Guides London London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide

London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide

Visitor Guide September 20, 2023


Located right in the city's heart, Victoria Station is a railway station and an underground bus interchange. It's the perfect gateway to explore London and beyond. With its iconic architecture and bustling atmosphere, you'll be surrounded by commuters, tourists, and locals.

From here, you can easily hop on a train, catch the tube, or hop on a bus to take you to all corners of London and beyond! If you’re visiting the city, it’s almost certain that you’ll pass through Victoria at some stage.

So, why not check out our guide, covering all sorts of things from practical information, things to do nearby, storing luggage, and some fun lesser-known facts!


When is Victoria Station open?

Opening hours & Accessibility: London Victoria is open from 4:00 until 00:45 every day, but there are three-night trains, at 01:10, 02:10, and 03:10 every Friday and Saturday night, for which the station opens fifteen minutes before. The ticket office, meanwhile, is open from 6:00 until 22:00 every day.

This ticket office is located on the main concourse, near the entrance. Self-service ticket machines are also available for purchasing and collecting pre-booked tickets around the station.

The station is wheelchair accessible. Step-free access routes throughout the station include lifts (elevators) and ramps. You’ll also find accessible toilets and assistance for passengers with disabilities - ask a staff member on arrival.


Transport in Victoria Station

Trains departing from London Victoria Station serve various locations within southern England and beyond. Some common destinations include Gatwick Airport, Brighton, Eastbourne, Dover, Canterbury, and Ashford International.

A London Underground station is also directly linked to the main train station, which serves the Victoria Line, Circle Line, and District Line.

As a central transport hub in the city center, there are plenty of buses that stop at or near Victoria, including the 2, 3, 6, 11, 13, 24, 26, 36, 38, 44, 52, 148, 170, 185, 211, 390, C1, C10, N2, N11, N26, N32, N38, N44, N73, and N136 buses. There’s also a coach station nearby.


Services and Facilities in Victoria Station

You might need all the facilities and services, whether you’re travel-weary after just getting off a train or waiting a while to hop on one. The station houses various shops, including convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, and fast-food outlets.

You can find a full list of shops, restaurants, and cafés here. There are public toilets found throughout the station, including accessible facilities, as well as several ATMs if you want to take some cash out.

You’ll find free Wi-Fi, ideal if you have an hour or two to kill before a train. There’s also the Excess Baggage Company, which operates a left luggage service (as well as lost and found), but we will discuss luggage storage later.


15 Things to Do Near Victoria Station

Have you just arrived at the station and want to get stuck into some activities immediately? Or, you have a few hours until your train out of London and want to do something exciting and fun while you wait. Here are fifteen ideas for things to do to pass the time near Victoria Station.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


1. Explore the Victoria and Albert Museum

Immerse yourself in art, design, and culture at this world-renowned museum. Admire a vast collection of historical artifacts, fashion, sculptures, and innovative exhibitions.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


2. Discover the Churchill War Rooms

Step back in time and explore the underground bunker where Winston Churchill and his government operated during World War II. Gain insights into the war's impact on Britain.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


3. Explore Westminster Abbey

Marvel at the magnificent Gothic architecture and historical significance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where royal weddings and coronations have occurred for almost 1,000 years.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


4. Enjoy art at Tate Britain

Immerse yourself in British art history at this renowned gallery. Admire an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and art from various periods and styles, including works by Turner, Bacon, and Hockney.



5. Wander through the picturesque streets of Belgravia

Lose yourself in the elegance of this upscale neighborhood characterized by its beautiful Georgian architecture, charming mews, boutique shops, and delightful cafes. This is a real taste of the glamorous side of London!


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


6. Check out the Victoria Place Shopping Centre

Conveniently located near the station, this shopping center offers a variety of shops, from fashion to electronics, along with some good food options to satisfy your cravings.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


7. Watch a show at Victoria Palace Theatre

Located just across the road from Victoria Station, you can immerse yourself in the magic of live performances and musicals at this historic theater, known for hosting popular productions in its stunning setting. See what’s on here.


Nannybag - London Victoria Station: The Ultimate Visitor Guide


8. Visit Buckingham Palace

If you haven’t already, checking out Buckingham Palace is great near Victoria Station. One of London’s most popular tourist attractions, this imposing palace is the home of the Royal Family. You can witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony every day at 11 am or admire the grandeur of the palace's architecture and surrounding gardens.



9. Visit the Royal Mews

While at Buckingham Palace, why not check out the Royal Mews? Here, you’ll discover the royal collection of historic coaches and carriages at the Palace’s stables and gain insights into the royal family's transportation traditions and ceremonies.



10. Explore the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a stunning Victorian building filled with specimens from the natural world through the ages. From dinosaurs to gemstones, it offers an awe-inspiring experience. Don't miss the iconic blue whale skeleton - and, best of all, the free admission!



11. Relax in Green Park

Find solace in this peaceful green oasis, perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, or unwinding amidst nature. This is the smallest of London’s Royal Parks, but you can still have peace and relaxation in the serene atmosphere away from the bustling city streets.



12. Shop at Cardinal Place

Explore a modern shopping destination near Victoria Station, featuring an array of high-street brands, boutique shops, and dining options, providing a new, glamorous retail experience.



13. Experience the Apollo Victoria Theatre

Treat yourself to a captivating musical at this remarkable venue, most famous for its long-running "Wicked” production and iconic stand-up comedy performances “Live at the Apollo.”



14. See Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Another “must-see” on most London visitors’ bucket lists is visiting the Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the UK government in a grand Gothic building. You can take a tour, and of course, you won’t miss the iconic Big Ben clock tower, a true symbol of London.



15. Take a stroll in St. James's Park

Another pretty park nearby is St. James’s Park, with a serene atmosphere, a beautiful lake, and great plant life. Enjoy views of Buckingham Palace and the Horse Guards Parade, or have a picnic on a sunny day with some friends!



Where to store luggage near Victoria Station?

We briefly mentioned it when discussing the facilities and services available at Victoria Station. Still, a luggage storage service at the station can be hugely important and helpful for travelers with bags. The Excess Baggage Company oversees this dedicated storage service. They offer safe storage for all sizes of bags and durations.

You can find this facility between platforms 7 and 8, but keep in mind that it’s a relatively expensive option, ranging from £7.50 for a maximum of 3 hours, £15 per bag for 24 hours, and £30.00 for a maximum of 72 hours. So, while the location is super handy, you will be overpaying somewhat.

For a cheaper option, why not use an online luggage storage service? These apps and websites connect you to nearby shops, bars, etc., with luggage storage spaces partnered with the service. Check out where’s nearby after you enter your location (in this case, Victoria Station) and travel hands-free! Radical Storage and Stasher are two of these services, and both charge around £5 per bag per day to store.

However, these prices may vary depending on where you want to store your luggage. Bounce offers similar rates as well. It's important to note that these services also have additional fees for insurance coverage or a service charge, which can add around £2 to your total during checkout. Another option is LuggageHero.

They offer daily and hourly rates, which can be handy for short-term storage during sightseeing. Again, the prices are quite high, especially considering their service and insurance charges.

Of all of them, consider Nannybag luggage storage in London. They provide a straightforward rate of €6 per item per day, without any hidden costs to concern yourself with. Moreover, with Nannybag, you'll also benefit from up to €1000 in financial protection if something happens to a bag offering valuable peace of mind.

The reservation process is straightforward, and all their partner locations are verified and secure. Travelers have given Nannybag outstanding feedback, so you can trust that you'll be well cared for.


Little-known facts about Victoria Station (just enough to brag about while you’re there!)

There are some fascinating little things to learn about Victoria Station that many people don’t know about. Did you know it was initially named "Grosvenor Terminus" after the nearby Grosvenor Canal?

Also, most people think the station is named after Queen Victoria, but it is named after Victoria Street. Beneath the station lies the Victoria Line Control Room, a hidden underground facility that oversees the operation of the Victoria Line.

Because it was initially built to serve two separate lines, the Brighton and Chatham Main Lines, in the early 19th century, the station has retained a feel of being split down the middle.

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