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10 Reasons To Fall in Love with Edinburgh's Pub Scene

City Guide October 9, 2023



Any visit to Edinburgh's city centre effortlessly enchants its visitors with its melding of history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Among its many irresistible charms, the city’s animated pub scene is particularly captivating, beckoning to both seasoned travelers and curious wanderers alike.

Each pub in this Scottish capital, whether a time-honored establishment whispering tales of yesteryears or a modern bar pulsating with the beat of contemporary life, is a universe unto itself. Your best options are soaking up the atmosphere, delectable drinks, and the unmistakable warmth of Scottish hospitality.

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1. Historical Charm

Nestled within Edinburgh's city center are pubs steeped richly in history, where the walls echo tales from centuries past. For instance, within the illustrious Royal Mile, you'll find venerable establishments rumored to have hosted royalty, including Mary Queen of Scots. As you sip your drink, you can almost feel the pulse of history coursing through these ancient watering holes, providing an immersive experience beyond a simple night out.


2. Best Pubs Selection

Edinburgh stands as a proud host to pubs, each exuding a distinctive charm and personality reflective of the city’s rich tapestry of history and modernity. This marvelous city provides a haven for enthusiasts seeking a drink and an immersive experience that dances between the traditional and the contemporary.

For instance, The Scotch Whisky Experience offers an authentic feel, where aged wood and a warm ambiance allow visitors to relish in Scotland's national drink amidst an atmosphere steeped in tradition. On the other hand, if you are inclined towards a more upbeat and contemporary vibe, The Devil’s Advocate in Old Town offers a modern and stylish atmosphere, with drinks and a menu to match.

For a taste of history, The White Hart Inn, with its low-beamed ceiling and rustic allure, has welcomed travelers since 1516, making it one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh. Meanwhile, for those looking for a unique theme, The Jekyll & Hyde Pub offers an engaging experience with its quirky and mysterious decor inspired by the famous novel.

From timeless to trendy, each establishment in Edinburgh offers a unique flavor and atmosphere, promising a cozy nook that caters to every individual’s mood and preference, making the city’s pub scene irresistibly enchanting and incredibly varied. Whether you are searching for nostalgia-evoking traditional Scottish pubs or modern, avant-garde bars that redefine nightlife, Edinburgh’s selection is unparalleled and diverse, promising an adventure of flavors and styles for everyone venturing its scenic streets.


3. Views of Edinburgh Castle

Visualize sipping a meticulously crafted beer with the iconic Edinburgh Castle towering majestically in your periphery. This isn't a fanciful daydream but a reality in numerous pubs around the city, where the awe-inspiring castle serves as the backdrop to your evening, weaving an ambiance that oscillates between enchanting and absolutely magical.


4. Close to Major Attractions

Strategically dotted around key attractions, Edinburgh’s pubs are perfectly positioned for a refreshing break after a day of exploration. Whether you’ve conquered the slopes of Arthur’s Seat or wandered through the historic Greyfriars Kirkyard, you won’t have to venture far to find a welcoming pub where you can unwind and reflect on your day amidst the ceaseless hum of the lively city.

Edinburgh's variety of pubs, scattered near attractions and green spaces, are ideal spots for relaxation after exploring destinations like Arthur’s Seat or historic Leith. Whether you’re in the festive atmosphere of Grassmarket or near Princes and Mary Streets, welcoming pubs with locals, whisky, and beers await. Enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife and pick up budget-friendly souvenirs, all while soaking in the unique atmospheres each pub offers amidst the backdrop of festivals and the lively hum of Edinburgh.


5. Craft Beer Galore

For craft beer enthusiasts, Edinburgh is a veritable playground, with its burgeoning and vibrant craft beer scene. Pubs and bars across the city offer a broad and fascinating selection of craft beers, providing a symphony of unique and delightful flavors for explorative palates.

One notable stop for craft beer lovers is The Hanging Bat, a renowned bar that does not just serve an extensive variety of craft beers; it also operates as a microbrewery. With over 20 taps offering a rotating selection, it showcases the best of both Scottish and international craft beers, not forgetting its smoked foods that perfectly complement the drinks.

Caledonian Brewery, one of the city's oldest breweries, is another treasure for beer enthusiasts. Offering traditional Scottish ales brewed with time-honored methods, it offers tours that let you delve deep into the brewing process, ending with a delightful tasting session.

The Holyrood 9A is another gem in the city's crown, providing a cozy and atmospheric setting where guests can explore an extensive menu of local and international craft beers, accompanied by a gourmet burger menu that has become the talk of the town.

For those who prefer an establishment that constantly keeps things fresh and exciting, The Salt Horse Beer Shop & Bar offers an ever-changing lineup of craft beers on tap, ensuring that each visit is a new adventure. They also have a shop selling bottles and cans from breweries worldwide, allowing guests to take home their favorite finds.

Each of these establishments contributes to the dynamic tapestry of Edinburgh's craft beer scene, offering something for everyone - from the seasoned craft beer veteran to the curious newbie ready to embark on a journey of beer discovery.

The meticulously curated menus, knowledgeable staff, and the sheer passion for craft beer that permeates these venues promise an experience that is as educational as it is enjoyable, providing a deep dive into the world of hops, malt, and the magical process that turns these ingredients into the beloved beverage known the world over. With each pub offering its unique twist on the craft beer experience, exploring flavors, styles, and brewing techniques is endlessly fascinating and utterly delightful in Edinburgh's welcoming arms.


6. Whisky Selection

A trip to Edinburgh would be incomplete without savoring the richness of traditional Scottish whisky. Each pub in this spirited city takes pride in presenting a curated selection of whiskies, offering an exquisite spread that caters to the refined palate of connoisseurs and the curious tastebuds of casual drinkers. From smoky, peaty flavors reminiscent of Scotland's rugged landscapes to smooth, golden varieties, the whisky offerings are as diverse and captivating as the city.


Nannybag - 10 Reasons To Fall in Love with Edinburgh's Pub Scene


7. Live Folk Music

Venues like Sandy Bell’s become a stage where the vibrant heart of Scottish culture beats in the form of live folk music. These tunes, woven with history and tradition, provide aural delight and an immersive experience that transports you to the essence of Scotland. The melodic strums and lilting voices meld seamlessly with the pub atmosphere, etching memories of enchanting nights spent under Edinburgh's starlit sky.


8. Artistic Ambiance

In the artistic city of Edinburgh, some pubs are canvases of aesthetic expression, particularly those sprinkled around Princes Street. These establishments often boast splendid stained glass installations and meticulously crafted interiors, each detail whispering tales of art and craftsmanship. The ambient beauty provides a visual feast and an atmospheric experience that perfectly complements the liquid refreshment in your hand.


9. Delicious Food

Edinburgh’s pubs offer gastronomic menus, with dishes ranging from hearty, traditional Scottish fare to inventive contemporary cuisine. Whether you crave the comfort of a classic haggis or wish to explore modern interpretations of local ingredients, the food served is designed to tantalize your palate, providing a culinary adventure that parallels the excitement of the city’s landscapes and architecture.



10. Vibrant Atmosphere

Step into an Edinburgh pub, and you'll feel an immediate embrace of vibrancy and warmth. This infectious energy permeates the air, borne from the cheerful banter of friendly patrons, the unwavering dedication of enthusiastic staff, and the lively events and gatherings that mark the pub's social calendar. The resultant atmosphere is irresistibly inviting, beckoning visitors to relax, engage, and absorb the authentic Edinburgh experience.

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