Guides Paris Tips & Tricks to Maximize the Fun at Disneyland Paris

Tips & Tricks to Maximize the Fun at Disneyland Paris

City Guide July 19, 2023


Welcome to the enchanting world of Disneyland Paris, where dreams come true at every turn. Whether you're a seasoned Disney enthusiast or embarking on your first-ever Disney adventure, we're thrilled to present you with how to make the most of Disneyland Paris.

So are you ready to embark on a memorable journey through the enchanting world of Disneyland Paris? Get ready to make some memories with these Disneyland Paris tips & tricks. Let's dive in and ensure you experience the magic like never before!

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Consider staying on Disney Property

We recommend staying on Disney property if you prioritize maintaining the magic. There are many themed Disney hotels on the property, from Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel to live out your Marvel dreams to Hotel Cheyenne to live out your cowboy dreams!

We recommend staying on the property mainly because of magic hours. Magic hours are extra hours that open, and it’s exclusively for guests staying in the hotels. The hours depend on the day, and they can mean you get to the hotel earlier or stay later. Make sure to double-check before your stay and plan your park visits accordingly!


Get to the parks early

The early bird gets the worm, and the early park-goer gets the shorter wait times in the best attractions. There’s a reason every CEO’s “secret” to success is to wake up early, now, you too can be just as successful. By getting to the parks early, you can have shorter wait times in the park's premiere attractions, such as Spider-Man WEB adventures in the new Avengers area and the infamous Hyperspace mountain.

Getting to the parks early ensures you make the most of your day and won’t allow time to be a constraint! Getting to the park allows for wiggle room if wait times are longer than expected or the metro malfunctions.


Consider Premiere Access

We understand Disney tickets can be an investment themselves, especially with the newest price increase. However, if your time is limited and you want to get the most out of your experience quickly, consider getting premier access to the more popular attractions with longer wait times, like Crush’s Coaster. The pass doesn’t guarantee you skip the line at Disneyland Paris, but it will shorten your wait time significantly.

Prices of the pass vary depending on which option you select. You can buy the passes individually for a specific ride or the ultimate pass, which means you can use it for all participating attractions. If you choose to do this, make sure you plan so you can grab the time slots that best work with your plans!

Disney Premier Access prices range from 5 euros per attraction for less popular attractions to 13 euros for Disneyland Paris must-do attractions like Big Thunder Mountain. Disney premier access for the day can range from 90 euros to 120 euros in addition to the ticket.



Bring Cash

Most points of sale accept major credit cards however it’s never a bad idea to have some cash.

The first time I visited the park, all of the credit card machines stopped working, and all of the ATMs had wait times longer than Avatar Flight of Passage- including the flight to the US. While rare, it could happen, so it’s best to be safe!


Single Rider lines

Yes, you can be happily married and go on the single-rider line. Relationship status has nothing to do with this. In the attractions, many have a separate queue with shorter waiting times. This is the single riders line, you won’t be able to ride with the people you’re visiting, but you’ll be able to get on the ride faster as a gap filler.

If the waiting lines are comparable, it’s not worth it, but for rides like Remy’s Adventure, it can save you some time. Use this tip carefully, though, if you’re on a first date and do this, we can’t guarantee a second.


Visit both parks

This tip applies if you’re in a rush and don’t have that many days to spend at Disneyland. Visiting both parks in one day is doable if your priority is going on the rides. We suggest starting at Walt Disney Studios Park and heading straight to the Avengers campus since they tend to have the longest ones later in the day. If you don’t care for the parades and meeting cast members, you can go on the rides at this time as well to reduce wait times.

If you’d like to see all of the shows and parades, we recommend visiting both parks on separate days.


Make reservations to the restaurants in advance

Disney has some of the best-themed dining options. You can travel to the Caribbean and have a Haitian lunch with the pirates over a spiced rum piña colada, and for dinner, you can fly to Paris and have a rat cook a delicious 4-course meal for you all in one day.

Now before we make these dreams come to fruition, we need reservations. People plan their Disney trips for months, so spots for these themed dining experiences fill quickly! Make your food reservations when you buy your ticket and pick your day. If you book directly with Disney, you can book up to a year in advance, and if you book with a third party, you can make reservations up to two months in advance.

if the spots were filled, don’t worry. People cancel all time. Make sure to keep checking online to see if a table opens up. If you haven’t scored a table, get to the restaurant early because many have limited walk-in spaces.

If themed dining or character dining isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Disney has many quick-service restaurants; all you have to do is walk in.



Keep Disney Village as an Option

Disney Village has many great dining options if you can’t snag a reservation. Your park ticket allows you to leave the park and return as you please within the day to easily explore one of the many eateries from the Rainforest Cafe to Annette’s Diner.

Finding breakfast at the parks can double as a chore due to its difficulty, but you can find breakfast options in the village. We recommend Earl of Sandwich or Starbucks to fuel up for the day.


Comfortable shoes

Don’t let the Disney influencers fool you, the amusement park is a Spartan Race with Mickey ears. Work the outfits around cute and comfortable sneakers that can be worn all day. Avoid heels, sandals, and shoes that haven’t been broken into because you can plan on standing and walking for most of the day.


Bring a water bottle

The park has many water bottle refill stations around. Avoid paying hefty fees and save plastic by bringing your bottle. It’s also extremely important to stay hydrated with all physical activity.


Shuttle from CDG or ORLY

If you’re flying into Paris and want to head directly to the parks, you can save time by taking the designated shuttles straight. This will save you some time since the alternative is to take RER B and RER A, which can be inconsistent.


Make sure to look at train times carefully

Trains and buses can sometimes be untrustworthy, especially during a strike. To avoid getting stranded in the parks, check the train and bus schedule carefully to see when the last one departs. Unfortunately, sometimes the last train will leave before the big firework show, but paying for the Uber back into the city is even more unfortunate if you’re not staying on Disney property.



Download the Disneyland Paris App

Another app to download? Yes, but this one is worth it. On the app, you can keep track of your reservations (no need to print a ticket) and all things to know about Disneyland Paris at your fingertips.

The phone application gives you access to all the wait times around the park to see how long you have to wait in line for your favorite attractions. You can also have showtimes and any openings for dinner reservations at your fingertips.


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