Guides London What Are the Cheapest Options in London to Store My Luggage?

What Are the Cheapest Options in London to Store My Luggage?

City Guide September 20, 2023


Ah, London! A city where double-decker buses, Big Ben, and afternoon tea reign supreme. However, as charming as it is, London has a reputation for being a tad heavy on the wallet. So, when you're exploring this magnificent metropolis, it's only natural to want to find ways to save a few quid. And what's one of the easiest ways to do that? You guessed it – by finding affordable ways to store your luggage in London!

In this guide, we'll take a light-hearted look at some of the cheapest ways to store luggage in London, ensuring you can explore the city's wonders without the burden of heavy bags. If you’re wondering, "How can I store my luggage in London for a few hours or a whole day?" we've got you covered. We aim to help you navigate the London luggage storage world without denting your travel budget.

Are you exploring the vibrant streets of London and seeking a hassle-free solution for your luggage? Look no further than Nannybag. For just £6 per bag per day, regardless of size, Nannybag offers a network of London’s best luggage storage spots.

Nannybag's commitment to affordability and convenience is unmatched. Whether you're touring Buckingham Palace, enjoying the arts at the Tate Modern, or navigating Central London's bustling streets, Nannybag has you covered.

So, join us on this quest to uncover cost-effective London luggage storage solutions as we tell you how to store luggage in London. After all, in a city where every penny counts, saving on luggage storage means you'll have more to spend on fish and chips, West End shows, or maybe even a cheeky cuppa with the Queen (well, maybe not that last one). Let's dive into the art of smart spending in the dazzling city of London!


Luggage Storage Locations

Exploring a new city should be a liberating experience, unburdened by the weight of your luggage. That's why there’s open luggage storage and left luggage office locations in prime spots all over London, ensuring your travels remain carefree and enjoyable— and best of all, budget-friendly.

With a network of convenient storage spots, you can confidently leave your bags behind while exploring your destination's wonders. Left luggage offices provide secure and hassle-free storage solutions, making your journey as smooth as possible.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of dragging your bags around. Embrace the freedom to explore, knowing your belongings are safely stored at open luggage storage locations. Your adventure starts here!


Cheap Luggage Storage Near Buckingham Palace

Planning your royal visit to Buckingham Palace? The area around the palace is very well guarded, and any bags left unattended could be subject to some issues. Leave the luggage in one of the storage locations around and embrace comfort and convenience. You’ll find that much of the left luggage storage will be limited, and its prices will fluctuate.

Nannybag's affordable luggage storage facilities are just a stone's throw away, ensuring your Buckingham Palace experience is both regal and unburdened— and for only £6 per bag per day.


Cheap Luggage Storage Near Central London

Exploring the heart of London is a must, and Nannybag ensures you do so efficiently. Discover budget-friendly luggage storage options in central London, liberating you from the weight of your belongings as you navigate this vibrant city.

Let’s face it, visiting Central London involves a lot of walking through different types of pavements— store your bags for a fun walk around the city. With Nannybag, you can expect to pay £6 per bag per day, regardless of size, and with no hidden fees. Book online, drop off, and enjoy your visit.



Cheap Luggage Storage Near London City Airport

Arriving or departing from London City Airport? Airports have left luggage services. For about 10 quid, you can use the luggage lockers. But we have a cheaper alternative for you— one available 24 hours.

Rest easy, for Nannybag provides budget-friendly luggage storage solutions near the airport. Maximize your time in the city or depart without hassle, all without worrying about your luggage.


Cheap Luggage Storage Near Tate Modern

Immerse yourself in art and culture at the Tate Modern without being bogged down by bags. Many museums don’t allow large bags, so don’t let your stop you from enjoying some world-class art. You might be able to find a storage facility in the museum, but it will be limited to storing small bags and water bottles.

Explore economical luggage storage options near this iconic museum, ensuring your visit is a masterpiece of convenience with Nannybag.


Cheap Luggage Storage Near Victoria Coach Station

A bustling traveler's hub, Victoria Coach Train Station can be navigated effortlessly with Nannybag. If you're in transit, discover nearby and economical luggage storage solutions. Enjoy the freedom to explore without the baggage, as size doesn't matter to us, and our prices are always the same, regardless of your luggage's dimensions. Plus, with availability 24/7, we're here to meet all your expectations, all while being 2x cheaper than any train station.


Cheap Luggage Storage Near London Heathrow Airport

Traveling through London Heathrow Airport and seeking budget-friendly luggage storage? Look no further. You can find left luggage with Nannybag. We offer an unbeatable solution for your luggage needs right at the airport.

Size doesn't matter to us; our prices are always the same, regardless of your luggage's dimensions. Plus, with availability 24/7, we're here to meet all your expectations. Don't burden your journey with heavy bags; choose Nannybag and travel easily.


Cheap Luggage Storage Near Airports

Many airports offer services for left luggage in London through Excess Baggage Company. While the Excess Baggage Company offers a range of services, including Left Luggage, Secure and hygienic Bag Wrap, and Baggage Shipping, Nannybag is here to provide similar services at a more budget-friendly price point.

Like the Excess Baggage Company, Nannybag offers secure and convenient luggage storage options, including luggage lockers and bag storage services. The key difference? Nannybag is often more affordable, with fixed pricing that doesn't discriminate based on the size of your luggage.

Whether you pre-book online or walk in-store, Nannybag provides the flexibility and convenience you need. Plus, our network spans over 70 Airport and Rail station stores worldwide, making finding a Nannybag location near you easier than ever.



Cheap Luggage Storage Near Kings Cross Station

When passing through Kings Cross Station and needing economical luggage storage solutions, look no further than Nannybag. Our luggage storage services, also known as left luggage facilities, provide the ideal solution for travelers.

As you head out and explore the surrounding areas of Kings Cross Station, you’ll find many signs indicating left luggage facilities. Still, many of these have fluctuating prices and require a lengthy process involving scanning ID’s.

With Nannybag, you can safely store your bags in our secure luggage lockers, ensuring a hassle-free journey with the booking done online. Say goodbye to the burden of carrying your bags and enjoy the convenience of our bag storage services. We're here to make your travels more comfortable and convenient.

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