Guides Paris Paris Olympic-Inspired Fashion: What to Wear & Where to Shop

Paris Olympic-Inspired Fashion: What to Wear & Where to Shop

City Guide February 16, 2024



As the Paris Olympics draw near, the fervor transcends sports, spotlighting the fashion industry. The French capital, the heart of the fashion world, is poised to display how the grandeur and spirit of the Olympic Games catalyze new trends in streetwear and sportswear. This guide delves into the amalgamation of athletic zeal with Parisian chic, providing insights on what to wear and where to shop for Olympic-inspired fashion in Paris.

The Olympic Games and Paris's esteemed fashion scene converge, igniting a dynamic evolution in streetwear. This unique blend of global athleticism and Parisian street culture ushers in a spectrum of styles, from athleisure-inspired by the ceremonies to collaborations between famous clothing brands and athletes. Paris transforms into a showcase of Olympic-inspired fashion, embodying innovation and international camaraderie. Amidst this fashion fervor, identifying the best luggage storage in Paris is crucial for those wishing to freely explore the city's sartorial offerings. Nannybag's Luggage Storage service emerges as a top choice, offering secure, convenient spots across Paris for visitors to stash their bags and immerse themselves in the Olympic-inspired fashion landscape without burden.


What to Wear

Navigating the Parisian summer calls for attire that balances the city's chic aesthetic with the necessity of staying cool in its notably hot climate. The scarcity of air conditioning in Paris underscores the importance of choosing lightweight and breathable fabrics. Linen, cotton, and silk are ideal for allowing skin to breathe, ensuring comfort under the sun. Embrace loose-fitting garments like flowy dresses, wide-leg trousers, and airy blouses to remain comfortable without compromising style. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for sun protection, and carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Selecting footwear that marries fashion with functionality is crucial. Opt for comfortable walking shoes or sandals for navigating cobblestone streets and extensive strolls along the Seine. Parisians embody an effortlessly elegant look, so even the most practical outfits should include a touch of sophistication through a statement accessory, a splash of color, or a captivating pattern.



Where to Shop

Le Bon Marché

Esteemed as one of Paris's premier department stores, Le Bon Marché is celebrated for its luxurious assortment of high-end fashion brands. It perfectly integrates luxury with practicality, offering a wide range of apparel, accessories, and beauty products within its sophisticated setting.

Address: 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France

The easiest way to reach Le Bon Marché is by taking the Paris Metro. Alight at the Sèvres-Babylone station (lines 10 and 12), directly adjacent to the store. Alternatively, several bus lines serve the area, offering convenient access from various parts of the city.


Galeries Lafayette

A historic beacon of Parisian retail, Galeries Lafayette stands in the city's core. It's known for its breathtaking Belle Époque architecture and a vast selection of brands ranging from luxury to Paris streetwear, making it an ideal venue for finding Olympic-inspired fashion.

Address: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

The Chaussée d'Antin – La Fayette metro station (lines 7 and 9) is the closest, just a short walk from the store. Alternatively, the Opera metro station (lines 3, 7, and 8) is also nearby, offering easy access from different parts of Paris.




Merci is a concept store in the trendy Marais district offering a curated mix of fashion, homeware, and accessories. It's a sanctuary for those seeking unique, stylish pieces that embody contemporary Parisian life.

Address: 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France

The closest metro station is Saint-Sébastien – Froissart (line 8), just a short walk from the store. The area is also accessible by several bus routes, making it easy to visit from anywhere in Paris.



In the Marais district, Fleux' stands out as a concept store known for its unique and trendy selections, perfect for those aiming to add Olympic-inspired elements to their wardrobe or home decor.

Address: 39 + 52 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris, France

The nearest metro stop is Hôtel de Ville (lines 1 and 11), offering a direct route to the store. The area is also well-served by buses, making it accessible from various points across the city.


Small Boutiques in Le Marais

The Marais district is famous for its small boutiques that feature independent and emerging designers. It offers a unique shopping experience for finding one-of-a-kind pieces that mix athletic inspiration with Parisian elegance. It's a one-stop-shop if you're looking for where to shop for sportswear in Paris.

Address: Le Marais, 75003/75004 Paris, France

The Marais is easily accessible via the Saint-Paul metro station (line 1) or the Hôtel de Ville station (lines 1 and 11), both centrally located within the district. The area is also pedestrian-friendly, allowing for a pleasant walk through its charming streets.

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