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Where to store luggage near Paris Montparnasse Station?

So, you’ve arrived in Paris through Gare Montparnasse, a station around the intersection of the 6th, 14th, and 15th arrondissements, just a little bit to the southwest of the center of the city. With four metro lines running through the station, and plenty to do and see within walking distance of the station, Montparnasse is an ideal starting point to explore the rest of Paris. Let’s be honest, dragging around luggage or carrying bags that you don’t need will only exhaust you and slow you down during your exploration. Turn to Nannybag instead! Simply enter your location into our app or website, select a location convenient for you, and store your item for only €6 per day!

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How much does luggage storage cost near Paris Montparnasse Station?

Our prices are flat, regardless of the size and weight of your luggage. No need to overthink it!

€6 per 24h and per luggage

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Learn more about Paris Montparnasse Station

Montparnasse Station in Paris is one of the three largest stations in the city, located on the boundary between the 6th,14th, and 15th arrondissements in the hilly, busy neighborhood of Montparnasse. The station originally opened in 1840, was rebuilt in 1852, and was moved just a few hundred meters to the south in 1969; the famous Montparnasse Tower skyscraper, the tallest building in France until 2011, stands in the place of the old station. The station serves TGV trains (TGVs are the fast intercity trains that travel around France) between Paris and the west and southwest, cities such as Tours, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Rennes. There is also a large underground metro station here, Montparnasse-Bienvenüe, which is the fourth-busiest in Paris and services Line 4, Line 6, Line 12, and Line 13. The history of the station is marked by a famous, unusual incident in October 1895. A train running from Granville to Paris overran a buffer stop, and shot thirty meters through the station concourse, crashed through a two-foot thick wall, shot across a terrace and right out of the station, crashing onto the Place de Rennes below where it finally came to a stop resting on its front! No one on the train died; only a few sustained minor injuries, but a woman on the street below sadly died. Now, the main concourse in the station contains two floors of shopping and restaurants, where you can relax if you have a couple of hours to wait for a train - just keep an eye out for any trains flying through the air!

Things to know about Paris Montparnasse Station

At which hall are the departures of Montparnasse?

Departing trains leave Montparnasse station from Halls 1 and 2.

How far is the Tour Montparnasse?

Tour Montparnasse is less than a five-minute walk to the north of the station - it’s pretty difficult to miss!

How can I easily reach the Montparnasse Tower?

To reach Tour Montparnasse, you just need to take a very short (2-3 minute) walk to the north once you leave the station.

Is there a bike park at the Montparnasse station?

Yes, INDIGO provides a bike parking area at the station with 375 places equipped with bicycle racks, including 25 places for electrically assisted bicycles and 12 places for cargo bicycles.

Are there any toilets in the Montparnasse station?

Yes, on the mezzanine level where the shops and restaurants are, there are free public toilets, including accessible toilets.

What are the parking lots at the Montparnasse train station?

There are a lot of parking lots available to use around Gare Montparnasse, such as the Pasteur Car Park, the Catalogne Car Park, and the Indigo Car Park. prices tend to be between €4 -€6 per hour.

Where are the waiting rooms at Montparnasse station?

Gare Montparnasse has four waiting rooms, as well as an observation deck, and plenty of restaurants and cafés. One is at level 2, Hall 3, another at level 0, hall 4, another at level 2, right in front of the Baillardran shop, and another at Pasteur Hall 2.

Are there any coworking facilities near the Montparnasse station?

There are a few coworking facilities near the station; one is Regus, which is located on the Rue de Rennes beside the station. Another is Sesame Coworking, around a kilometer to the southwest.

How do I get from Gare Montparnasse to Gare de Lyon?

The best way to get to Gare de Lyon from Gate Montparnasse is to walk to the Vavin metro station, take Line 4 towards Porte de Clignancourt, and change at Chatelet. Then, Gare de Lyon is only one stop away on Line 14.

Does the Noctilien serve the Montparnasse station?

Yes; various Noctilien (night bus) routes pass by Gare Montparnasse; N61, N62, N63, N01, N02, N12, N13, and N145.

Why is Montparnasse called " The Breton district "?

Montparnasse is called “The Breton District” as trains carrying poor people from Brittany in the early 20th century who were moving to Paris hoping for a better life arrived in Montparnasse, with many of the families deciding to stay and settle in the district. Now, many Breton shops and restaurants can be found in the area. In the early 20th century, many poor immigrants came to Paris in search of a better life and economic opportunities from Brittany. They arrived in Gare Montparnasse, and many settled in the area, where you can still find Breton restaurants and shops.

Nannybag luggage storage near Paris Montparnasse Station

Thanks to an extensive network of hotels and local shops near Paris Montparnasse Station, Nannybag luggage storage provides travelers with cheap and practical luggage storage facilities to drop off their suitcases safely and enjoy everything Paris Montparnasse Station offers. Luggage coverage is included in the price, and customer service is available 7/7. Nannybag is proud to collaborate with prestigious hotel groups such as Accor to ensure that you always find available luggage storage a few minutes away from the main points of interest, metro, and train stations.

Why store luggage with Nannybag?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage.

By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag near Paris Montparnasse Station, you are choosing:
a 24/7 service near Paris Montparnasse Station
a wide choice of storage locations all over the city and not only in train stations.
to entrust your luggage to a professional who takes care of everything (reception, labeling with a numbered luggage tag, guarding your luggage) in less than 2 minutes.
a storage location that we have selected and validated according to strict criteria
safe luggage storage with some of our major hospitality partners, such as AccorHotels, Louvre Hotels, etc.
absolute confidence: we have an average rating of 4.6/5 over 7890 reviews on Trustpilot 🤩
an included protection of up to €1,000 in case of breakage, loss, and theft, which grants you extra peace of mind.
easy and free cancellation up to the time of your drop-off
customer service available 7 days a week

Where are the luggage storage facilities near Paris Montparnasse Station?

The best luggage storage facilities near Paris Montparnasse Station are only minutes away! Remember this during your stay near Paris Montparnasse Station: our ultimate goal is to provide you with a Nanny (the cute nickname we gave our partners ❤️) wherever you need one. And knowing how valuable your time is, we wouldn’t want you to change your travel plans near Paris Montparnasse Station because of a luggage problem.
Whether you need to store your luggage near Paris Montparnasse Station because you just arrived near Paris Montparnasse Station or because you’re leaving the city in a few hours and want to make the most of your last moments, we have cheap and secure left luggage just a few minutes away on foot All you have to do is type Paris Montparnasse Station in the search engine of the Nannybag app (or website!) and see for yourself which Nanny suits your needs best! Most of our Paris Montparnasse Station Nannies are open 24 hours a day, or until late at night, and seven days a week.
What if you explored the streets of Paris Montparnasse Station without luggage?

How to store luggage with Nannybag?

Booking luggage storage with Nannybag is easy!
1️⃣ Use our interactive map to find the best storage location according to your plans
2️⃣ Pick your drop-off and pick-up times
3️⃣ Pay securely online and get your booking confirmation!

You’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation email to inform you that your spot has been successfully reserved. It’s even easier than packing a suitcase!

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