Guides Valencia Valencia Transport Guide: Metro, Bus, and Ticket Prices

Valencia Transport Guide: Metro, Bus, and Ticket Prices

City Guide February 8, 2024



Navigating through the vibrant city of Valencia is a breeze, thanks to its comprehensive and user-friendly public transport system. Whether you're zipping across town on the metro, hopping on a bus to the beach, or exploring the city center by tram, getting around is simple, efficient, and affordable.

This Valencia Transport Guide is your go-to resource for mastering the city's metro, bus, and tram lines, along with insider tips on ticket prices and the best ways to travel. Let's dive into how you can explore every corner of this beautiful city without a hitch.

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Mastering Valencia's Metro

The Valencia Metro System

The Valencia metro system is a fast and efficient way to get around the city and beyond, including direct routes to Valencia Airport and the City of Arts and Sciences. The network consists of several metro lines that connect the city center with the suburbs and key tourist attractions. Each metro station is equipped with clear maps and ticket machines, making it easy to navigate the system.


Valencia Metro Card

For frequent travelers, the Valencia metro card is a cost-effective option. Available in 24, 48, or 72 hours, it offers unlimited travel across the Valencia metro system and bus and tram lines. The card can be purchased at any major metro station customer service office or online.


How to Pay for Your Metro Ticket

Purchasing a metro ticket is straightforward. You can buy single tickets, return tickets, or the Valencia metro card from ticket machines at any metro station. For added convenience, consider the Móbilis card, a reloadable travel valencia card that can be used across buses, metro, and tram services.



Navigating Valencia by Bus

Valencia's bus network offers an efficient and accessible way to explore every corner of the city, from bustling city streets to serene beaches.


The Bus Service in Valencia

Operated with precision and care, Valencia's buses serve as a lifeline for locals and visitors. The network spans the compact city center and the expansive metropolitan area, ensuring no destination is out of reach. For those looking to soak up the sun on Valencia's famous beaches or explore hidden gems off the beaten path, the bus offers direct and convenient routes not typically serviced by metro or tram.

With buses running frequently and maintaining a reputation for punctuality, you can rely on this mode of transport to navigate the city efficiently. Adding air conditioning in each vehicle is a welcome comfort, particularly during Valencia's hot summer months, making every journey a pleasant experience.


How to Pay for Bus Valencia

Regarding fare payment, Valencia offers flexibility to suit every traveler's needs. You can pay the driver directly with cash, but for those looking for a more streamlined experience, the Móbilis card is a rechargeable option that can be used across the city's public transport network. The Valencia Tourist Card, aimed at visitors, elevates convenience by offering unlimited travel across buses, metro, and tram for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Beyond transportation, this card unlocks many discounts at key tourist attractions, enhancing your sightseeing experience and offering significant savings.


Exploring by Tram

Valencia's tram system, while more limited in its reach than the bus or metro, opens up unique travel opportunities and scenic views of the city.


Valencia's Tram Lines

The tram lines in Valencia are an invitation to explore the city from a different perspective. Ideal for reaching coastal areas and major attractions like the City of Arts and Sciences, the tram routes provide a scenic journey through Valencia's diverse landscapes and architectural beauty. Riding the tram is about reaching your destination and enjoying the journey, with views of the city's outskirts and beaches that are otherwise missed when traveling underground.


Tickets for Tram Travel

For tram travel, tickets can be conveniently purchased at machines at each tram stop, ensuring you can embark on your journey without delay. The interoperability of the Móbilis card and the Valencia Tourist Card with the tram system underscores the city's commitment to seamless, integrated public transportation. These cards simplify the payment process and encourage the exploration of Valencia's extensive network, making them invaluable for both first-time and seasoned travelers.


Nannybag - Valencia Transport Guide: Metro, Bus, and Ticket Prices


Tips for Getting Around

Navigating Valencia's public transport system is easier with the right tools and information at your disposal.


Public Transport in Valencia

The official Valencia transport app is a must-have for any traveler. This digital companion offers real-time updates, detailed route planning, and the locations of bus stops and metro stations, empowering you to move through the city with confidence and ease. Whether planning an intricate day of sightseeing or a spontaneous city adventure, the app ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.


Travel Card Options

Valencia's array of travel card options caters to the diverse needs of its visitors. From short stays to extended explorations, a travel card is designed to offer both convenience and cost savings. The Valencia Tourist Card stands out for its comprehensive benefits, granting unlimited use of public transport and discounted access to the city's wealth of museums, galleries, and attractions. This card is a testament to Valencia's hospitality, inviting visitors to discover the city's cultural treasures and architectural marvels with ease and affordability.


Safety and Comfort

Valencia is known as a safe city for travelers. However, being aware of your surroundings is always important, especially in crowded public transport areas. Keep your belongings close, and don't hesitate to contact transport staff if you need assistance.

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