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How to Book Safe and Convenient Luggage Storage in Budapest

City Guide September 7, 2023


When you're exploring the stunning streets of Budapest, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by your bags. That's where Nannybag, your go-to luggage storage network, comes into play. Offering cheap and safe luggage storage in Budapest, Nannybag ensures a hassle-free experience during your visit. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to book Budapest luggage storage with Nannybag bag storage for day-long luggage storage in amazing Budapest because luggage in Budapest should be good for your plans.


Luggage Storage in Budapest: Why You Need It

Embarking on a journey through the mesmerizing streets of Budapest is undoubtedly a captivating experience. However, the enchantment of this city is exponentially enhanced when the weight of your bags unburdens you. Let’s face it, exploring hidden gems or taking guided tours with bags isn’t ideal. It's the freedom that allows travelers to fully immerse themselves in the charm of Budapest's streets, squares, and hidden corners, whether in Buda or Pest. In this historic European destination, the liberty to explore unencumbered is a true gift. Just think about having to carry your bags on the public transportation, now there’s no need!

Whether your stay in Budapest spans a single day or extends into a leisurely week of exploration, Nannybag's luggage storage facilities in Budapest emerge as the ideal solution to elevate your travel experience. These strategically located storage facilities offer a secure and convenient repository for your belongings and open up a world of opportunities to traverse the city unencumbered.

Imagine strolling along the iconic Chain Bridge, pausing to admire the Parliament Building's grandeur, or savoring a coffee at a quaint café in the historic Jewish Quarter. Now, picture yourself doing all this without worrying about your left luggage. Nannybag provides you with the freedom to explore these remarkable attractions with ease.

You might need luggage storage for several reasons:

Early Arrival or Late Departure

If you arrive at your destination early in the morning but can't check in to your accommodation until later in the day, or if you have a late flight but need to check out of your accommodation in the morning, you might need to store your luggage.

Transit Stops If you have a long layover during a journey and want to explore the city or nearby attractions, it's more convenient to store your luggage than to drag it around.

Day Trips

If you're planning a day trip from your current location and don't want to carry all your luggage with you, you can leave it in storage and pick it up later.

Attending Events or Conferences

If you're attending an event or conference and need to check out of your accommodation but want to explore the city before heading to the event, you might need luggage storage.

Exploring on Your Last Day

On the day you check out, if you want to do some last-minute sightseeing or shopping without lugging your bags around, storing them can make your day more enjoyable.

Hotel Check-Out, but Flight Later

If you're checking out of your hotel but have several hours before your flight, you might want to store your luggage and enjoy your last moments in the city.

Visiting Attractions

Some attractions or museums may not allow large bags inside. In such cases, it's convenient to store your luggage nearby.


If you've gone shopping and have accumulated more bags than you can comfortably carry, you might want to drop them off at a luggage storage facility

So, whether you're planning a day-long adventure or an extended visit to Budapest, consider the invaluable convenience and peace of mind that Nannybag's luggage storage facilities offer. With Nannybag, your left luggage becomes an afterthought, allowing you to fully savor the magic of Budapest's streets and the stories hidden within its captivating corners.


Finding the Perfect Luggage Storage Spot in Budapest

Now that you’ve realized how useful luggage storage is, let’s talk about finding it. Sure, you can fall for the many signs around stations, but they’re usually overpriced and can be untrustworthy. With Nannybag, you’re assured a safe experience for only 6 euros per bag, per day.

Discovering luggage storage in Budapest is a breeze with Nannybag— they are among the luggage storage apps and have an extensive network of sites, from Budapest to New York City! Nannybag's user-friendly website and app make locating the perfect storage facility for your needs easy. Here's how:


Download the Nannybag App

Start by downloading the Nannybag app or visiting their website— but we recommend the app, which is your gateway to convenient luggage storage. The app is free and easy to use with its user-friendly interface. The app is free to download and will serve as your travel companion for Budapest and any other location after that.


Use the Search Bar

Sounds self-explanatory, yes. But seriously use the search bar. Nannybag's extensive network ensures you'll find a storage facility near your chosen spot. Enter your desired location in Budapest using the search bar, whether it’s your current location or where you plan to hang out in, Nannybag has luggage storage spots all over the top spots in Budapest.


Browse the Locations

You want to make sure it’s the right location for you. Review the list of available storage facilities in Budapest. Each location is carefully selected to provide safe storage for your bags. Make sure to check the opening and closing hours to see what suits you. Now we’re going to tell you how to book the Nanny. Don’t worry it’s just as simple as browsing!



Booking Budapest Luggage Storage Online with Nannybag

Now that you’ve browsed and found a spot, it’s time to book. Booking luggage storage in Budapest with Nannybag is a straightforward process, offering a range of benefits to enhance your travel experience:

Step 1: Select Your Location in Budapest

Once you've found a suitable location in Budapest, click on it to double-check the details about the storage facility. This will include information on the facility's address, opening hours, and specific instructions for drop-off and pick-up. Some locations might close earlier than you plan to pick up your bags, so just make sure it fits your itinerary.

Step 2: Book Online

With your storage choice made, proceed to book your storage space online. You'll need to provide information such as the date and time you plan to drop off your luggage and the expected pick-up time. The rate is still a flat rate of 6 euros but this is to make sure everyone is on the same page!

Step 3: Confirm Your Booking

Before confirming your booking, review the details carefully. Double-check the location, dates, and storage options to ensure everything aligns with your plans. Once you're satisfied, confirm your reservation.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Freedom

Once you book online and have your luggage safely stored, you can explore Budapest unencumbered. Take in this fantastic city's stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture without the weight of your bags holding you back.

And if you think: “I need to cancel my booking,” know you can do that too! Nannybag makes it easy for you to change your mind.


Picking up your Bags

Nannybag is more than just a luggage storage network; it's your travel companion, ensuring your bags are safe and secure while you explore the wonders of Budapest.

We’ve told you how to drop off your bags, well picking them up is just as easy.

Return to the Storage Facility

Return to the storage location at your designated pick-up time. Ask one of the employees for your Nanny!

Present Your Booking

Show your booking confirmation to the staff, who will promptly retrieve your stored luggage. When you dropped off your bag, you received a ticket, make sure to keep that with you. That let’s the employee know that it is your bag and no one else’s. Safety is our priority.

Continue Your Adventure

With your bags back in your possession, you can easily continue your Budapest adventure!



Booking luggage storage in Budapest with Nannybag is the key to unlocking a hassle-free, enriching experience in this captivating city for a daily rate of six euros. With competitive rates, convenient locations, and excellent customer service, Nannybag has all the ingredients for a memorable adventure. So, whether you're discovering Budapest's hidden gems or marveling at its iconic landmarks, Nannybag's cheap and safe luggage storage lets you do it all without worry. Make Nannybag your Budapest luggage storage choice, and savor every moment of your trip.

Say hello to exploring and goodbye to heavy bags!

What if you could enjoy every minute in the city without the burden of your bags?

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  • Included luggage protection of up to €10000 in case of breakage, loss or theft
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