Guides Paris Paris Olympics on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Travelers

Paris Olympics on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Travelers

City Guide February 16, 2024



Paris is set to host the Olympic Games, offering a unique opportunity to experience this global event in one of the world's most enchanting cities. However, attending the Olympics can be costly, ranging from accommodation and tickets to dining and sightseeing.

This guide aims to help travelers enjoy the Paris Olympics without breaking the bank, offering money-saving Paris Olympics tips and budget-friendly advice to make the most of your trip. From affordable accommodations to free attractions and smart transportation tips, we'll show you how to experience the best of Paris and the Olympics on a budget.

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Paris Olympics on a Budget

Attending the Paris Olympics on a budget requires planning and insight. This guide will cover key strategies for saving money, including how to find affordable accommodation, navigate public transportation, enjoy free attractions, and manage daily expenses. Whether it's your first time in Paris or a seasoned traveler, these tips will help you enjoy the Olympics and the city's endless charm without overspending.


Money-Saving Tips for the Paris Olympics

Attending the Paris Olympics doesn’t have to drain your savings. Start by planning your visit in advance. Early ticket purchases for events can secure better deals, and exploring package options might offer savings. Consider volunteering for the Olympics; volunteers often enjoy free access to events.

Additionally, staying informed about official fan zones and public viewing areas can provide a festive Olympic experience without the cost of stadium tickets. Utilizing social media groups and forums dedicated to the Paris Olympics can also lead to tips on free events, shared accommodations, and meet-ups that reduce expenses.


How to Enjoy Paris on a Budget

Paris is renowned for its beauty and charm, much of which can be enjoyed for free or at a low cost. Iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Cœur are breathtaking from the outside and can be admired without an entry fee. The city's parks, including the Jardin du Luxembourg and the banks of the Seine, offer picturesque spots for picnics and relaxation.

Free walking tours offer insights into Paris’s rich history and culture. Opt for local bistros or street food markets like Marché Bastille for authentic and affordable French cuisine. Additionally, consider purchasing a Paris Museum Pass to access multiple museums and landmarks at a discounted rate.


Saving on Iconic Sights: Eiffel Tower and More

The Eiffel Tower is a must-see, but you can skip the costly elevator ride and enjoy the view from the Trocadéro Gardens, which offers a splendid vantage point for free. Other landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral offer free entrance with optional donations. For a unique and affordable view of Paris, visit the rooftop terrace of the Galeries Lafayette department store. If you wish to enter some paid attractions, consider visiting during off-peak hours or looking for combo tickets that offer reduced prices for multiple attractions.


Navigating Public Transportation Like a Pro

Paris’s public transportation system is efficient and budget-friendly. Purchase a Navigo Découverte pass for unlimited travel on metros, buses, and trams within central Paris for a week at a cost significantly lower than single tickets. Alternatively, the Paris Visite travel card offers unlimited travel for several days and includes discounts on some attractions. Remember to validate your ticket or pass to avoid fines. For short distances, consider renting a Vélib’ bike. Paris is increasingly bike-friendly, and it’s an economical way to see the city up close.



Experiencing the Opening Ceremony on a Budget

While attending the Opening Ceremony in person might be expensive, budget-friendly ways exist to soak in the atmosphere. The city often hosts free live screenings in public spaces or fan zones. These areas provide a vibrant communal atmosphere where you can experience the ceremony alongside locals and visitors. Keep an eye on official Olympic and city tourism websites for announcements about these events. Alternatively, find a local bar or café planning to broadcast the ceremony; it’s a great way to enjoy the event with a drink or meal without the high ticket cost.


Affordable Accommodations: Where to Stay

Finding affordable accommodation in Paris during the Olympics requires early planning. Consider alternatives to traditional hotels, such as hostels, Airbnb, or vacation rentals in neighborhoods outside central Paris, where prices tend to be lower. The 10th, 11th, and 20th arrondissements offer great value and are conveniently located near public transportation. Booking a room with a kitchenette can also save money by allowing you to prepare some meals. Additionally, look into Couchsurfing or home exchange programs for free accommodation options. Always compare prices across different platforms and consider flexible travel dates to find the best deals.


Eating in Paris: Delicious and Affordable Options

Paris is a food lover's dream; enjoying its culinary delights doesn’t have to be expensive. Sidestep the tourist traps and dine where the locals do. Bakeries (boulangeries) and street food stalls offer delicious French pastries, sandwiches, and crepes at a fraction of restaurant prices. Explore the city’s vibrant markets, like Marché Monge or Marché d’Aligre, to sample fresh produce and gourmet treats. Picnicking is another budget-friendly and quintessentially Parisian experience—grab some cheese, a baguette, and wine, and head to a scenic spot. Many bistros offer a pre-fixe menu during lunch, providing a full meal at a lower cost than à la carte dinner options.


Free and Low-Cost Attractions: Jardin du Luxembourg and More

Paris abounds with free, low-cost attractions that capture the city's spirit without costing a dime. The Jardin du Luxembourg offers a peaceful retreat with beautifully landscaped gardens, statues, and fountains. Many of Paris’s churches, like the awe-inspiring Sacré-Cœur Basilica, are free to enter and explore. The city’s vibrant street art, especially in neighborhoods like Belleville and Montmartre, provides a colorful backdrop for exploration. First-time visitors should not miss the opportunity to stroll along the Seine, passing iconic landmarks. Look out for free entry days at museums and galleries, typically offered once a month, and consider visiting lesser-known museums with lower admission fees.


Joining Free Walking Tours for Insightful Explorations

Free walking tours are an excellent way to learn about Paris’s rich history and culture without spending a lot. These tours, often led by knowledgeable locals, cover various themes and districts, from the historic Marais to the literary Latin Quarter. While the tours are free, tipping your guide is customary and appreciated. It’s a great way to discover hidden gems and get insider tips on enjoying the city affordably—book in advance, as these tours can fill up quickly, especially during the Olympics.


Fan Zones and Viewing Parties: Watch the Olympics for Free

The Paris Olympics will come alive across the city through fan zones and viewing parties, allowing everyone to partake in the global spectacle for free. Strategically located throughout Paris, these fan zones are set up with large screens broadcasting live Olympic events, surrounded by a festive atmosphere filled with live entertainment, food stalls, and themed activities. These communal spaces offer a unique way to experience the Olympics, enveloped by the camaraderie and spirit of fans worldwide. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the Olympic fever, celebrate with locals, and meet visitors from diverse backgrounds united by their love for sports.

In addition to these public viewing areas, many bars and pubs throughout Paris will host viewing parties for the games. These venues provide a more intimate setting to enjoy the Olympics, whether cheering for your home country or catching up on the thrill of a sport you're watching for the first time. With the city's vibrant nightlife and café culture, finding a spot to show the games and serve a great atmosphere won't be hard. Keep an eye on local listings, social media platforms, and community boards for the latest information on viewing parties, fan zone locations, and special events related to the Olympics.



Budget-Friendly Shopping in Paris

Paris is a shopping paradise, but you don't need to splurge to enjoy it. For souvenirs and unique finds, explore the city's flea markets, like the famous Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, where bargaining can lead to great deals on vintage and artisanal items. Concept stores and smaller boutiques in the Marais and Canal Saint-Martin offer unique goods without high-end price tags. Look out for "soldes" signs indicating sales, particularly during the official sale seasons in January and July, where you can find major discounts on clothing and accessories. Additionally, consider purchasing goods from supermarkets and pharmacies for quality, reasonably priced souvenirs like French skincare products.


Managing Your Finances: Checking Account and Interest Rates

Smartly managing your finances can make a big difference in your travel budget. Before leaving, research if your bank has international partners to save on ATM withdrawal fees in Paris. Consider opening a travel-friendly checking account that offers no foreign transaction fees and reimburses ATM fees. Monitoring exchange rates and using currency exchange services wisely can also save money; avoid airport kiosks with high fees, opting for banks or ATMs instead. For longer stays, look into short-term investment or high-interest savings accounts where you can keep your travel fund growing until you need it. Always inform your bank of your travel plans to prevent issues with card usage abroad.


Maximizing Your Paris Experience

To truly maximize your Paris experience, especially during the Olympics, flexibility and a spirit of adventure are key. Embrace the city's extensive public parks for leisure and dining al fresco. Take advantage of the city's cultural offerings, many of which are free or offer reduced prices for young adults and students on specific days. Engaging with locals and fellow travelers can also enrich your experience, providing insights and tips not in guidebooks. Lastly, remember that Paris is best explored on foot or by bike; take the time to wander without a strict itinerary, allowing the city's charm and history to reveal itself naturally.

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