Guides Paris Top 10 Paris Olympic Venues: Must-Visit Guide for Travelers

Top 10 Paris Olympic Venues: Must-Visit Guide for Travelers

City Guide February 16, 2024



The excitement is palpable as the world turns its gaze towards the City of Light for the Paris 2024 Olympics. With its unparalleled blend of history, culture, and innovation, Paris is set to host an unforgettable spectacle of sporting excellence. The chosen venues, scattered across the city and its outskirts, are not just stages for athletic prowess but are landmarks in their own right, each with a story to tell.

For travelers, the Paris Olympics presents a golden opportunity to witness history in the making while exploring one of the world's most enchanting cities. From the Left Bank's historic lanes to the Eiffel Tower's magnificent views, this Paris must-visit guide promises to navigate you through the heart of Paris, uncovering the must-visit Olympic venues and the city’s timeless attractions.

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1. Stade de France

Nestled in the vibrant commune of Saint-Denis, just outside the bustling heart of Paris, Stade de France stands as a beacon of French sporting excellence and architectural grandeur. As the centerpiece of the Paris 2024 Olympics, this iconic stadium is poised to host many events, including the much-anticipated opening and closing ceremonies and pivotal athletic competitions. Its strategic location ensures it is well within reach for travelers, providing a seamless connection to the pulsating energy of Paris and the Olympic spirit.

Metro Stop: Saint-Denis - Porte de Paris (Line 13) offers direct access to the stadium, making it a convenient option for those traveling from central Paris.

RER: The Stade de France - Saint-Denis station (RER B and D) is also nearby, providing a swift route for visitors from different parts of Paris and its suburbs.


2. Paris La Défense Arena

Situated in the modern and dynamic Parisian suburb of Nanterre, Paris La Défense Arena is a testament to contemporary design and innovation. This state-of-the-art venue is set to captivate Olympic visitors with its sophisticated facilities and captivating views of the La Défense district's futuristic skyline. Scheduled to host gymnastics and various indoor sporting events, the arena promises an unforgettable Olympic experience, blending top-tier athletic prowess with architectural brilliance.

Metro Stop: La Défense (Line 1 and RER A) connects you directly to the heart of Paris while also providing an efficient link to the arena.

Tram: La Défense Arena (T2) is another convenient option, placing visitors steps away from one of Europe’s largest indoor venues.


3. Parc des Princes

The historic Parc des Princes, home to the renowned Paris Saint-Germain football club, is where the world’s football passion will converge during the Olympics. Situated in Paris's southwestern part, this legendary stadium is known for its electrifying atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for witnessing Olympic football. The venue’s rich history and modern facilities offer fans a world-class sporting experience.

Metro Stop: Porte de Saint-Cloud (Line 9) is the closest station, providing easy access to the stadium from various points in Paris, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action.


Nannybag - Top 10 Paris Olympic Venues: Must-Visit Guide for Travelers


4. Roland Garros Stadium

Roland Garros Stadium, a symbol of tennis excellence, is set to play a pivotal role in the Paris Olympics, hosting the tennis events on its iconic clay courts. Located in the prestigious 16th arrondissement, the stadium offers a unique blend of sporting tradition and elegance, making it a must-visit for Olympic spectators and tennis aficionados. The venue’s intimate atmosphere and historic significance promise an unmatched Olympic tennis experience.

Metro Stop: Michel-Ange - Auteuil (Lines 9 and 10) provides straightforward access to Roland Garros, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the excitement of Olympic tennis.


5. Arena Porte de La Chapelle

The newly erected Arena Porte de La Chapelle, in the heart of the 18th arrondissement, emerges as a key destination for basketball and other sports during the Olympics. The arena's cutting-edge design and facilities symbolize Paris's modern sports infrastructure, perfectly complemented by its proximity to Montmartre, one of the city's most vibrant cultural quarters. This blend of top-tier sports and rich cultural experiences makes the arena a focal point for Olympic visitors.

Metro Stop: Porte de la Chapelle (Line 12) places visitors within easy reach of the arena, ensuring a smooth journey to and from the venue as they enjoy the high-energy atmosphere of Olympic basketball and more.


6. Accor Arena (Bercy)

Nestled on the right bank of the Seine, close to the verdant Bercy Park, the Accor Arena stands out as one of Paris's premier venues for concerts and sporting spectacles. With the Olympics horizon, it's poised to become a bustling hub for gymnastics and basketball, drawing fans from across the globe. Its strategic location provides easy access anywhere in central Paris and offers picturesque river views, enhancing the Olympic experience.

Metro Stop: Bercy (Lines 6 and 14) is the closest, offering a direct route to the arena from various parts of Paris, ensuring spectators can easily converge on this dynamic venue.


7. South Paris Arena (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles)

Located in the lively 15th arrondissement, the South Paris Arena is integral to the city's largest exhibition complex, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. This versatile venue is slated to host various Olympic events, ideally on the left bank. Its proximity to Parisian landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse district, makes it a perfect starting point for Olympic attendees to explore the city's rich cultural tapestry.

Metro Stop: Porte de Versailles (Line 12 and Tram T2 and T3a) provides seamless access to the venue, placing visitors a short ride away from experiencing Olympic history in the making.


8. Château de Versailles

The majestic Palace of Versailles, a symbol of French regal heritage, will play a unique role in the Olympics, hosting equestrian events and the modern pentathlon. Set against the opulent backdrop of one of France's most visited historical sites, it offers spectators the chance to witness Olympic prowess amid the splendor of royal gardens and grand halls, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

RER: Versailles Château Rive Gauche (RER C) is the nearest station, from where the palace is a short walk, inviting visitors to step back in time while enjoying modern sporting feats.


Nannybag - Top 10 Paris Olympic Venues: Must-Visit Guide for Travelers


9. Esplanade des Invalides

At the core of Paris, the Esplanade des Invalides is set to become an iconic Olympic archery venue. Surrounded by some of the city's most famed attractions, including the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower, and bordered by the serene Seine, the esplanade promises a breathtaking setting for competition, blending Parisian historical elegance with the thrill of the Olympics.

Metro Stop: Invalides (Lines 8 and 13, RER C) offers direct access to this central venue, ensuring attendees can effortlessly enjoy the events and the surrounding Parisian marvels.


10. Seine River

The Seine River, the lifeline of Paris, will transform into an exhilarating stage for open-water swimming and triathlon, providing a dynamic spectacle set against the city's picturesque backdrop. As competitors race along the river, spectators gathered along the banks will enjoy unparalleled views of iconic landmarks such as Notre Dame and the Louvre, making the Seine an essential destination for Olympic fans.

Metro Stops: As events span along the Seine, several metro stops including Saint-Michel (Line 4), Pont Neuf (Line 7), and Cité (Line 4) offer convenient access points to different sections of the river.

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