Guides Vienna Indulging in Vienna: Coffee Houses and Desserts You Must Try

Indulging in Vienna: Coffee Houses and Desserts You Must Try

City Guide October 26, 2023



Vienna, a city steeped in tradition and elegance, encapsulates a coffee house culture that is both iconic and indulgent. The Vienna coffee houses are not merely venues to savor some of the best coffee in Vienna; they are charming spaces where history, art, and delightful sweet treats converge. Within the warm, aromatic embrace of these establishments, one can experience a sublime symphony of flavors, from traditional Viennese desserts to innovative offerings like key lime pie.

Each coffee house carries a repository of stories and cultural nuances within its walls. Here, amidst the allure of dessert recipes that range from the classic to the contemporary, the spirit of artists like Gustav Klimt seems to linger, adding an enriching dimension to the coffee house experience.

As you find solace in a cup of meticulously brewed coffee paired with a comforting slice of chocolate chip dessert, you become part of Vienna’s enduring tradition of elegance and indulgence, where each moment is woven with the essence of cultural richness and culinary excellence.

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Here’s a guide to the charming Viennese coffee houses and the delectable desserts that are a hallmark of the city’s culinary landscape.


Historic Coffee Houses

Café Central

A quintessential experience of Viennese coffee house culture, Café Central has been a hub of intellectual and culinary indulgence since the late 19th century.


Café Landtmann

Esteemed for its traditional ambiance and historical significance, this coffee house has been a favorite among notable personalities, including Sigmund Freud.


Café Mozart

Nestled near the State Opera House, Café Mozart offers a blend of cultural and culinary delight, making it a cherished spot since the early 20th century.



Indulging in Desserts


A slice of this decadent chocolate cake, adorned with a layer of apricot jam and smooth chocolate icing, is a must-try in Vienna.



This traditional Viennese apple pie, with its tender, flaky pastry encasing a sweet apple filling and whipped cream side, epitomizes the essence of Austrian sweet treats.



A delightful scrambled pancake, golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar, Kaiserschmarrn is a comforting dessert, often enjoyed with a dollop of plum compote.


Sipping on Tradition

The ritual of coffee drinking in Vienna extends beyond a mere caffeine fix. It’s about savoring each sip amidst the timeless ambiance of a traditional coffee house, often accompanied by a slice of cake or a pastry. The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the gentle clinking of porcelain, and the leisurely pace of time encapsulate the soul-soothing tradition of Viennese coffee house culture.



Tourist Board Recommendations

The Vienna Tourist Board recommends indulging in the coffee house experience as an integral part of visiting Vienna. A leisurely afternoon spent in the cozy warmth of a café, perhaps Café Sperl or Café Schwarzenberg offers a nostalgic journey back to the city’s intellectual heyday.


Exploring Nearby

Post-indulgence, consider immersing yourself in the vibrant variety and atmospheric delights of Vienna, Austria, in the heart of Europe. A stroll to nearby attractions such as the Naschmarkt offers a colorful tapestry of local flavors and international variety, where the buzz of locals and the essence of European atmosphere seamlessly blend. The proximity of Café Mozart to the Opera House, or the location of Café Landtmann near the Rathaus and Burgtheater, unveils hidden gems of cultural exploration, enriched by a thrifty budget-friendly approach to experiencing the city’s nightlife and its cultural treasures.

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