will not be able to modify it. Should you notice an error in your reservation or should your needs change, you will have to contact our customer service via email in order to cancel your order and create a new one.

In case of cancellation, do I get my money back?

If you cancel your reservation within 10 days prior to the collection of your shipment, you will receive a full refund within a maximum of 10 days after the date that was scheduled for collection. If you cancel your reservation more than 10 days prior to pickup, you will receive an immediate refund of the full amount of your booking.

I couldn't find an answer to my question, what can I do?

You can find the answer to your question by visiting our Help Center.

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