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4.6/5 (7890)

How to book Seville luggage storage with Nannybag?

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Go to the address indicated on your reservation: entrust your luggage to our partner in person.
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Why is Nannybag the best luggage storage in Seville?

As a convenient, affordable, and fully insured service, Nannybag is a platform that connects you with local hotels and stores with extra space to store your luggage. By entrusting your bag or suitcase to Nannybag in Seville, you are choosing:
🌍 Available in +10000 spots around the world.
🕐 Customer service available 24/7
🔒 1000€ luggage protection
📱Quick online booking process with the Nannybag app
↩️ 100% free cancellation: cancel your booking anytime before your arrival and get a full refund.
🎒 +1M users, and over 2M luggage stored with our service

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4.6/5 (7890)
In Paris
Excellent location. Very easy to find in Google maps. Park next to the church to drop luggage. They were very flexible with our reservation timing as we were late. They responded promptly to our message through the nannybag website. Overall great peace of mind knowing luggage was stored safely.
In London
Easy to book. Easy to hand in luggage. Easy to collect luggage. Very convenient.
In London
Simple booking process, bag drop and collection efficient and smooth. Location was directly opposite Lille bus station and open 24hrs. Perfect!

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How to book luggage storage in Seville?
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How much does luggage storage cost in Seville?
Can I drop off several bags at the same spot?
Can I pay on the spot?
How do I cancel my reservation?
Is Nannybag luggage storage in Seville safe?
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Where to leave luggage in Seville?

With Nannybag, storing baggage in Seville is the easiest. Whether you’re planning to explore Seville you’ve probably wondered: where can I stow my suitcases? Have no fear! There are plenty of locker options that can make your life easier. If you need a place to keep your things, look no further. Nannybag takes care of everything. Let us be your luggagehero and book luggage to any of the places below:

Nannybag luggage storage
lockers Seville

Seville Luggage Storage Guide 2024

Many travelers have had the unfortunate experience of being stranded with their luggage, unable to enjoy their day to the full. Being stuck with luggage can happen before check-in or after check-out of a hotel or an apartment rented on Airbnb, but it can also happen in transit between two planes, trains, or carpools. Nannybag provides an affordable and secure solution to logistical problems such as « what to do with your suitcase in a layover? » For just €6 per bag and per day, travelers can access a reliable network of collaborative luggage lockers. They can store their suitcases in the four corners of Seville at our partners’ hotels, restaurants, and boutiques close to Seville.

How do I store luggage in Seville with Nannybag?

Storing luggage with Nannybag is easy and only takes a few seconds: you can book from the website or use the Nannybag App, available on the App Store and Google Play. Enter your location in the search bar, and you’ll have many options to store your luggage near you safely. You’ll quickly find luggage storage points in various key Seville locations. There are different ways to refer to luggage storage depending on the place you’re in. However, they’re all referring to the same luggage storage service. In the UK, for instance, you’ll find mentions of left luggage instead of luggage lockers. If so, no worries; it only means you’ll find a storage spot for your belongings.

Is Nannybag luggage storage safe?

To guarantee a worry-free experience, Nannybag protects travelers’ luggage up to €10,000 against any incidents (loss, theft, or breakage) that may occur during the service. Moreover, our Nannies are certified and carefully selected by our company to guarantee their professionalism and hospitality. Customers can also consult the online ratings for Nannybag and comments given to each Nanny by other travelers.

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Luggage storage and Lockers near Public Transport

Seville public transport is the city’s lifeblood, providing convenient options to explore all parts of the city. Nannybag’s collaborative luggage storage networks have storage points near major transport hubs, ensuring you can move freely without the burden of heavy bags and making your journey even smoother. Pro-tip: check and download the local transport and Nannybag app for a seamless experience in Seville.

Plaza de Armas bus station luggage storage

The Plaza de Armas Bus Station bus station in a historic building that was originally a train station, it currently provides bus services across Spain and Europe. With Nannybag’s Plaza de Armas bus station luggage storage, you can securely store your bags and explore the city as you wait for your bus.

Lockers in Seville and Near major Train Stations

Traveling by train is a beautiful experience; on top of utter convenience, it allows you to discover a different side of Spain. It’s no wonder why most travelers choose to explore this way! Seville Santa Justa Station could be the starting point of your Seville adventure. For a seamless experience, the one thing you want to do is make sure that you won’t get stuck with luggage. Seville luggage storage is just the service you need to avoid that. Whether you need to store luggage before your Airbnb check-in or after a check-out, Nannybag provides secure bag drop locations near the train station and all around Seville for only 4.5 € per day and luggage item. You’re free to book in advance or on the spot, thanks to the Nannybag app.

Seville Santa Justa Station luggage storage

If you’re looking for a place to stash your bags while you travel, Nannybag has you covered with Seville Santa Justa Station luggage storage. Seville Santa Justa Station is the main railway station in Seville, providing high-speed AVE train connections all around Spain.

Luggage storage and Lockers near parks

Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, Seville parks provide tranquil retreats where one can reconnect with nature and unwind. Store suitcase at a nearby luggage storage facility and make the most of your outdoor experience without being weighed down.

Aquopolis Seville luggage storage

Located on the outskirts of the city, Aquopolis Seville is a popular water park with thrilling water slides, wave pools, and relaxation areas. Relax fully by dropping off your large bags at Aquopolis Seville luggage storage by Nannybag.

Luggage storage and Lockers near places and monuments

When in Seville, take advantage of the opportunity to explore as many iconic landmarks and monuments as possible. These places are the best way to capture memorable moments and soak in the essence of a Seville’s identity. Whether you plan everything or improvise on the spot, don’t let luggage keep you from exploring the city. Instead, use a nearby Nannybag storage and book luggage storage Seville for only 4.5 €!

Casa consistorial de Sevilla luggage storage

The Casa Consistorial de Sevilla, known as the Seville City Hall, is an impressive example of Plateresque architecture. The building's construction began in the 16th century and features intricate stone carvings that depict various historical and mythological scenes. Use Nannybag’s Casa consistorial de Sevilla luggage storage to drop your bags off as you get a closer look at the City Hall.

University of Seville luggage storage

Founded in 1505, the University of Seville, is one of Spain’s oldest universities and it’s housed in the former Royal Tobacco Factory– where the famous opera "Carmen" once took place. Store your bags with University of Seville luggage storage to explore the beautiful campus free from your luggage.

Plaza de España luggage storage

Plaza de España in Maria Luisa Park was built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and has been featured in films like "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones." With Plaza de España luggage storage, you’ll be free to explore the plaza, take a boat ride along the canal, or admire the tilework.

Luggage storage and Lockers near Seville airports

Upon arriving in Seville, getting from the airport to your final destination is often a top priority. But if a layover brings you Seville, you’ll likely want to make the most of it. Whether you’re only here for a few hours or more, if you want to store a bag near the airport that you don’t need to bring, make a booking on Nannybag with a partner location nearby and safely stow away your bag until you need it again! Convenient luggage storage Seville airport could save your day and allow you to enjoy your time in Seville hands-free for as long as you need! Get ready to travel differently.

Seville airport luggage storage

San Pablo Airport is the primary airport serving Seville, offering domestic and international flights. The airport’s design features traditional Andalusian architectural elements, including arches and ceramic tiles, giving you a taste of Seville from the moment you land. Have a layover and need to stash your bags? Use Seville airport luggage storage to venture out into the city without any oversized bags.

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