Guides How to organize a stress-free move abroad

How to organize a stress-free move abroad


Moving abroad can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful one. To make this adventure as pleasant as possible, good organization is essential. This guide provides some practical advice on organizing your stress-free move abroad, whether you choose to move on your own or with professional help. Furthermore, let us introduce you to Nannybag's new luggage transport service. This service ensures that your luggage is transported with ease so that you can travel light and with peace of mind without needing the services of a removal company or furniture repository.


Choose your destination and set the date for your move abroad

The first step in your move abroad is to select your destination country and set a specific date. This decision will enable you to plan methodically and begin to organize all the necessary administrative formalities serenely. Find out about immigration conditions, customs procedures, and visa requirements for your destination. Make sure you also check current health conditions and any travel restrictions. Setting a date well in advance will also enable you to benefit from advantageous transport and temporary accommodation rates, should you need it.


What are the practical formalities involved in moving abroad?

Paperwork is an essential step when planning a move abroad. It's imperative to find out about the specific procedures in your destination country to avoid unforeseen complications. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Residence permit: Depending on the country, you may need a residence permit. Check the conditions for obtaining one, and start the process as soon as possible.

Change of address: Notify the relevant authorities of your change of address, including your tax office and social security office.

Bank accounts: Find out about the formalities for opening a bank account in your new country or transferring your current accounts.

Schools: If you have children, enroll them in a school before you leave.

Driver's license: Check whether your driver's license is valid in your destination country or whether you need to obtain a new one.

Home insurance: Wherever you're moving to, remember to take out a home insurance policy that's valid from the first day you move in, both to ensure you're legal and to make moving in stress-free.


Draw up a budget for your move abroad

Moving overseas can quickly become expensive, especially if you're planning to use an international moving company. That's why it's crucial to draw up a detailed budget. Consider transportation costs, insurance, administrative fees, and expenses related to settling into your new country (rent, furniture, subscriptions, etc.). Don't forget to include a margin for the unexpected. Nannybag's luggage transport service can help you control your moving expenses. By ensuring the safe transport of your luggage, our service helps you avoid the extra costs associated with excess baggage on flights and saves you the stress of dealing with bulky luggage during your trip.


Organize by sorting through your belongings

Proper planning starts with carefully sorting out your belongings. Separate what you want to take with you, what you no longer need, and what you could give away or sell. Adopt the three-pile rule: what to take with you, what to sell/donate, what to throw away. This will allow you to focus on the essentials and lighten the load of your move. For items you're taking with you, think about the transportation logistics.


Nannybag - How to organize a stress-free move abroad


Packing and moving options

Packing is one of the most important aspects of your move. Use sturdy moving boxes and appropriate protective materials to prevent damage. Label each box with its contents and destination room to make unpacking easier once you arrive. When it comes to transportation, there are several options: hire a company for a move abroad with professional movers, rent a container or truck, or use services such as Nannybag luggage transport. The latter allows you to travel light while ensuring your suitcases arrive safely.


Avoid peak season for your move

Choosing the right time of year for your move can considerably impact the cost and ease of moving. If possible, avoid the high season (generally summer and school holiday periods) when transport prices and removal services are higher and availability is more limited. Opt for a less busy period to benefit from more competitive rates and greater flexibility in choosing dates and services.


Moving in, at last!

Moving in is the final stage once you've arrived in your new country. Arrange to unpack your belongings gradually, starting with the essentials. Take the time to get to know your new home and surroundings. Nannybag's luggage transport service will deliver your luggage and fragile items directly to your new address, saving you the stress of transporting everything yourself. You can then concentrate on settling in and discovering your new surroundings with complete peace of mind. With the right preparation and the right tools, your move abroad can be stress-free.

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