Guides London Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

City Guide June 12, 2023

London has so much to offer, from its gastronomy to its culture. But it also offers something that is priceless, and that is its location. It's the perfect city to explore but also to get away from, and we mean that in the sweetest way.

And sometimes the best destinations are too close to see. Luckily we’ve got you covered with a series of guides about day trips from London.

This series will take you to little towns around London, from countryside escapes to historic towns. You'll even venture into the wild or fun side of England.

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Nannybag - Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

Cambridge University



To start off this list, we have the one and only Cambridge. Located in East Anglia and was founded in 1209 by students that fled Oxford. This city has given us some of the most groundbreaking innovations in history! This includes game-changers like AI and IVF.

The charming city is a great destination for travel and science alike. Get ready to walk in the footsteps of great minds like Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

Here are some must-do things and must-see sights in Cambridge:

Corpus Clock

A mind-blowing timepiece that will make you lose track of time. With its mythical creature and the "chronophage" devouring the seconds, this clock is unlike anything you've ever seen.

Take a look at the inscription “mundus transit et concupiscentia eius’. It means 'the world and its desires pass away'. Now I dare you to refrain from an existential crisis.

The Bridge of Sighs

This beautiful covered bridge connects two parts of St John's College. It offers a picture-perfect scene that will have you reaching for your camera in no time. The bridge is a reference to the famous enclosed bridge that connects the ducal palace to the prison in Venice, Italy.

Great St. Mary’s Church

The official church of the University of Cambridge. Climb the tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the city and soak in the rich history of this magnificent church.

River Cam

Sit back, relax, and let a skilled punter (not to be confused with American football) guide you through the scenic waterway! Pass by stunning college backdrops and charming bridges.

Botanical Garden

Indulge your senses in the tranquility of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Take a stroll through the beautiful landscapes, explore diverse plant collections, and let nature's beauty wash over you.


Immerse yourself in knowledge and culture by exploring Cambridge's impressive array of museums. The world-class Fitzwilliam Museum houses a stunning collection of art and antiquities. And the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences has something to charm every curious mind.

Cambridge University

These are just a taste of the incredible experiences awaiting you in Cambridge. Whether you'd rather marvel at ingenious timepieces or historic landmarks, Cambridge provides experiences that will leave you in awe. So, come and bask in this extraordinary city's intellectual legacy and charm for a little day trip escape.

Easiest way to get there: Train from London King's Cross Station (approx. 1 hour)

Ideal moment to visit: Spring (April to June) or Autumn (September to November) for pleasant weather and fewer tourists


Known for its religious pilgrimages in the past, Canterbury is a must-day trip for those who yearn for history. Not to be confused with Cadbury.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has it all: history, architecture, and culinary traditions. If you’re ready for cathedrals, Roman ruins, and an incredible afternoon tea, then Canterbury is the place for you. When we think about exploring towns from London, this is what we have in mind.

Here are some must-do things and must-see sights in Canterbury:

The Goods Shed

A vibrant farmers' market and food hall will delight your senses. Indulge in fresh produce, artisanal goods, and delicious treats.

Old Weaver’s House

A captivating medieval timber-framed house. Explore its history and architecture, and get a glimpse into the lives of the weavers who once called this place home.

The Ducking Stool

A relic from Canterbury's history. Learn about the practice of ducking, a punishment for scolds and gossipers, and appreciate the significance of this historical artifact

Canterbury Cathedral

No visit to Canterbury is complete without exploring the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral. Marvel at its Gothic architecture, wander through its sacred halls and soak in the spiritual ambiance of this iconic place.

Shop in a Crooked House

These quaint and wonky buildings house unique shops and boutiques, offering a delightful shopping experience. Shop for souvenirs to take home to your friends or keep for yourself.


Embark on a peaceful punting excursion along the River Stour. Drift along the serene waters, admire the picturesque scenery, and take in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Westgate Gardens

a beautiful riverside park offering lush green spaces, colorful flower beds, and idyllic picnic spots. Take a leisurely stroll or bring a book and soak up some rays.

King’s Mile

A charming street lined with independent shops, cafes, and historic buildings. Discover unique treasures, indulge in delicious food and drink, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this vibrant quarter.

Butchery Lane

Another delightful pedestrian street that exudes medieval charm!

Beany House of Art and Knowledge

Immerse yourself in art and knowledge at the Beany House of Art and Knowledge. This contemporary art gallery and museum hosts diverse exhibitions and events, inviting you to delve into the vibrant cultural scene.

Easiest way to get there: Train from London St Pancras International Station (approx. 1 hour)

Ideal moment to visit: Spring (March to May) or Autumn (September to November) for milder temperatures and fewer crowds


Nannybag - Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns




As its name suggests, this city takes inspiration from the Roman baths that have existed here since ancient times. Bath has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. Nowadays, it continues to enchant visitors with its focus on well-being and overall health.

Bath rose to fame as the only natural thermal hot spring in the U.K.

In addition to the thermal baths, the city is home to many galleries and museums. This one could possibly be one of the best day trips from London.

Here are some must-do things and must-see sights in Bath:

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are one of those places where you won't run out of things to do. Explore the preserved ruins, walk along the original Roman pavements, and learn about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bath Abbey

A stunning medieval church with magnificent architecture and rich history. Take a guided tour to discover the secrets of this iconic landmark.

Climb the tower all the way to the top! From up there, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of the city. You can even attend a choir performance to experience the abbey's beautiful acoustics.

Famous bath buns at Sally Lunn’s Eating House

Treat your taste buds to these delicious buns, which have been enjoyed for over 300 years.

The Jane Austen Centre

Delve into the life and works of one of England's most beloved authors. Explore the exhibition dedicated to Austen's time in Bath, or dress up in Regency-era attire for a truly immersive experience!

Bridgerton tour

Step into the Featherington residence! Relive the romance at the Modiste's dress shop, and uncover the secrets of the Duke of Hastings' stunning residence.


Nannybag - Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

Roman Baths


Discover the allure of this remarkable city as you immerse yourself in its ancient history. Its thermal waters and cultural experiences should amaze you too. Bath invites you to unwind, indulge, and embark on a journey of well-being and cultural enrichment.

Easiest way to get there: Train from London Paddington Station (approx. 1.5 hours)

Ideal moment to visit: Spring (March to May) or Autumn (September to November) for mild weather and beautiful landscapes


This town is notorious for the Norman Conquest of 1066, which changed the world as we know it. It is now calmer but still full of history. It’s a great day trip from London for those looking to combine the ocean and a lesson about the past. In Hastings, you’ll find vintage shops, an old pirate town, and some impressive art deco architecture.

Here are some must-do things and must-see sights in Hastings:

Hastings Pier

Step onto Hastings Pier, a beloved landmark that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pier and take in the breathtaking views of the sea. The pier is a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike.

Hasting’s Contemporary

Fill up your culture bucket on this day trip as you experience the thriving contemporary art scene at Hastings Contemporary. There, you'll find thought-provoking exhibitions showcasing the works of renowned artists.

Old Roar Gill

A picturesque wooded area that offers peaceful walks and a sense of tranquility. What more can you ask for as you escape the hustle and bustle?

Hastings Castle

This magnificent fortress provides historical guided tours and is perfect for a first-hand immersion. Explore the ruins at your own pace, and learn more about the conquest and battles that unfolded within these ancient walls.

Coffee & Vintage Shops

Caffeine and retail therapy, the definition of self-care. Hastings boasts a delightful array of coffee shops and vintage stores. Indulge in a cup of freshly brewed coffee while browsing through unique and eclectic treasures. While you're there, why not score vintage clothing, antique furniture, and retro collectibles?

East Cliff Railway

An iconic and very steep funicular that transports you to stunning views overlooking the town and the sea. Enjoy the nostalgic ride and capture memorable photos for the mems or for the gram of the picturesque coastal landscape.


Nannybag - Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

East Cliff Railway


Hastings invites you to embark on a journey through time. Immerse yourself in its intriguing history, discover hidden gems, and embrace the laid-back coastal atmosphere. Are you more interested in history, contemporary art, or simply seeking a mix of seaside relaxation and cultural exploration? Hastings offers a memorable day trip experience regardless.

Easiest way to get there: Train from London Charing Cross Station (approx. 1.5 hours)

Ideal moment to visit: Summer months (June to August) for pleasant weather and the Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival (September)


Oxford, located to the east of the Cotswolds, is grounded on being one of the best cities catering to university excellence. While Oxford might seem similar to Cambridge, the cities have their differences. Oxford is larger and much more traditional than Oxford.

There are many reasons to visit the city, from having some of the best museums to the oldest pubs around. Book one of the free student-led Footprint Tours during your day trip to Oxford. You'll learn its history and find out cool facts like where Harry Potter was filmed. Oxford has been brilliantly done to combine modernity with the feel of an old English town.

Here are some must-do things and must-see sights in Oxford:

Visit Ashmolean Museum

Visit the Ashmolean Museum, one of the world's oldest and most celebrated museums. Its vast collection of art and antiquities spans centuries of human creativity and offers a fascinating glimpse into various civilizations.

University of Oxford

Immerse yourself in the scholarly atmosphere as you explore the renowned University of Oxford. This is the home to both historic colleges and cool architecture. Stroll through the hallowed halls, wander through the manicured courtyards, and absorb the intellectual energy permeating this prestigious institution. So pull out your pocket-sized Oxford dictionary, learn some synonyms, and dazzle current students with your extensive, scholarly lingo.


Nannybag - Day Trips from London: Exploring the Historical Towns

Oxford University


Baroque Country Pile Blenheim Palace

Did you know that Blenheim Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill? We recommend taking a guided tour to learn more about its rich history in detail.

River Tour

Drift along the tranquil waters of the River Thames while admiring the city's picturesque landscapes. You'll witness iconic landmarks while enjoying fascinating tales of Oxford's past.

Oxford Artisan Distillery

Learn about the art of distillation and the secrets behind producing their award-winning spirits. You'll also taste the finest handcrafted gin and vodka. Needless to say that you should make sure to eat beforehand!

The Great Hall

Step into the Great Hall at one of Oxford's historic colleges. Be transported back in time as you admire the dining hall's grandeur. It inspired the iconic Hogwarts Great Hall in the Harry Potter series. Many universities claim their dining halls inspired the series, but this one is the true OG.

Oxford University

Oxford invites you to immerse yourself in its captivating blend of academics, history, and magical allure. Are you more of a dedicated Potterhead, an admirer of architecture, or simply curious to explore a city where knowledge thrives? Oxford promises a memorable day trip that will leave you enchanted and inspired.

Easiest way to get there: Train from London Paddington Station (approx. 1 hour)

Ideal moment to visit: Spring (March to May) or Autumn (September to October) for pleasant weather and fewer tourists

When thinking about Great Britain, Shakespeare, Stonehenge and Brighton quickly come to mind. But did you know Britain has one of the most impressive coastline in Europe? Unfold centuries of history as you visit its countryside and villages, as well as natural wonders such as Cotswolds. From Windsor to Brighton and many more along the way, London’s surroundings will surpass your expectations.



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