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Why is Nannybag the best luggage storage in Brussels?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage. By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in Brussels, you are choosing:
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4.6/5 - 7890 reviews
In Paris
Excellent location. Very easy to find in Google maps. Park next to the church to drop luggage. They were very flexible with our reservation timing as we were late. They responded promptly to our message through the nannybag website. Overall great peace of mind knowing luggage was stored safely.
In London
Easy to book. Easy to hand in luggage. Easy to collect luggage. Very convenient.
In London
Simple booking process, bag drop and collection efficient and smooth. Location was directly opposite Lille bus station and open 24hrs. Perfect!

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How to book luggage storage in Brussels?
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Is Nannybag luggage storage in Brussels safe?
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Where to leave luggage in Brussels?

With Nannybag, storing baggage in Brussels is the easiest. Whether you’re planning to explore Brussels you’ve probably wondered: where can I stow my suitcases? Have no fear! There are plenty of locker options that can make your life easier. If you need a place to keep your things, look no further. Nannybag takes care of everything. Let us be your luggagehero and book luggage to any of the places below:

Nannybag luggage storage
lockers Brussels

Brussels Luggage Storage Guide 2024

It is finally time to pack your bags and head to Brussels, the capital of Europe. This city is one of the top destinations you must visit at least once in your life! Brussels is known for its unique architectural buildings, world-renowned museums, and gastronomy (mouth-melting chocolates, humble potato chips, light, crispy waffles, and unique beers are only a few of the great things to try). One thing you should know about Belgians: they take their fries very seriously. The food is one of Belgium's national dishes, and in 2014, Belgian potato chips were successfully added to UNESCO's Cultural Treasures list. So if you're a huge fan of fries, you can head to Brussels and try them out. Before Brussels became the heart of the European Union, the city had a humble beginning. It is believed that Brussels began as a little colony by the Senne river. The city then got its name from the word Broekzele, which means 'settlement in the swamp.' And in 979, Charles, the Duke of Low Lotharingia, officially founded the city of Brussels. Throughout time, Brussels continued to evolve and jumped from ruler to ruler. Today, the capital stands proudly, becoming home to several international organizations, such as the European Commission, European Council, Council of the European Union, and European Parliament. Now, it is easy to get around the City of Brussels. However, bringing your bulky luggage with you will make your travel uncomfortable. So why don't you store your baggage with Nannybag? For only Є6 per item, you can check our website or apps to find the available 'Nannies' around Brussels. Read on for more information on how to use our service!

How do I store luggage in Brussels with Nannybag?

Storing luggage with Nannybag is easy and only takes a few seconds: you can book from the website or use the Nannybag App, available on the App Store and Google Play. Enter your location in the search bar, and you’ll have many options to store your luggage near you safely. You’ll quickly find luggage storage points in various key Brussels locations. There are different ways to refer to luggage storage depending on the place you’re in. However, they’re all referring to the same luggage storage service. In the UK, for instance, you’ll find mentions of left luggage instead of luggage lockers. If so, no worries; it only means you’ll find a storage spot for your belongings.

Is Nannybag luggage storage safe?

To guarantee a worry-free experience, Nannybag protects travelers’ luggage up to €10,000 against any incidents (loss, theft, or breakage) that may occur during the service. Moreover, our Nannies are certified and carefully selected by our company to guarantee their professionalism and hospitality. Customers can also consult the online ratings for Nannybag and comments given to each Nanny by other travelers.

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Luggage storage and Lockers near places and monuments

With many attractive places and inspiring landmarks, there is much to do and see around Brussels! Get your walking shoes ready and prepare for an exciting city adventure! While strolling around the city, you might come across the famous Manneken Pis (meaning a boy peeing) in central Brussels. The statue was constructed in 1388, and today, it is one of Belgium's iconic symbols. Fun fact: Back in the past, the spot was where people could get their drinking water. Now, close to the Manneken Pis, you'll find the world's most beautiful place, Grand-Place. The location is known for its decorative and fancy design, and it is home to remarkable buildings like Hôtel de Ville, Baroque guild halls, and the neo-gothic Maison du Roi. Now while roaming around the city, it is best not to have your bags with you. No worries! Store your luggage with Nannybag for a few hours or more at any of the locations listed below. And if you wonder what our previous clients think of Nannybag, check out our website for reviews!

Interparking luggage storage

You might be traveling to Brussels by car - after all, its central European location means that it’s an ideal road trip destination from the likes of Paris, Amsterdam, or Munich, but what happens when you need to park? Interparking has plenty of car parks around the city, like this one in Monnaie, central Brussels. Once you’ve parked, you might want to store any luggage and bags you have safely away nearby the Interparking spot - luckily, Nannybag can help!

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean luggage storage

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, often called Molenbeek, is a neighborhood in the west of Brussels Known for its multicultural atmosphere, it's home to a diverse community and offers a blend of cultures. While it has faced social problems in the past, efforts are being made to promote integration and revitalize the area, making it an intriguing and evolving part of Brussels. Visiting the neighborhood but stuck with your heavy bags? Store items all around the city with Nannybag luggage storage!

Grand-Place luggage storage

The Grand Place is the historical center of Brussels due to the fact that the city’s Town Hall is located here, as well as other imposing, important old buildings such as the building known as the “King’s House.” It’s a great place to begin your exploration of Brussels, and due to its central location, it might be a handy place for you to drop off some of your bags here.

Luggage storage and Lockers near Brussels airports

Your flight back home leaves Brussels airport late at night, but you must check out from your hotel with your large baggage in the morning. If you plan to visit the capital and indulge yourself with Belgium's deep-fried fries until the very last minute, having your bags will surely suck out the fun. Instead of spending your last hours at the airport, why not leave your baggage at one of Nannybag's storage locations and go on with your plans in the city? For €6 per item, you can book one of our Nannies online or on our app, available on App Store and Google Play.

Brussels Airport luggage storage

Brussels Airport, also known as Brussels Zaventem Airport, is the main international gateway to Belgium, located around 12 kilometers northeast of the city center. There are train and bus options to get into Brussels, so it’s all quite easy to figure out. Need to store some luggage at the airport, potentially if you’re in town for a layover or store some stuff while you attend a conference? Whatever the reason, Nannybag can help with bag storage!

Lockers in Brussels and Near major Train Stations

Allow us to be partial for a minute: traveling by train will often provide you with the best experience. Whether it's the picturesque scenery, the nice company, or even having to overcome the language barrier, you'll find the travel experience often positively rewarding. With Brussels being the capital of the European Union, traveling around the city by train is also quite convenient. You'll find that most of your voyage from Brussels will begin at Brussels Central Station, the second-busiest train station in Belgium. It was officially opened to the public on October 1952, and the railway station was designed by architects Victor Horta and Maxime Brunfaut, adopting the modernist style. Today, the station is the second-busiest train station in Belgium, connecting lines departing Brussels Central Station to Brussels North Train Station and Brussels South Train Station.

Brussels Central Station luggage storage

Central Station, often referred to as Brussels Central, is not just a transportation hub but also a cultural icon. Its impressive architectural design blends Gothic and Renaissance styles, creating a stunning backdrop for travelers passing through. Situated in the heart of the city, it’s a great place to begin your exploration. If you’re stuck with bags, though, why not drop them off near this handy location?

Brussels Schuman Station luggage storage

Schuman Station in Brussels is a bustling transportation hub that's widely known for its proximity to the European Commission and Council buildings. It's a key connection point for commuters and visitors alike, offering easy access to the city center and other parts of Brussels. Traveling in or out of Brussels through the station, and think it’d be handy to store some stuff here? Check out Nannybag luggage storage spots nearby.

Brussels Luxembourg Station luggage storage

Located in the European Quarter, this is a busy and lively station that is historic and architecturally very impressive. It’s often used by travelers who are in Brussels to go visit the Eu Parliament or other EU institutions. If you’re here, maybe for some business, and you have bags and other items which you need to store somewhere, check out Nannybag for safe and cheap storage facilities.

Brussels South Train Station luggage storage

Brussels South Station, also known as Bruxelles-Midi or Gare du Midi, is another important train station in Brussels. Set in a functionalist building that certainly isn’t the prettiest of Brussels’ stations, this is an important transport hub, with many international and domestic destinations being served. If you’re traveling in or out of here, you might want to use luggage storage with Nannybag!

Brussels North Train Station luggage storage

North Station, located in the bustling city center of Brussels, is a major railway interchange that connects both domestic and international destinations. Every intercity train that passes through Brussels, except for the Thalys and Eurostar services, stops here, and there’s also an Underground station that’s on two lines. Want to store some bags nearby the station for a while? Why not use Nannybag luggage storage?

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