Guides Paris Top 5 beach day trips from Paris for Summer 2023

Top 5 beach day trips from Paris for Summer 2023

City Guide October 2, 2023



As remarkable a city as Paris is, it's necessary sometimes to leave and get some fresh air and calm. In the summers especially, Paris can get extremely hot, making it all the more desirable to get away for a while. And what better destination could you want when trying to escape a sweltering day in Paris than a beach? This article discusses the five best beach day trips from Paris.

We try to mix it up with some famous, popular spots and other hidden gems where you can escape the crowds. Of course, Paris is centrally located in France, so your options aren't quite as extensive, and you will have to be prepared to travel for quite a while—oh, and one other thing.

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Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach is a historic site located on the coast of Normandy, France. This beautiful beach is famous for its role in the D-Day landings of World War II and is now a popular tourist destination. It's around a 3-hour drive from Paris, but you can also take a train to Bayeux and then a bus or taxi to the beach, which makes it the ideal Paris day trip.

As you walk along the beach, you'll be struck by the beauty of the sea and sand and the poignant reminders of the sacrifice made by so many soldiers on this site. Several memorials and museums are dedicated to the events of June 6th, 1944, when Allied soldiers, mostly Americans, landed here to drive Nazi Germany out of France. These include the American Cemetery and Memorial, which overlooks the beach and provides a moving tribute to the brave soldiers who died for freedom.

In addition to the beach's historical significance, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, and fishing. You can also take a guided tour of the area, learning more about the D-Day landings and the vital role that Omaha Beach played in the war. So, if you want to discover the history, enjoy some water activities, or experience a beautiful Normandy beach, why not head out here?


Le Touquet

Le Touquet is a charming coastal town in northern France, about 2.5 hours away by train. If you were looking to visit a close to Paris beach in a day. This elegant resort town is famous for its beautiful beaches, dunes, and lively boardwalk lined with cafés, restaurants, and shops. The town comes alive during the summer with festivals, concerts, and other events.

Le Touquet is also known for its elegant villas and art deco architecture, which give the town a unique and stylish atmosphere. Visitors can explore the town on foot or by bicycle, taking in the beautiful scenery and landmarks such as the lighthouse and the Villa Perrottey.

The beach is large, expansive, and picturesque, and a beautiful place to go for a walk or a dip in the sea. There's also an electronic music festival which takes place towards the end of the summer, which you should check out if that sort of thing interests you - this year it's on the 25th and 26th of August.



Plage de la Pointe de l'Aiguillon

Plage de la Pointe de l'Aiguillon is a beautiful and secluded beach near Dieppe, a charming town in Normandy. This beach is perfect for those looking for a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of Paris and is not quite as popular and busy as other spots on the list. The beach is surrounded by stunning cliffs that add to the area's beauty, and the rocky terrain creates a unique and exciting landscape.

One of the best things about Plage de la Pointe de l'Aiguillon is that it's never very crowded, which means you can enjoy a peaceful day by the sea without being bothered by large crowds. You can take a long walk along the beach, sit down and relax on the rocks, have a little picnic… whatever you feel like! The water can be chilly, but it's still refreshing and perfect for swimming.

Several hiking trails offer breathtaking coastline views if you want to explore the area. You can also visit the nearby town of Dieppe, known for its charming streets, historic architecture, and fresh seafood.


Plage de Beaumer

This beach is located 4 hours away on the train from Paris but is undoubtedly worth it. Yes, the beach is a charming, quiet spot with views out to the vast Atlantic Ocean, but Carnac, the local town, steals the show. It is known for its incredible collection of prehistoric megaliths. The area is steeped in history, with evidence of human settlement dating back over 5000 years.

The famous Carnac stones, a collection of around 3,000 standing stones arranged in long rows, are the region's main attraction, and their sheer size and age are truly awe-inspiring. Some think these are older than Stonehenge, and it's up for debate, but they are undoubtedly one of France's most impressive ancient sites.



So, suppose you hop on a train out here. In that case, you can enjoy some beautiful coastline and the picturesque Plage de Beaumer, see the charming Breton town of Carnac, and perhaps most importantly, see a genuinely excellent and incredibly ancient site.



Are you still thinking of the best day trips from Paris to Normandy beaches? Étretat is a stunning town on the coast of Normandy, and it's famous for its white cliffs and picturesque beach. You get here in about two and three-quarter hours from Paris, most of the journey by train. It offers some of France's most stunning natural scenery - the cliffs are towering and majestic, and the sound of the waves crashing against them is truly mesmerizing.

The beach is also beautiful and offers plenty of space for a stroll or sunbathing. The water can be a bit like anywhere in Normandy, but it's ideal if you're there on a hot summer day. Étretat is not too crowded, which means you can enjoy the area's beauty without being bothered by large crowds of tourists.

Several hiking trails offer amazing views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside. The town has some beautiful places to eat (incredibly delicious seafood) and is pretty and picturesque.

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