Guides 5 reasons to choose Nannybag for luggage shipping

5 reasons to choose Nannybag for luggage shipping


Nannybag - 5 raisons de choisir l'expédition de bagages pour voyager


Traveling should always be synonymous with freedom and discovery, not baggage-related constraints. The need to find a more practical solution is apparent between the airport queues, the stress of carrying heavy suitcases, and the fear of losing them, especially when going to an international destination.

With Nannybag's international bag shipping services, the travel experience is radically transformed by eliminating the inconveniences of traditional luggage management. Thanks to its luggage storage and luggage transport services, travelers worldwide can now embrace 100% traveling luggage free. There are many reasons to ship luggage and personal effects, whether for simplicity, time savings, flexibility, cost savings, or security.

In addition to its international network of luggage lockers, Nannybag's transport service for luggage to hotels is an innovative alternative that is revolutionizing the transport of luggage overseas.

This article explores in detail five reasons why having your luggage transported can completely transform your travel experience. Forget traditional luggage management and discover the service that's made for you.


1. Simplify travel

One of the main advantages of luggage shipping is its simplicity and convenience. Having your luggage delivered directly to your destination eliminates the need to drag it through airports, train stations, or crowded streets. The luggage delivery service takes charge of your suitcases just a few steps from your home and ensures they arrive safely at your destination, allowing you to travel with your hands free and your mind at ease.


2. Save time

Choosing to send bags ahead also saves you a considerable amount of time. With airlines imposing increasingly lengthy check-in and baggage claim procedures, having your luggage shipped saves valuable time. You can now arrive at the airport a little later and go straight through security without worrying about checking in your luggage.

Similarly, when you arrive, you can go straight to your accommodation without waiting endlessly for your luggage in front of the conveyor belt. This saves you time, which you can devote to more meaningful activities during your trip.


Nannybag - 5 raisons de choisir l'expédition de bagages pour voyager


3. Flexible organization with real-time tracking

The flexibility Nannybag's luggage shipping services offer is incomparable; whether you need to send one suitcase abroad or bulky parcels, these services adapt to all your needs. Moreover, Chronopost's real-time tracking lets you follow your luggage from departure to arrival. This transparency offers unrivaled peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are safe and on their way to your destination.


4. Save on airline baggage fees

Luggage forwarding is also a cost-effective solution, especially compared to airline baggage fees. Using Nannybag's express luggage shipping service costs less than the rates charged for checked baggage, which is particularly convenient for international travel or when sending larger shipments.

What's more, your luggage is covered throughout the entire shipment, guaranteeing financial protection in the event of damage or loss.


5. Benefit from a secure, reliable service

Finally, delivering your luggage to your home or hotel guarantees added security and reliability. Luggage shipping services use established and reliable delivery networks, significantly reducing the risk of loss or damage compared to traditional baggage handling. The professional handling of your luggage, from collection to delivery, means that your belongings are in safe hands at every step.


How do I ship my luggage with Nannybag?

You may wonder how to send your luggage to take advantage of these benefits. The process is simple: go to the Nannybag website, indicate the number of bags you wish to send and the route, and select a drop-off and pick-up location, such as express service, for fast delivery.

Then, all you have to do is prepare your luggage for pick-up. Once dropped off, your luggage will be collected for fast delivery. Who knew shipping your luggage internationally could be this easy?



When to have your luggage transported?

Of course, when to ship your luggage depends on your specific needs. It's a good idea to plan for shipment a few business days before you depart to ensure your luggage awaits you when you arrive, whether traveling halfway around the world or within your own country. Nonetheless, the Nannybag service offers great logistical flexibility among shipping companies of this kind.

Once you've made your reservation, you have 30 days to drop off your luggage at the collection point. Your luggage will then be promptly picked up for delivery.

Nannybag is currently the best option to book international luggage shipping services, especially if you're wondering how to ship luggage cheap.

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