Guides How to use the Nannybag transport service?

How to use the Nannybag transport service?

Nannybag - Comment utiliser le service de transport Nannybag ?


With increasing airline baggage restrictions and travel challenges, finding practical luggage solutions has become essential for many travelers.

That's where Nannybag luggage transport comes into play to simplify your travels. This luggage transport service to and from France offers a simple and efficient solution for transporting luggage from one city to another or country to another. Seasoned or casual travelers can book this service with just a few clicks and start their journey luggage free as their personal effects are safely transported.

Luggage, transport, protection...Whether you need to send luggage ahead or find an answer to “how to send my suitcase and send my bags,” Nannybag local home luggage transportation service provides a convenient and reliable option. In this article, we'll explore in detail how to send luggage to another country and how to use the Nannybag transport service to send your luggage worldwide when you need it with complete peace of mind.


How is your luggage handled?

One of the things that sets Nannybag apart from other services is that we take care of all your luggage. Whether you need to transport a single duffel bag or several suitcases from France to another country, Nannybag is a top luggage delivery company that lets you send your luggage wherever you want, to whatever location suits you best.

The process is simple and takes a few minutes: go to the Nannybag website and indicate the route you'd like your luggage transported. You then choose the mode of transport that suits you best, as well as the drop-off point and pick-up address for your luggage.



Once you've made your reservation, you have 30 days to drop off your luggage at the location of your choice. This lets you modify how your luggage is transported during a program change. Once your luggage has been delivered, you can leave with your hands free and track your shipment in real time with a Chronopost tracking number. Your luggage will be waiting for you at the address you chose when booking.

If you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to look at the FAQ, the Nannybag guides, and the pages dedicated to baggage transport. You'll find all the information you need on luggage transport.


Practical and easy shipping

Once you've chosen the service that's right for you, Nannybag takes care of the rest. It's the best way to send your luggage simply and securely, whether in Europe or France—no need to worry about the high baggage fees charged by airlines— it’s the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally. You can now have your belongings transported hassle-free and with complete assurance.


How is your luggage protected?

Whether you want to send a fragile suitcase or a bulky package, this luggage delivery service ensures optimum protection every step of the way. Nannybag provides secure transport for your luggage and covers it for up to €XXX in the event of theft, loss or breakage, as well as packaging and protection.


Express and reliable delivery

One of Nannybag's major advantages is our commitment to fast and reliable service. We understand the importance of getting your luggage back on time, whether for an urgent business trip, a move, or a well-deserved vacation. With Nannybag, you can have your luggage delivered to the address of your choice, be it your hotel, a friend's home, or a specific collection point.


Nannybag - Comment utiliser le service de transport Nannybag ?


A flexible service tailored to your needs

Nannybag offers total flexibility to its users: you decide when and where your luggage is shipped. Your shipment can be dropped off at the most convenient point, and you can have it delivered to the point or address of your choice at the time of booking.

Whether you need to transport travel bags for a last-minute getaway or planning to move abroad, this luggage transport service meets all your needs.

More than just a luggage transport service, Nannybag is a complete and reliable solution for all your luggage shipping and delivery needs. It is ideal for family trips, students, business travelers, digital nomads, backpackers, and movers. Send your luggage, and Nannybag takes care of the rest!

In addition to an extensive collaborative network of luggage lockers, Nannybag safely delivers your luggage to over 100,000 locations across Europe.

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