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Learn more about the Eiffel Tower

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Paris? The Eiffel Tower. This architectural landmark built for the 1889 World Exhibition is the symbol of the city of lights. Though the Eiffel Tower wasn’t always as appreciated as it is now, with numerous artists criticizing its appearance, even going as far as suggesting its demolition, it quickly became the most famous monument in Paris. Needless to say that the Eiffel Tower should be on your shortlist, even if you’re only planning a quick trip to Paris. Located on the iconic Champs de Mars, the bottom part of the Eiffel Tower is a great spot to have a nice picnic with your friends, family or significant other. The Eiffel Tower is conveniently located close to various public transports stops: Trocadero, served by metro lines 6 and 9, Ecole militaire, served by metro line 8, local buses 42, 69, 72, 82 and 87, and RER stop Champs de Mars - Tour Eiffel, on RER C’s route.  While you’re in the area, you can extend your cultural adventure by also visiting the Quai Branly Museum, the Musée d’Art Moderne, or the Musée Guimet. 

Where to find Nannybag luggage storage near the Eiffel Tower?

  • Shiv-Sai a 9 minutes walk away. This luggage storage is a Souvenirs shop open Monday through Sunday from 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM, Tuesday from 10.30 AM to 10.00 PM, and Wednesday through Sunday from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • J'Adore Souvenirs 10 minutes away on foot. This luggage storage is a Souvenirs shop open Monday through Sunday from 10.30 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • Maison Roal 17 minutes away on foot. This left luggage is a Store open Monday through Friday from 8.30 AM to 7.00 PM, and Saturday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

How does Nannybag work?

Booking luggage storage has never been easier, just follow these three simple steps
Nannybag Luggage Storage Book


Book very affordable storage quickly and easily through the app or online.
Nannybag Luggage Storage Deposit

Drop off

Drop off your luggage in the safe and secure Nanny of your choice.
Nannybag Luggage Storage Enjoy


Fully enjoy your destination, your luggage is safely kept by our Nannies!

The ultimate guide to luggage storage near the Eiffel Tower

1. We put security first.

Our Eiffel Tower luggage storage solutions are called Nannies for a reason! On top of your well-being, our #1 priority is security. To guarantee that everything runs smoothly, a security seal is placed on each luggage to identify it, thanks to a unique security number. This security seal has a detachable part which you keep as proof that your luggage was stored and that you are the owner. The room in which your luggage is stored is dedicated to Nannybag storage and remains locked at all times. Our Nannies are carefully chosen, we only select 10% of partner requests, because we want to find the perfect fit for you. Also, you won’t have to worry about how big your luggage is: we know that traveling sometimes means bringing a LOT with you. That's why we accept all luggage without any limits of size or weight.

Checked luggage storage

Checked luggage storage

Each storage place we provide is selected and approved by Nannybag according to very specific criteria.
Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Our luggage storage network is available 24/7 to meet the expectations of all travellers.
Fixed price

Fixed price

No nasty surprise, our prices are set in advance. You only pay at the booking stage.


Each baggage item is insured up to €1000 by our partner AXA Assurance in case of breakage, loss or robbery.
Secure payment

Secure payment

All payments and information provided are fully secured by our payment solution.
Customer service

Customer service

Real humans answer you. Our customer service is here to help you. All information is also available in our Help Center.

2. How much is it to store luggage near the Eiffel Tower?

Per day

per piece of luggage *
* Storage for your luggage must be booked online, no payment will be accepted on site.
  • Insurance included (€1000)
  • Easy cancellation - no charge up to the time of your deposit.
  • Our prices are per piece of luggage and your belongings are insured by Axa

3. Why leave your bags with Nannybag near the Eiffel Tower? We love travelers, travelers love us!

Sophie M
London, UK
Very practical before or after staying in your Airbnb. We used Nannybag after our checkout at 3:00 pm. And 6 euros per piece of luggage is really cheap :)
Arthur S
Paris, France
This is the first time I use Nannybag. Our Nanny was very friendly and our belongings were kept safe until we picked them up later in the day. I highly recommend it!
Justine T
Venice, Italy
Secure storage and very friendly service. Perfect for tourists who want to visit Paris without their large suitcases. I left 6 suitcases for 8 hours before going home with my friends.

4. How to choose your luggage storage near the Eiffel Tower?

How do I choose my Nanny?

Our search engine is designed for you to find the best option, depending on your location, dates, and plans. Enter the Eiffel Tower location of your choice and the dates and times at which you want to drop-off and pick-up your luggage. Let us know how many items you want to store and voilà!

• How is security handled on location?

Each Nanny dedicates a special room to Nannybag storage. That room stays locked at all times, with very strict access control. When you drop-off luggage, your identity is thoroughly verified by the Nanny during drop-off as well as pick-up. Your luggage is then associated with a security seal and a unique number that you are given and asked to keep as proof. If you need to have your luggage picked up by another person it’s possible! All you have to do is give that person’s complete name when you book your luggage storage. For insurance and security reasons our partners systematically ask for official ID when dropping off and picking up the luggage.

5. Booking, insurance and payments

How much is it to store luggage near the Eiffel Tower?

Nannybag is quite cheap! You can leave your luggage for 6€ a day per item. You can cancel your reservation for free, as long as it has not started yet. To do so, log into your account and just click on the link "Cancel my booking" in your reservation details. You'll receive a full refund within a few days.

• Which payment methods are accepted?

You can only book your Nannybag luggage storage with a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards.

• Can bookings only be made online?

Yes. You can book a Nanny in advance, either using the app, available on iOS or Android, or the website. Our phone line is dedicated to customer support. You can't book luggage storage on the spot.

• If anything happens to my luggage, what can Nannybag do?

When you choose to use our service, you pick a safe solution. Should anything happen to your luggage, our insurance covers your luggage up to €1000 per piece of luggage.

• My booking is completed but I need to add more luggage, can I do that?

Not yet, but we are actively working on it ;)

• When do I get precise information on the location and opening hours of my Nanny?

Our map indicates clearly the location of our luggage storage spots. As soon as your booking is finalized, you receive detailed information via email (name and address of the Nanny, type of activity, contact details of the manager, etc.). You can also find all these pieces of information on your Nannybag account.

• How long can I leave my luggage at the Nanny?

Our Nannies are very flexible! You can leave your luggage from a few hours to 30 days.

• If I have trouble finding my Nanny, how can I get help?

Our Nannies are easy to spot: once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive the exact address of your luggage storage, as well as information on the type of location. You’ll instantly know if your luggage will be stored in a partner hotel, restaurant or shop. Thanks to our cute red stickers on the front side of their location, you should easily find them.

• I couldn't find an answer to my question, what can I do?

You can find the information you need in our help center.