Guides Edinburgh Top Bars and Clubs to Discover Edinburgh's Vibrant Nightlife

Top Bars and Clubs to Discover Edinburgh's Vibrant Nightlife

City Guide October 9, 2023



When the sun sets in Edinburgh, a different kind of magic comes to life, illuminating the city with a vibrant energy that appeals to night owls planning to visit Edinburgh. The city's vibrant and diverse nightlife offers a wide range of experiences for those looking to discover Edinburgh's after-dark scene. From top bars and best clubs in Edinburgh to exquisite bar restaurants that offer captivating atmospheres and delightful menus, the Scottish capital ensures something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet, sophisticated evening with fine wine and dining, or a lively night watching artists at one of the best clubs in Edinburgh, this city guarantees an unforgettable nocturnal adventure. With a variety of experiences, from sipping whisky with locals in Grassmarket to enjoying performances in Leith, every preference is catered to. Let's dive into the heart of Edinburgh nightlife, exploring must-visit places, including the iconic Royal Mile and vibrant Princes Street. These spots are not only where you can see and be seen but are also where unforgettable nights of fun and laughter await amidst festivals and museums. Here, you can pick up a unique souvenir, jog in a serene park after an energetic evening, and filly partake in Edinburgh’s night scene.

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The Royal Mile: A Historic Night Out

Begin your Edinburgh nightlife adventure on the iconic Royal Mile. This historic street offers a mix of traditional pubs, contemporary bars, and live music venues. You'll find watering holes serving patrons for centuries, making it the perfect place to soak in the city's rich history while enjoying a drink.


Princes Street: A View to Sip On

For a more modern and cosmopolitan nightlife experience, head to Princes Street. With a backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, this bustling street is home to trendy bars and restaurants offering fantastic city views. Sip on a cocktail or craft beer while taking in the sights.



George Street: Cocktails and Class

George Street is synonymous with sophistication, and its bars and clubs are no exception. This upscale area boasts cocktail bars that delight even the most discerning palate. Try a classic cocktail or something more inventive at one of the many cocktail bars in Edinburgh's city center.


Live Music Venues: The Sound of the Night

Edinburgh's live music scene is alive and kicking. Many bars and clubs feature live performances, from rock and indie bands to folk music and DJs. Check out venues like The Voodoo Rooms for a diverse range of live acts, and make sure to catch a gig or two during your visit.


The Jazz Bar

Situated on Chambers Street, The Jazz Bar is a cozy venue that showcases jazz, blues, and funk performances. It's perfect for a night of soulful music.


The Liquid Room (for live gigs)

In addition to club nights, the Liquid Room hosts live gigs by local and touring bands. Check their schedule for upcoming concerts.


Sneaky Pete's (for live gigs)

In addition to being a nightclub, Sneaky Pete's also hosts live music events featuring emerging and established artists.


The Queen's Hall

A beautiful concert hall on Clerk Street, The Queen's Hall hosts classical concerts, jazz performances, and folk music gigs. It's a great place to enjoy live music in a refined setting.


Bannerman's Bar

Located on Cowgate, Bannerman's Bar is known for hosting rock and metal bands. It's a lively venue with a dedicated following among the rock community.


Panda & Sons: A Hidden Gem

Tucked away behind an unassuming bookshelf in a barbershop, Panda & Sons is one of Edinburgh's top cocktail bars. Step inside, and you'll find a speakeasy-style haven serving creative and delicious cocktails. It's a hidden gem worth discovering on your night out.



Dance Floors: Groove the Night Away

If you're in the mood to dance, Edinburgh has clubs that cater to every musical taste. From electronic beats to chart-toppers, you'll find a dance floor that suits your rhythm. Some clubs even offer themed nights, ensuring a memorable experience.


Liquid Room

A legendary nightclub on Victoria Street, Liquid Room hosts various club nights and live performances, including indie and electronic music events.


Cabaret Voltaire

Situated on Blair Street, this club is famous for its eclectic music lineup, including techno, house, and alternative beats. It's a favorite among the city's underground scene.


Sneaky Pete's

A small and intimate club on the Cowgate, Sneaky Pete's is known for its diverse music program, featuring everything from indie rock to electronic music.


The Hive

A student favorite on Niddry Street, The Hive is one of Edinburgh's most popular nightclubs. It plays a mix of chart hits and alternative music and offers affordable drinks.


La Belle Angele

Located on Hastie's Close, this club is known for hosting big-name DJs and live music events. Check their schedule for upcoming performances.


Craft Beers: Sip Local Brews

For craft beer enthusiasts, Edinburgh offers a wide range of options. From traditional Scottish ales to experimental brews, the city's craft beer bars are the perfect places to taste local flavors. Be sure to explore the rich world of single malt Scotch whisky as well.

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