Guides Edinburgh 10 Ideal Spots To Go Shopping for Souvenirs in Edinburgh

10 Ideal Spots To Go Shopping for Souvenirs in Edinburgh

City Guide October 9, 2023



Edinburgh, the Scottish capital of the United Kingdom, is renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture, vibrant shopping centres, and award-winning shops. If you're wondering where to buy high-quality gifts in Edinburgh or scouring the high street for the best Edinburgh souvenirs, you're in for a treat.

This charming city offers options for discerning shoppers looking to secure top-notch tokens that perfectly encapsulate their travel experience. It's only natural to wonder where to buy gifts in Edinburgh, and it's precisely what we're here to help you with.

We've compiled a list of 10 ideal spots for souvenir shopping in the lovely city of Edinburgh, ensuring you bring home high-quality, budget-friendly souvenirs of your visit that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking for traditional Scottish products, like fine whisky, or something more contemporary, Edinburgh’s bustling High Street, historic Victoria Street, lively Leith area, charming Stockbridge neighborhood, iconic Royal Mile, and the vibrant Grassmarket have something to offer everyone. Each area is steeped in historic charm, with Edinburgh Castle towering majestically over the city as a constant backdrop. Don't forget to explore the various other budget-friendly shopping locales, including those around St. Mary's Street, as each provides a selection of memorable and durable keepsakes that reflect the city’s rich history.

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1. Victoria Street: A Quaint Shopping Haven

Embark on your Edinburgh shopping adventure with a visit to the enchanting Victoria Street, a visual delight nestled in the Old Town's vibrant heart. Victoria Street's picturesque, meandering layout captivates visitors with its quaint cobblestone charm and various independent shops and boutiques.

Each storefront is a gateway to unique treasures, offering an eclectic mix of items from bespoke tartan scarves and whimsical novelty goods to locally crafted jewelry and artisanal products. With its diverse offerings, Victoria Street provides a delightful shopping experience, making it a destination for procuring memorable and distinctive Edinburgh souvenirs.


2. The Royal Mile: Historic and Bustling

The iconic Royal Mile is indispensable to any Edinburgh shopping experience, seamlessly blending the city’s rich history with a dynamic retail landscape. Stretching from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood Palace, this bustling thoroughfare is dotted with various shops and stores catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you are searching for classic Scottish souvenirs like fine whisky, traditional kilts, or charming trinkets embodying the Scottish spirit, the Royal Mile offers a cornucopia of options that promise to delight tourists and locals.


3. Multrees Walk: Luxury Shopping in Edinburgh

For aficionados of luxury and elegance, Multrees Walk, located at the prestigious St. Andrew Square, is an absolute must-visit. This shopping enclave is synonymous with opulence, housing an exquisite collection of luxury brands and designer boutiques. From high fashion and sophisticated accessories to gourmet delights and high-end home décor, Multrees Walk provides a curated shopping experience for discerning visitors looking to acquire premium souvenirs and products that epitomize the essence of Edinburgh's refined taste.


4. George Street: Retail Therapy in Style

Offering a delightful milieu for indulgent retail therapy, George Street in Edinburgh is a distinguished address known for its stylish boutiques and elegant department stores. This shopping street exudes an air of sophistication, providing an extensive selection of fashionable apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products. Whether you're searching for designer labels, high-quality Edinburgh souvenirs, or a gastronomic experience, George Street promises an experience that melds style and substance, with establishments like Harvey Nichols standing as testaments to luxury and fine living.


5. Ocean Terminal: Shopping with a View

Located in the scenic area of Leith, Ocean Terminal is a unique shopping destination offering more than just retail outlets. Overlooking the tranquil waters and providing a magnificent view of the Royal Yacht Britannia, this shopping center combines style, history, and entertainment.

Visitors to Ocean Terminal will discover an extensive range of shops and boutiques, each offering an assortment of products and souvenirs that cater to different tastes and budgets. Whether you're seeking fashion, tech gadgets, or uniquely Edinburgh keepsakes, Ocean Terminal provides a delightful backdrop for shopping and sightseeing.



6. Fort Kinnaird: A Shopper's Paradise

Venture to Fort Kinnaird, situated on Edinburgh's outskirts, and discover a sprawling shopping destination that is one of the city's largest retail hubs. Fort Kinnaird boasts stores catering to every conceivable shopping need within its expansive precincts. Whether seeking the latest fashion trends, cutting-edge electronics, delightful home decor, or children's merchandise, this centre offers many options. With numerous high-street brands and specialty shops under one roof, Fort Kinnaird is the quintessential spot for procuring an assortment of souvenirs and gifts reflecting Edinburgh's diverse character.


7. Independent Shops: Hidden Treasures

Edinburgh’s allure extends beyond its grand avenues and bustling markets into quaint lanes and secret corners where independent shops and boutiques quietly thrive. Embark on a treasure hunt through the city’s enchanting neighborhoods and stumble upon hidden gems offering unique, locally crafted souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of Edinburgh. These establishments, ranging from quirky art galleries to charming bookshops and intimate gift stores, present a curated selection of items, each piece telling a story of the city’s vibrant culture and heritage.


8. Edinburgh EH1: Shop Local

The EH1 postcode in Edinburgh is more than just a geographic marker; it’s a vibrant canvas showcasing the city’s creative spirit and entrepreneurial zeal. In this bustling area, you'll find a network of independent retailers, each shop echoing the voice of local artisans and businesses. Whether you're on the hunt for bespoke jewelry, exquisite fabrics, artisanal chocolates, or handcrafted goods, the shops in EH1 offer a wealth of unique finds that not only serve as perfect souvenirs but also support the local economy and craftsmanship.


9. Edinburgh Castle Gift Shop: Historical Souvenirs

Don’t conclude your visit to the iconic Edinburgh Castle without exploring its on-site gift shop, a treasure trove of memorabilia and souvenirs related to Scotland’s rich history. Here, shelves are laden with diverse items, from informative books and ornamental keepsakes to replicas of historical artifacts and traditional Scottish attire. Each item is a tangible reminder of the castle’s illustrious past and Edinburgh's cultural tapestry, making them ideal gifts and souvenirs for history enthusiasts.



10. Grassmarket: A Vibrant Market Square

Situated in the vibrant heart of Old Town, Grassmarket is a lively square brimming with energy and color. It is not just a marketplace but a historic site that has evolved into a dynamic shopping destination. Here, amidst the bustling stalls and vibrant storefronts, visitors can sift through an eclectic mix of products, from vintage clothing and antique furniture to handmade crafts and authentic Scottish souvenirs.

The atmosphere in Grassmarket is infectious, with the area often playing host to events and markets, enhancing the shopping experience with a cultural fiesta that reflects Edinburgh's spirited personality.

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