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Where to store luggage in Paris?

Before Paris got its name in the 4th century, it was known as Lutetia, a Gallo-Roman town. During this period, the city of Paris was attacked by Attila the Hun and his army. To save the capital from the menace, the people of Paris joined forces and fought back. Throughout time, Paris went through endured many hardships. In fact, Paris got its 'City of Lights' nickname after Louis XIV decided to install more street lights to restore its safety following several violent attacks. Today, the city continues to stand firm and shine. Paris’ historical monuments are too fascinating for you to skip! However, walking around Paris with bulky bags is not the best idea. Let's be honest: you wouldn't want to climb up Montmartre with the weight of your bags! But don't you worry. Nannybag luggage storage will provide you with a safe solution to travel worry-free. For more information on our service, check out our guide to storing luggage in Paris below!

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How much does luggage storage cost in Paris?

Our prices are flat, regardless of the size and weight of your luggage. No need to overthink it!

€6 per 24h and per luggage

Luggage protection and free cancellation included
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Nannybag luggage storage in Paris

Thanks to an extensive network of hotels and local shops in Paris, Nannybag luggage storage provides travelers with cheap and practical luggage storage facilities to drop off their suitcases safely and enjoy everything Paris offers. Luggage coverage is included in the price, and customer service is available 7/7. Nannybag is proud to collaborate with prestigious hotel groups such as Accor to ensure that you always find available luggage storage a few minutes away from the main points of interest, metro, and train stations.

Why store luggage with Nannybag?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage.

By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in Paris, you are choosing:
a 24/7 service in Paris
a wide choice of storage locations all over the city and not only in train stations.
to entrust your luggage to a professional who takes care of everything (reception, labeling with a numbered luggage tag, guarding your luggage) in less than 2 minutes.
a storage location that we have selected and validated according to strict criteria
safe luggage storage with some of our major hospitality partners, such as AccorHotels, Louvre Hotels, etc.
absolute confidence: we have an average rating of 4.6/5 over 7890 reviews on Trustpilot 🤩
an included protection of up to €1,000 in case of breakage, loss, and theft, which grants you extra peace of mind.
easy and free cancellation up to the time of your drop-off
customer service available 7 days a week

Where are the luggage storage facilities in Paris?

The best luggage storage facilities near Paris are only minutes away! Remember this during your stay in Paris: our ultimate goal is to provide you with a Nanny (the cute nickname we gave our partners ❤️) wherever you need one. And knowing how valuable your time is, we wouldn’t want you to change your travel plans in Paris because of a luggage problem.
Whether you need to store your luggage in Paris because you just arrived in Paris or because you’re leaving the city in a few hours and want to make the most of your last moments, we have cheap and secure left luggage just a few minutes away on foot All you have to do is type Paris in the search engine of the Nannybag app (or website!) and see for yourself which Nanny suits your needs best! Most of our Paris Nannies are open 24 hours a day, or until late at night, and seven days a week.
What if you explored the streets of Paris without luggage?

How to store luggage with Nannybag?

Booking luggage storage with Nannybag is easy!
1️⃣ Use our interactive map to find the best storage location according to your plans
2️⃣ Pick your drop-off and pick-up times
3️⃣ Pay securely online and get your booking confirmation!

You’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation email to inform you that your spot has been successfully reserved. It’s even easier than packing a suitcase!

Luggage storage and lockers at Paris train stations

During your time in the city, you might have to travel to Paris Gare de l'Est, one of the busiest train stations in Europe, or get off your bus at the Paris-Gallieni bus station. Not to forget Gare De Lyon, a station that opens its door to over 110 million visitors every year and is one of the busiest in Europe. If not, your adventure may take you to any of the locations listed below. And walking around large train stations swamped with travelers would not be such a good idea. Either way, you might find yourself in need of lockers to leave your bags for the day. But it's not just the location you're concerned about: the price also is something you take into account. No matter your situation, Nannybag is at your service near train stations and all around Paris at the best price. It only takes a few clicks to book available storage online, and once you're done booking, you can just drop your luggage off and move on with your plans!

Luggage Storage near Paris Gare de l'Est

At Gare de l’Est, there is luggage storage for up to 48 hours, but for anything larger than a small bag, it’s more expensive than Nannybag. For example, a large locker costs €9.50 for a day, whereas Nannybag charges a flat rate of €6 per item per day.

Find left luggage near Paris Gare de l'Est
Luggage Storage near Paris Gare du Nord Station

Gare du Nord station does contain luggage lockers, but they can cost up to €9.50 per item per day for something large. Why not drop an item off at one of our trusted locations nearby for only €6 per item per day?

Find left luggage near Paris Gare du Nord Station
Luggage Storage near Paris Gare De Lyon

There are luggage storage lockers in the station, located in Hall 3, close to the exit to Rue de Bercy. However, they are much more expensive than using an option like Nannybag, which has a flat rate of €6 per item per day, and you have to pay in cash.

Find left luggage near Paris Gare De Lyon
Luggage Storage near Paris Saint-Lazare Station

Paris Saint-Lazare station does have a luggage storage service, but unless you’re storing a tiny bag, it’ll be cheaper to store it at a Nannybag location. A large bag, for example, costs €9.50 per day compared to €6 per item per day with Nannybag.

Find left luggage near Paris Saint-Lazare Station
Luggage Storage near Paris Montparnasse Station

There are luggage lockers at Paris Montparnasse station. However, you can only use them for a maximum of 72 hours, and the price reaches €9.50 per day for a large bag. Nannybag lets you keep things in storage for up to 30 days for a flat rate of only €6 per item per day.

Find left luggage near Paris Montparnasse Station
Luggage Storage near Paris Austerlitz Station

At Gare d’Austerlitz, you can find luggage lockers storage, but unless you only need to stash away a small bag, the cheaper option is to use Nannybag’s service. For example, a large bag costs €9.50 for a large locker in Austerlitz, instead of €6 per day (a flat rate regardless of size) with Nannybag.

Find left luggage near Paris Austerlitz Station

Luggage storage and lockers near Paris airports

Imagine being told that your flight is delayed and you're stuck at one of the airports listed below. Or flying into a city and waiting long hours before checking into your hotel or Airbnb. On your way out of Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport, we bet you’d love to skip the bustling airport and enjoy your time in the city one last time. However, the idea of having to drag your luggage around might put a big damper on your plans. Not to worry! Nannybag flies to all travelers’ rescue with safe luggage storage for only €6 per day and luggage. This rate even includes baggage insurance. When we say that you can enjoy your trip worry-free, we mean it! 

Luggage Storage near Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport

There are luggage lockers to store your things at Charles de Gaulle, but beware - it’s pricey. For example, storing one small item costs €3 for up to 3 hours, but this price rises rapidly when things are kept for longer: this same item will cost up to €20 per day if kept for over 5 days. Meanwhile, storing baggage like a large suitcase costs €7 to keep for up to 3 hours, but a huge €38 per day after five days. With a €6 daily flat rate booking a nearby Nannybag location is way cheaper!

Find left luggage near Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport
Luggage Storage near Paris Orly Airport

Orly Airport provides luggage storage in the South Terminal, near Gate G, on the departure floor. However, the rates depend on the size and weight of your luggage and how long you store bags, even for less than a day. Nannybag offers secure storage for your bags at a much more affordable and flat rate: only €6 per luggage for 24 hours, no matter its size!

Find left luggage near Paris Orly Airport

Luggage storage and lockers near museums

Let’s cut to the chase: being in Paris means you must visit the Louvre Museum. Its remarkable (and Instagram-worthy!) entrance, with its view of the pyramids, will blow your mind away. Initially built as a fortress in the 12th century, the Louvre Museum was later turned into a residence for the French royal families in the 16th century. In 1993, it officially became a museum and houses over 35,000 art pieces today, including masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, La Vénus de Milo, le Radeau de la Méduse, and La liberté guidant le peuple. Located in the 1st arrondissement, The Louvre receives over 10 million travelers, making it the most visited museum in the world!

The Louvre Museum is enormous, and there are better ideas than dragging your luggage around the museum which is storing it. And the same thing goes for other Paris Museums; whether your plans include visiting Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay or the iconic Palais de Tokyo, you can opt for left luggage. Nannybag will store your bags safely and allow you to wander around the best museums in Paris for hours carelessly.

Luggage Storage near Louvre Museum

The Louvre, the world's largest and most visited museum, is surely somewhere you’re considering visiting while in Paris. For safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring any large bags, suitcases, or luggage inside the museum, and while there are storage lockers, these are very small. Therefore, it’s best to make a booking with a Nanny nearby for only €6 per item per day.

Find left luggage near Louvre Museum
Luggage Storage near Musée d'Orsay

There is a cloakroom where luggage with dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm or less can be stored. However, if you have something bigger or want to leave something slightly longer, check out some nearby Nanny locations near the museum.

Find left luggage near Musée d'Orsay
Luggage Storage near Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou is a striking modern building with colorful pipes and staircases visible on the outside of the building. Located in the vibrant center of Paris beside Le Marais and Châtelet, the building houses an incredibly modern and contemporary art building, a public library, and a music research center. There is a cloakroom where bags can be stored, but only with a maximum size of 30cm x 15cm x 35cm, so if you need to store anything bigger or for a longer period of time than your visit, try Nannybag.

Find left luggage near Centre Pompidou

Luggage storage and lockers near places and monuments

No wonder why Paris is the most visited city in Europe. Between historical sites such as Notre Dame or Montmartre and magical places like Disneyland Paris, the capital has all the ingredients for a memorable time in France! One thing to love about Paris is how rich its history is. Each Parisian monument tells its own story. Take the famous Eiffel Tower, for example. Built between 1887 to 1889, it was constructed by engineer Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 Exposition Universelle. He designed the one-of-a-kind monument to commemorate the French Revolution for its 100 years anniversary. Though it faced many criticisms, the beautiful and detailed design of the Eiffel Tower succeeded in capturing the heart of visitors. In its first year of exploitation alone, more than 2 million people traveled to Paris to visit the monument. If you wish to travel to any of the locations listed below to hear more stories about Paris, make sure to do it hands-free! Book and drop off your bags at a Nannybag location for only €6 and let the fun begin!

Luggage Storage near the Palais des congrès

Located in the 17th arrondissement, the Palais de Congrès is an events venue, a convention center, a shopping mall, and a TV studio all rolled into one. If you find yourself here for one of the many reasons that might present themselves at this versatile venue, know that luggage storage options are available nearby!

Find left luggage near the Palais des congrès
Luggage Storage at La Défense

La Défense, located outside the western edge of the city of Paris, is the built-up, busy business center of Paris. Here you will find enormous buildings containing the offices of some of the world’s largest companies - this is Europe's second most important business district after London. Are you coming here for business or any other reason and need to leave a bag? Check out Nannybag!

Find left luggage at La Défense
Luggage Storage near Notre Dame

Notre Dame cathedral on the Île de la Cité is just about as emblematic of Paris as anything in the city. Dating all the way back to the 1100s, this magnificent, glorious cathedral has captured the public imagination for centuries. The catastrophic fire of 2019 has meant that restoration works are still underway, and it’s not going to be possible to visit the inside of the Cathedral until 2024. However, you can still soak in the atmosphere in the area around the Cathedral and view its magnificence from the outside.

Find left luggage near Notre Dame
Luggage Storage near the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, an architectural landmark built for the 1889 World Exhibition, is perhaps the most recognizable building in the world and a true symbol of Paris. If you're visiting the city, there's a good chance the Eiffel Tower is on your to-do list. Lengthy waiting lines can be extremely tiring, so you don't want to drag bags around. Moreover, you can't take large bags and suitcases with you if you plan on heading up the tower. Why not drop your things off nearby?

Find left luggage near the Eiffel Tower
Luggage Storage near Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, which opened in 1992 and is in Marne-La-Vallée (about 30km west of Paris), has become one of the most famous and loved theme parks in the whole world. This magical setting is a great experience for kids and a nostalgia-filled place for adults. Its attractions genuinely provide something for everyone. There are places to drop luggage, but the lockers are more expensive. For example, storing a large bag or suitcase will cost €12, while Nannybag's €6 flat rate per item per day is the same, whatever your luggage's size.

Find left luggage near Disneyland Paris
Luggage Storage at Châtelet

Châtelet, or Châtelet-Les Halles, is the largest underground station in the world. Located in the first arrondissement, around 750,000 people pass through here daily! Three RER lines and five underground lines serve Châtelet's twenty platforms, making it quite complex to navigate. If you travel around here, why not drop your luggage off nearby with Nannybag? Navigating this massive busy station will become a lot easier.

Find left luggage at Châtelet
Luggage Storage near Porte Maillot

Porte Maillot is located between the 16th and 17th arrondissements, built on an ancient city gate site. Metro line 1 and RER line C both stop by Porte Maillot. This essential hub for travelers also connects them to Beauvais Airport when visiting Paris. Are you stopping here on the way into the city? Check out a nearby Nanny location if you need to store a bag.

Find left luggage near Porte Maillot
Luggage Storage near the AccorHotels Arena

Also known as Paris-Bercy, AccorHotels Arena, located in the 12th arrondissement within walking distance of Gare de Lyon, puts on many cultural, political, and sporting events throughout the year. No bags or suitcases are allowed inside, even in the cloakroom, so make sure to store away items in advance. Why not do this at a nearby Nanny location for only €6 per day?

Find left luggage near the AccorHotels Arena
Luggage Storage in Montmartre

Montmartre is one of the most recognized and visited tourist locations in Paris. Here you can find a beautiful white-domed Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur on top of a hill that overlooks the whole city, nestled in a picturesque neighborhood filled with traditional cafés, restaurants, and little markets. However, this neighborhood and site can be particularly busy with tourists, and to visit, you must climb up a pretty steep hill. You won't want to bounce from one place to another with your luggage, so why not use Nannybag instead?

Find left luggage in Montmartre

Luggage storage and lockers near transports

What would traveling be without transport? Probably not much. Parisians know it, and first-comers understand it quickly: taking a bus to Paris and hopping on the RATP bus or metro are experiences in themselves! While there are many apps to help you on this adventure, the one thing you should know is that roaming around Paris with your luggage is not the best idea! Whether you're on a more extended trip between two cities and want to make the most of your bus layover, or because you need a place to quickly store luggage before arriving at your destination, you'll quickly find left luggage lockers near metro stations with Nannybag. And the same thing goes for bus stations. If you need luggage storage at Bercy Bus Station (also known as Blablacar Bus Station) or near Paris Gallieni Bus Station at Porte de Bagnolet: Nannybag storage facilities are available there too. 

Luggage Storage near the Paris Bercy Station

There are no luggage lockers at Bercy bus station, so your best option is to safely store your bags at a nearby Nannybag location!

Find left luggage near the Paris Bercy Station

Luggage storage and lockers near Paris parks

The buzzing sounds and traffic jam can sometimes be overwhelming. Everyone needs their occasional break to escape the craziness! Besides its reputation as the city of love, Paris is also known for its many parks and gardens! The good thing is that, strolling around Paris, you'll stumble upon peaceful, breathtaking green spaces that will allow you to escape for a bit. From Buttes Chaumont, one of the largest green landscape parks in the 19th arrondissement, Parc Monceau, often called the most elegant park in Paris. Parc de Belleville, La Villette, and Invalides are also some of the best parks in Paris. What about my luggage? One might ask. Don't worry! If you're planning to visit any of the places stated below, Nannybag has your luggage problem covered. For only €6, you can safely drop your bags with us and focus on enjoying Paris the way you really want to!


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