Guides Paris Here Are the Best Places to Watch the Olympics in Paris

Here Are the Best Places to Watch the Olympics in Paris

City Guide February 16, 2024


Nannybag - Here Are the Best Places to Watch the Olympics in Paris


The 2024 Olympics in Paris promise to be an extraordinary global spectacle, showcasing the world's top athletes in one of the most beautiful cities on earth. From iconic landmarks transformed into Olympic venues to new constructions designed to host the world's premier sporting events, Paris is set to offer a backdrop unlike any other for the games. This guide uncovers the best places to watch the Olympics in Paris, ensuring you capture every thrilling moment.

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Grand Palais: Fencing and Taekwondo

The Grand Palais, an architectural masterpiece, will host fencing and taekwondo events, offering spectators a blend of art and athleticism. Its majestic glass dome and intricate ironwork make it a stunning venue for witnessing the precision and grace of these sports. Watching world-class athletes compete in such a historic setting will undoubtedly be a highlight of the Paris Olympics.


Stade de France: Opening Ceremony and Athletics

The Stade de France, located in the suburb of Saint-Denis, is set to be the centerpiece for the 2024 Olympics, hosting the opening ceremony and major athletics competitions. As France's largest stadium, it offers a grand stage for the most spectacular moments of the Games. Witnessing the opening ceremony here, amidst a sea of international fans, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with pageantry, pride, and the unifying spirit of the Olympics.


Roland Garros Stadium: Tennis

Roland Garros, renowned worldwide for the French Open, will serve tennis enthusiasts a thrilling Olympic experience. The stadium's clay courts, which have seen countless historic matches, will host the world's top players as they vie for Olympic glory. The intimate setting allows spectators to get close to the action, making it a must-visit for tennis fans and those looking to capture the essence of Olympic competition.



Eiffel Tower Stadium: Beach Volleyball

In an innovative use of Paris's iconic scenery, the area near the Eiffel Tower will transform into a temporary stadium for beach volleyball. This unique venue promises top-tier athletic performance and stunning views of one of the world's most famous landmarks. Imagine the excitement of Olympic beach volleyball set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, offering a blend of sport and spectacle found nowhere else.


Parc des Princes: Football

Football matches at the Olympics will find a prestigious home at Parc des Princes, one of Paris's legendary sports stadiums. Known for its passionate atmosphere, it will host teams from around the globe competing for gold. Football fans won't miss seeing future stars and national teams make their mark in this historic venue.


Château de Versailles: Equestrian Events and Modern Pentathlon

The Château de Versailles, with its opulent history and breathtaking gardens, will host equestrian events and the modern pentathlon. The picturesque setting will add a regal dimension to the Olympic competitions, offering spectators a unique blend of sports and heritage. The grandeur of Versailles provides a perfect backdrop for the elegance and precision of equestrian sports, making it a top spot for those seeking beauty both in architecture and athletic prowess.


Public Viewing Spots and Fan Zones

As Paris gears up for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city ensures that the Olympic spirit is accessible to all, especially those without event tickets. To achieve this, 25 fan zones are being set up across various arrondissements, transforming the city into a vibrant hub for communal viewing and celebration of the Games.


The Essence of Fan Zones

These zones are more than just Olympic games viewing areas; they are designed as communal spaces where fans can gather to enjoy live competitions on giant screens against Paris's iconic landmarks. Free access ensures that everyone can partake in the excitement, embodying the inclusive spirit of the Games.


List of Zones Across All Arrondissements

  • 1st arrondissement: Parc Rives de Seine and Quartier Jeunes
  • 2nd arrondissement: Fabrique de la Solidarité
  • 3rd arrondissement: Not specifically mentioned, but nearby zones cater to its residents and visitors.
  • 4th arrondissement: Académie du Climat
  • 5th arrondissement: Arènes de Lutèce
  • 6th arrondissement: Place Saint-Sulpice
  • 7th arrondissement: Not specifically mentioned yet, but nearby zones are easily accessible
  • 8th arrondissement: Parc Monceau
  • 9th arrondissement: The Mairie brings local charm to the festivities
  • 10th arrondissement: Canal St-Martin and Grange aux Belles district
  • 11th arrondissement: The Mairie
  • 12th arrondissement: Allée Vivaldi
  • 13th arrondissement: Parc de Choisy
  • 14th arrondissement: Centre sportif Elisabeth
  • 15th arrondissement: The Mairie
  • 16th arrondissement: Parc Sainte-Périne
  • 17th arrondissement: Parc Clichy Batignolles - Martin Luther-King
  • 18th arrondissement: Jardins d’Éole and Square Léon Serpolle
  • 19th arrondissement: Place Stalingrad and Bassin de la Villette.
  • 20th arrondissement: Complexe sportif Louis Lumière



Experience the Olympics at Paris's Expat Bars

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, the excitement isn't confined to the stadiums and fan zones. The city's vibrant bar scene offers a unique and lively alternative for catching the Games. For locals and visitors alike, especially the international crowd, Paris's expat bars become hubs of communal joy, where cheering for your favorite athletes and teams takes on a global camaraderie.

One standout is The Moose, an iconic Canadian bar known for its friendly atmosphere and dedication to sports. Situated in the heart of Paris, The Moose is the perfect gathering spot for those looking to enjoy the Olympics surrounded by fellow sports enthusiasts. With multiple screens broadcasting live events, you won't miss a beat of the action.

But The Moose isn't the only spot in town catering to an international crowd eager to soak up the Olympic spirit. Paris has numerous expat bars, each offering a slice of home with unique themes ranging from British pubs and Irish taverns to American sports bars. These venues are known for their lively atmospheres during major sporting events, making them ideal for those seeking a communal viewing experience.


Practical Tips for Spectators

When planning your Olympic adventure, consider these tips:

  • Secure Tickets Early: Popular events sell out fast, so book your spots as soon as possible.
  • Explore Multiple Venues: Take the opportunity to see different sports and venues for a fuller Olympic experience.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest schedules and event updates to maximize your visit.

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