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Where to store luggage in Brussels?

It is finally time to pack your bags and head to Brussels, the capital of Europe. This city is one of the top destinations you must visit at least once in your life! Brussels is known for its unique architectural buildings, world-renowned museums, and gastronomy (mouth-melting chocolates, humble potato chips, light, crispy waffles, and unique beers are only a few of the great things to try). One thing you should know about Belgians: they take their fries very seriously. The food is one of Belgium's national dishes, and in 2014, Belgian potato chips were successfully added to UNESCO's Cultural Treasures list. So if you're a huge fan of fries, you can head to Brussels and try them out. Before Brussels became the heart of the European Union, the city had a humble beginning. It is believed that Brussels began as a little colony by the Senne river. The city then got its name from the word Broekzele, which means 'settlement in the swamp.' And in 979, Charles, the Duke of Low Lotharingia, officially founded the city of Brussels. Throughout time, Brussels continued to evolve and jumped from ruler to ruler. Today, the capital stands proudly, becoming home to several international organizations, such as the European Commission, European Council, Council of the European Union, and European Parliament. Now, it is easy to get around the City of Brussels. However, bringing your bulky luggage with you will make your travel uncomfortable. So why don't you store your baggage with Nannybag? For only Є6 per item, you can check our website or apps to find the available 'Nannies' around Brussels. Read on for more information on how to use our service!

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How much does luggage storage cost in Brussels?

Our prices are flat, regardless of the size and weight of your luggage. No need to overthink it!

€6 per 24h and per luggage

Luggage protection and free cancellation included
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Nannybag luggage storage in Brussels

Thanks to an extensive network of hotels and local shops in Brussels, Nannybag luggage storage provides travelers with cheap and practical luggage storage facilities to drop off their suitcases safely and enjoy everything Brussels offers. Lugage coverage is included in the price, and customer service is available 24/7. Nannybag is proud to collaborate with prestigious hotel groups such as Accor to ensure that you always find available luggage storage a few minutes away from the main points of interest, metro, and train stations.

Why store luggage with Nannybag?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage.

By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in Brussels, you are choosing:
a 24/7 service in Brussels
a wide choice of storage locations all over the city and not only in train stations.
to entrust your luggage to a professional who takes care of everything (reception, labeling with a reservation number, guarding your luggage) in less than 2 minutes
a storage location that we have selected and validated according to strict criteria
safe luggage storage with some of our major hospitality partners, such as AccorHotels, Louvre Hotels, etc.
absolute confidence: we have an average rating of 4.6/5 over 10734 reviews on Trustpilot 🤩
an included protection of up to €1,000 in case of breakage, loss and theft, which grants you extra peace of mind.
easy and free cancellation up to the time of your drop-off
customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Where are the luggage storage facilities in Brussels?

The best luggage storage facilities near Brussels are only minutes away! Remember this during your stay in Brussels: our ultimate goal is to provide you with a Nanny (the cute nickname we gave our partners ❤️) wherever you need one. And knowing how valuable your time is, we wouldn’t want you to change your travel plans in Brussels because of a luggage problem.
Whether you need to store your luggage in Brussels because you just arrived in Brussels or because you’re leaving the city in a few hours and want to make the most of your last moments, we have cheap and secure left luggage just a few minutes away on foot All you have to do is type Brussels in the search engine of the Nannybag app (or website!) and see for yourself which Nanny suits your needs best! Most of our Brussels Nannies are open 24 hours a day, or until late at night, and seven days a week.
What if you explored the streets of Brussels without luggage?

How to store luggage with Nannybag?

Booking luggage storage with Nannybag is easy!
1️⃣ Use our interactive map to find the best storage location according to your plans
2️⃣ Pick your drop-off and pick-up times
3️⃣ Pay securely online and get your booking confirmation!

You’ll instantly receive a booking confirmation email to inform you that your spot has been successfully reserved. It’s even easier than packing a suitcase!

Luggage storage and lockers near Brussels airports

Your flight back home leaves Brussels airport late at night, but you must check out from your hotel with your large baggage in the morning. If you plan to visit the capital and indulge yourself with Belgium's deep-fried fries until the very last minute, having your bags will surely suck out the fun. Instead of spending your last hours at the airport, why not leave your baggage at one of Nannybag's storage locations and go on with your plans in the city? For €6 per item, you can book one of our Nannies online or on our app, available on App Store and Google Play.

Luggage storage and lockers at Brussels train stations

Allow us to be partial for a minute: traveling by train will often provide you with the best experience. Whether it's the picturesque scenery, the nice company, or even having to overcome the language barrier, you'll find the travel experience often positively rewarding. With Brussels being the capital of the European Union, traveling around the city by train is also quite convenient. You'll find that most of your voyage from Brussels will begin at Brussels Central Station, the second-busiest train station in Belgium. It was officially opened to the public on October 1952, and the railway station was designed by architects Victor Horta and Maxime Brunfaut, adopting the modernist style. Today, the station is the second-busiest train station in Belgium, connecting lines departing Brussels Central Station to Brussels North Train Station and Brussels South Train Station.

Luggage storage and lockers near places and monuments

With many attractive places and inspiring landmarks, there is much to do and see around Brussels! Get your walking shoes ready and prepare for an exciting city adventure! While strolling around the city, you might come across the famous Manneken Pis (meaning a boy peeing) in central Brussels. The statue was constructed in 1388, and today, it is one of Belgium's iconic symbols. Fun fact: Back in the past, the spot was where people could get their drinking water. Now, close to the Manneken Pis, you'll find the world's most beautiful place, Grand-Place. The location is known for its decorative and fancy design, and it is home to remarkable buildings like Hôtel de Ville, Baroque guild halls, and the neo-gothic Maison du Roi. Now while roaming around the city, it is best not to have your bags with you. No worries! Store your luggage with Nannybag for a few hours or more at any of the locations listed below. And if you wonder what our previous clients think of Nannybag, check out our website for reviews!

Luggage storage and lockers near Brussels parks

We all love a walk in the park, especially after a long day spent roaming around the city. Like most European cities, you will be able to find a little bit of nature and enjoy a little break. You can travel to the biggest park in Brussels, the Bois de la Cambre, also known as Ter Kamerebos (in Dutch). Designed by German architect Edward Keilig, it combines forest and English-style gardens. Aside from the peace and tranquility, the Bois de la Cambre is also where you can go for fun activities like horse riding, fishing, or even a little ride on the pedalos. You can visit other great Brussels parks, such as Parc Royal, Brussel's oldest park, or Belgium's gorgeous historical site, Cinquentenaire. No matter in which of these parks you're around, don’t let your luggage weigh you down! Store your luggage with Nannybag for just €6 per item, you can drop your items at one of our left luggage locations for a few hours or several days.

Bois de la Cambre


Parc Royal

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