Guides How to send luggage to France and abroad?

How to send luggage to France and abroad?

Nannybag - Comment envoyer des bagages en France et vers l’étranger ?


Traveling with luggage can quickly become complicated, whether in France or abroad. There are different ways to make sending your luggage easier, whether traveling abroad or moving to a new place.

Nannybag's expertise is now available as a secure and affordable bag shipping service, ideal for transporting luggage in France and abroad.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you better understand which luggage transport companies to choose.


Luggage transport service in France

When traveling in France, there are several options for getting your luggage from one place to another. Rail and bus companies often offer luggage delivery services that can be convenient for domestic travel. Specialized parcel and luggage shipping services offer express services for urgent shipments.

If you'd like to have your luggage transported on its own, some companies offer solutions tailored to your needs. Nannybag's luggage transport service France is one of these, offering the advantage of picking up your luggage at the location of your choice. Thanks to a network of more than 100,000 locations all over Europe, you can book the route of your choice online and drop it off at a time that suits you best.

Someone will quickly take your luggage to your destination for you to collect upon arrival. Once your luggage is dispatched, you receive a Chronopost tracking number that enables you to track every stage of your shipment online.



Luggage transport from France to other countries

Planning your luggage transport is essential when traveling abroad, whether on vacation or for a move. Airlines often offer baggage shipping services for passengers who wish to send their suitcases abroad in advance or who have luggage they wish to send separately. Companies that specialize in international luggage transport also exist.

These services can be particularly costly, especially given the global increase in hold baggage tariffs charged by airlines.

If you have bulky items or wish to have your luggage delivered to a specific address on arrival, Nannybag is a much more affordable and equally secure alternative. For a hold baggage item weighing up to 20 kg, shipping costs start at €35 with Nannybag, compared with a minimum of €50 with the leading airlines. Choosing Nannybag to send your luggage abroad also helps you avoid higher baggage fees at the airport.

Whether traveling on business or vacation, type “luggage transport service near me” and let the magic happen! Nannybag's door to door service will ship your luggage on your terms, and ensure it arrives safely at its destination while you travel stress free.


Nannybag - Comment envoyer des bagages en France et vers l’étranger ?


Practical tips for shipping your luggage

Before sending your luggage to France or abroad, here are a few practical tips to consider:

  • Compare the rates and services offered** by different companies before making your choice.
  • Pack your luggage carefully to avoid damage during transport.
  • Check that your baggage meets the size and weight restrictions indicated to ensure that it complies with the regulations.
  • Choose the drop-off and pick-up point that best suits your needs.
  • Track your baggage online, thanks to the tracking services offered by some services.

Whether you need to send luggage to France or abroad, there are many options for transporting your belongings in complete safety. Between the services of airlines, specialized companies or national carriers, it's hard to choose the best way to have your luggage transported.

By booking luggage transport with Nannybag, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that your luggage will be taken care of and delivered to its destination as quickly as possible.

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