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How to Book Luggage Storage Near Paris Olympic Sites

City Guide February 20, 2024



As Paris prepares to host the Olympics, visitors from around the globe are gearing up for an unforgettable experience. Amid the excitement of witnessing world-class athletes compete, the logistical challenge of navigating one of the world’s most visited cities with luggage can dampen the spirit of adventure. Enter Nannybag, a game-changer offering convenient and secure luggage storage solutions strategically located near major Olympic venues and iconic Parisian landmarks.

This service ensures that spectators and tourists alike can explore the marvels of Paris, from its quaint cafes to majestic monuments, without the burden of heavy bags. Embracing the convenience of Nannybag not only enhances the Olympic experience but also invites a deeper connection with the timeless allure of Paris. For those looking to navigate the city with ease, consider exploring luggage storage options near Paris Olympic sites and lockers or left luggage services in Paris during the Olympics, ensuring a seamless and enriched Parisian adventure.


How to Book Luggage Storage with Nannybag

Booking luggage storage with Nannybag for the Paris Olympics is straightforward and user-friendly, designed to make your visit as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Here's a slightly expanded guide to securing your luggage storage in Paris:


  1. Initiate the Process: Visit the Nannybag website or download their app. The platform is intuitive, making it easy for first-time users to navigate. Whether planning in advance or looking for last-minute storage options, Nannybag accommodates your needs with just a few clicks.
  2. Specify Details: Once on the platform, inputting your needs is next. This includes your current location or the area you plan to explore, along with your desired check-in and check-out times for luggage storage. This flexibility allows you to customize the storage time based on your itinerary, whether for a few hours while you tour the city or for a longer duration throughout your Olympic event attendance.
  3. Select and Secure: Nannybag offers a comprehensive list of storage locations throughout Paris, ensuring you'll find a convenient spot close to major attractions and Olympic venues. Each listing provides detailed information, including the exact distance from key points of interest, allowing you to choose a spot that minimizes travel time and maximizes city exploration.
  4. Book with Confidence: The final step is to finalize your booking. Nannybag’s straightforward payment process is secure, offering various options to suit your preferences. Once your booking is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation with all necessary details, including the address and specific instructions for your luggage storage location. This assurance lets you proceed with your Paris adventure knowing your belongings are safe.


Nannybag stands out for its commitment to security and the sheer ease travelers can lighten their load, focusing instead on making lasting memories.


Exploring Paris Hands-Free: The Benefit of Using Luggage Storage

The essence of a Parisian adventure is the freedom to explore its lively boulevards and cozy corners without being weighed down by luggage. With Nannybag's strategically placed Paris Olympics luggage storage locations across Paris, including near bustling train stations, you can effortlessly store your luggage and embark on your day's journey. This convenient service ensures that your belongings are safely tucked away, whether absorbing the energy of an Olympic event or basking in the golden hour light from Montmartre.

The peace of mind from knowing your items are secure allows you to dive into the spontaneity of Parisian life, from last-minute gallery visits to leisurely café stops. Ultimately, using luggage storage in Paris liberates you from physical and mental burdens, transforming your travel experience into one marked by freedom, joy, and endless discovery.



Key Paris Olympic Sites and Nearby Nannybag Locations


Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, Paris's iconic symbol, offers breathtaking views and a rich history. Situated close to the city's heart, visitors can easily find nearby luggage storage spots through Nannybag, allowing them to ascend this marvel without the burden of bags, making their experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.



Place de la Concorde is renowned for its majestic obelisk and historical significance, serving as a gateway to the Champs-Élysées. With several nearby luggage storage options, tourists can explore this grand square and its surrounding attractions, ensuring a light and leisurely visit.


Stade de France

This premier venue, set to host major Olympic events, is a beacon for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Near Stade de France, Nannybag offers convenient luggage storage solutions, enabling fans to enjoy the games without worrying about their belongings.


Arena Porte de La Chapelle

The modern Arena Porte de La Chapelle, a key Olympic venue, is in the vibrant 18th arrondissement. Nearby luggage storage facilities ensure spectators can experience the events easily and comfortably, free from the hassle of carrying their luggage.


Roland Garros Stadium

Famous for its clay courts and prestigious tennis tournaments, Roland Garros is a must-visit for sports fans. With luggage storage options readily available nearby, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the action without the inconvenience of luggage.


Accor Arena (Bercy)

Accor Arena, known for hosting diverse entertainment and sporting events, is conveniently located in Bercy. Nearby luggage storage through Nannybag allows visitors to enjoy events worry-free, enhancing their overall experience.


South Paris Arena (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles)

Situated in the 15th arrondissement, this versatile venue is central to the Olympic festivities. Luggage storage spots are easily accessible, offering visitors a seamless way to store their bags and enjoy the diverse exhibitions and events hosted here.



Parc des Princes

Parc des Princes is an iconic sports stadium home to Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and a host for Olympic soccer matches. Luggage storage services nearby mean fans can cheer on their teams without being weighed down by bags.


Paris La Défense Arena

One of Europe's largest indoor arenas, Paris La Défense Arena, hosts major concerts and sports events, including Olympic competitions. Convenient luggage storage facilities are located nearby, allowing attendees to experience events easily and freely.


Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is an architectural masterpiece known for its grand exhibitions and events. With luggage storage options nearby, visitors can stroll through its vast halls and exhibitions bag-free, making their visit more pleasant and unencumbered.


Champs de Mars Arena

Set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs de Mars will transform into a thrilling Olympic venue. Nearby luggage storage ensures visitors can enjoy the games and the stunning surroundings without carrying their belongings.


Hôtel de Ville

This historic city hall is a center of Parisian politics and a venue for cultural events and exhibitions. With luggage storage facilities nearby, visitors can explore this emblematic building and its surroundings freely and comfortably.


Château de Versailles

The majestic Château de Versailles, with its stunning gardens and opulent interiors, offers a glimpse into France's royal past. Luggage storage services nearby allow visitors to easily wander through its halls and grounds, fully absorbing its historical grandeur.


Pont Alexandre III

Spanning the Seine, Pont Alexandre III is Paris's most ornate bridge, linking the Champs-Élysées quarter with Les Invalides. Nearby luggage storage spots enable visitors to admire its artistic detail and panoramic views unencumbered.



Home to military museums and Napoleon’s tomb, Les Invalides is steeped in history. Conveniently located luggage storage allows history buffs to delve into France's martial past without the weight of their luggage, ensuring a more enjoyable visit.

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