Guides Paris How to Buy Olympic Tickets Paris 2024?

How to Buy Olympic Tickets Paris 2024?

City Guide February 23, 2024



Starting your journey to the Paris 2024 Olympics begins with securing a spot where the essence of global sportsmanship and unity is at its peak. As the world's leading sporting event is set to unfold in the City of Light, enthusiasts from all corners of the globe are keen to witness history in the making.

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Paris Olympics 2024 Opening Ceremony Tickets

For Paris 2024, the ceremony promises to be an unforgettable experience, set against the backdrop of iconic Parisian landmarks. Tickets for the opening ceremony vary, ranging from approximately $98 to nearly $3,000, reflecting the diversity of experiences available, from standard seating to premium views. The resale site will also offer a second chance in the spring to obtain tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event.


2024 Olympics Basketball Tickets

Basketball has always been a highlight of the Olympics, drawing fans from around the globe to witness the game's best players compete on an international stage. For the Paris 2024 Olympics, securing tickets to basketball events means being part of an electrifying atmosphere, cheering on national teams as they vie for the gold. Tickets are available through the official Paris 2024 website, ensuring fans get legitimate access to the games.


Nannybag - How to Buy Olympic Tickets Paris 2024?


Paris 2024 Swimming Tickets

Fans looking to witness the world's top swimmers compete in Paris can find tickets on the official Paris 2024 website. With events spanning multiple days, there are ample opportunities to catch preliminary heats, semifinals, and medal-winning finals. As with other popular events, checking the official site regularly and looking out for the launch of the official resale site in Spring 2024 will be key to securing tickets.


Paris 2024 Gymnastics Tickets

Tickets for gymnastics events, especially for the finals, are in high demand. Current prices for the gymnastics qualification rounds start at around $26, with final event tickets reaching up to $109 for standard seats and premium front-row seats available from $109 to $684.


2024 Olympics Tickets Packages

Coordinated by On Location, the exclusive Hospitality provider for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, these packages include premium seating, exclusive lounge access, and additional amenities. Packages for specific events like Track and Field and sailing are currently available, with more information accessible through the official Paris 2024 site.


How to Plan for the Olympics

Step 1: Visit the Official Paris 2024 Ticketing Website

The first and most crucial step in purchasing Paris Olympics 2024 tickets is to visit the official Paris 2024 ticketing website: It is vital to use this official site to avoid scams and ensure your purchase is legitimate.


Step 2: Understand the Ticketing Phases

Olympic ticket sales are typically structured in phases, starting with a lottery for the most in-demand events, such as the opening ceremony, basketball, gymnastics, and swimming finals. Early registration on the official website can improve your chances of obtaining tickets to these popular events.


Step 3: Explore Ticket Packages

Consider exploring 2024 Olympics ticket packages if you want to attend multiple events. These hospitality packages often include travel packages and other options, providing a more streamlined and economical way to experience the summer Games.


Step 4: Stay Informed on Key Dates

Key dates, including the sale of tickets for sought-after events like the opening ceremony on July 26, should be marked in your calendar. Keeping abreast of these dates ensures you won't miss the opportunity to purchase tickets for your must-see events.



Highlighted Events and Tickets

Among the events at the Paris Olympics 2024, certain competitions stand out due to their popularity and the excitement they generate:

  • 2024 Olympics Basketball Tickets: Secure your place to watch the world's best basketball teams compete by watching the official ticketing website for games ticket.
  • Paris Olympics 2024 Opening Ceremony Tickets: Experience the grandeur of the opening ceremony, a display of culture, creativity, and unity, by purchasing tickets through the official website.
  • Paris 2024 Swimming, Gymnastics Tickets: For fans of swimming and gymnastics, tickets for these events are a must-have to witness record-breaking performances and athletic excellence.

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