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How to book Brussels Central Station luggage storage with Nannybag?

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Why is Nannybag the best luggage storage near the Brussels Central Station?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage. By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in Brussels, you are choosing:
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4.6/5 - 7890 reviews
In Paris
Excellent location. Very easy to find in Google maps. Park next to the church to drop luggage. They were very flexible with our reservation timing as we were late. They responded promptly to our message through the nannybag website. Overall great peace of mind knowing luggage was stored safely.
In London
Easy to book. Easy to hand in luggage. Easy to collect luggage. Very convenient.
In London
Simple booking process, bag drop and collection efficient and smooth. Location was directly opposite Lille bus station and open 24hrs. Perfect!

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How much does luggage storage cost in Brussels?
Can I drop off several bags at the same spot?
Can I pay on the spot?
How do I cancel my reservation?
Is Nannybag luggage storage in Brussels safe?
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Where to leave luggage near the Brussels Central Station?

With Nannybag, storing baggage near the Brussels Central Station is the easiest. Whether you’re planning to explore Brussels Central Station you’ve probably wondered: where can I stow my suitcases? Have no fear! There are plenty of locker options that can make your life easier. If you need a place to keep your things, look no further. Nannybag takes care of everything. Let us be your luggagehero and book luggage to any of the places below:

Nannybag luggage storage
lockers Brussels Central Station

Brussels Central Station Luggage Storage Guide 2024

You’ve arrived in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and a super popular destination for tourists. It has amazing food, world-famous beer, and fascinating and striking architecture. It also has extreme political importance, being the capital city for the European Union and all of its associated institutions and the capital of NATO. Its importance in finance also means that it is truly a global city. It’s also a true blending pot of cultures; there are many immigrants from around the world in Brussels, and the city's culture is very mixed between French, Flemish, and Dutch influences. The city is a key hub for rail networks due to its advantageous geographic position in mainland Europe. This is reflected in the fact that there are three major train stations in this city - North, Central, and South. If you’ve just got into Brussels Central, and for whatever reason, you have bags to get rid of - maybe you haven’t booked into a hotel yet, or you’re stopping through the city only briefly - you can use Nannybag to find a nearby partner location close to the station, safely store your item(s), and forget about them until you need to pick them up again, knowing they’re safe and protected! Check out our guide below for more information on using the service.

How do I store luggage near the Brussels Central Station with Nannybag?

Storing luggage with Nannybag is easy and only takes a few seconds: you can book from the website or use the Nannybag App, available on the App Store and Google Play. Enter your location in the search bar, and you’ll have many options to store your luggage near you safely. You’ll quickly find luggage storage points in various key Brussels locations. There are different ways to refer to luggage storage depending on the place you’re in. However, they’re all referring to the same luggage storage service. In the UK, for instance, you’ll find mentions of left luggage instead of luggage lockers. If so, no worries; it only means you’ll find a storage spot for your belongings.

Is Nannybag luggage storage safe?

To guarantee a worry-free experience, Nannybag protects travelers’ luggage up to €10,000 against any incidents (loss, theft, or breakage) that may occur during the service. Moreover, our Nannies are certified and carefully selected by our company to guarantee their professionalism and hospitality. Customers can also consult the online ratings for Nannybag and comments given to each Nanny by other travelers.

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Things to know about Brussels Central Station

Are there luggage lockers at Brussels Central Station?

Yes. The station provides luggage lockers, and Nannybag has several luggage storage locations nearby. The lockers range in price depending on the size; an XXL bag, for example, is €12 per day, an XL is €10, L is €8 and M is €6. With Nannybag, however, the price is €6 per day whatever the bag size.

How to get from Brussels Midi station to Central Station?

There are plenty of ways to get from Brussels Midi station to Central Station, by taking the IC or S8 tram or the 2 or 6 metro line.

Can we keep luggage at the railway station without a ticket?

Yes! You can do so by using Nannybag: with this service, you can store your luggage on your way in or out of Brussels Central near wherever you’d like.

How much does it cost to store luggage near Brussels Central Station?

With Nannybag, you pay just €6 per 24 hours for secure left luggage at a location near the station.

How do you store luggage for a few hours?

Go online or on our app, enter your location, and find somewhere nearby that suits your plans. Make your booking before and then go drop your suitcase off! If need be, you can also store luggage for several days.

Does the central station in Brussels go to the airport?

Yes, the airport is not far; a short twenty-minute train takes you to the airport, and there are over 100 such trains every day.

Where are the best restaurants near Brussels Central Station?

Pasta Divina offers some really great classic Italian dishes, while Brasserie Ommegang provides a more classic Belgian experience. Tonton Garby offers cheap delicatessen-style eats but is very well respected and much loved for its quality and value.

Does Eurostar go to Brussels Central station?

The Eurostar stops at Brussels South/Midi station, only a short walk away.

Which train station is the nearest to Grand Place?

Brussels Central is only a five-minute walk from Grand Place, the city's beautiful, historic central square.

Where is Brussels Central station?

It’s located in the center of the city, at the following address: Cantersteen 15, Brussels 1000 Belgium.

How to get from Brussels Central Station to Bruges?

You can take a train from Brussels Central to Bruges. There are around 70 such trains every day, and they cost about €17 and take a little over an hour.

I lost something at Brussels Central Station. What should I do?

If you lose something at the station, the best thing to do is to fill out their online form here.

Learn more about Brussels Central Station

Brussels Central Station is a central hub of the Belgian railway system, serving as a major interchange between national and international trains. Located in the heart of the city, with its main entrance at the end of one of the city's most famous shopping streets (Rue Neuve), the station is a landmark in Brussels. It is renowned for its unique architecture that combines elements of both Art Nouveau and Gothic styles. Brussels Central Station was designed by celebrated Belgian architect Victor Horta, regarded as one of the best of the Art Nouveau style. He finished the initial version in 1912. Plans for the station originally contained a major urban redevelopment project, for which land was purchased in the area surrounding the station, and over 1,000 buildings were demolished in the 1920s. However, organizational problems and the World War meant the project was never completed. The station was finally finished in 1952, by which time Horta had died, and Maxime Brunfaut was the architect tasked with finishing the project. Brussels Central Station has six tracks, served by three island platforms. These Underground platforms are found underneath the Boulevard de l'Impératrice/Keizerinlaan, the Rue de l'Infante Isabelle/Infante Isabellastraat, the Cantersteen/Kantersteen and the Rue de la Putterie/Putterijstraat. The interior of the station is adorned with tall arched windows, intricate metalwork, and stained glass, creating a harmonious blend of metal, glass, and stone. The station's impressive façade, with its ornate sculptural reliefs, is a testament to the grandeur of the building and its status as one of the city's most significant landmarks; it’s also been used for filming in lots of films, most notably in 2008’s In Bruges. Over the years, Brussels Central Station has undergone several renovations, including a major renovation in the 1990s, which restored many of its original features; however, many commentators and experts believe that the station needs to undergo new renovation works.

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