Guides Toronto FREE Toronto Travel Guide: 15 Tips to Make the Most of It

FREE Toronto Travel Guide: 15 Tips to Make the Most of It

City Guide May 24, 2024



Welcome to Toronto, a bustling metropolis full of vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and endless things to see and do. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this Toronto travel guide will help you make the most of your trip. With a mix of Toronto travel tips and practical advice, you’ll be navigating the city like a local in no time.

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1. Start at Toronto Union Station

Toronto Union Station is not only a central hub for trains but also a landmark worth exploring. The beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture and the bustling atmosphere set the tone for your Toronto adventure. It's an ideal starting point for exploring downtown Toronto, with easy access to many key sights.


2. Visit the CN Tower

No Toronto travel guide is complete without mentioning the CN Tower. This iconic landmark offers breathtaking views of the city and Lake Ontario. For an unforgettable experience, try the EdgeWalk – a thrilling hands-free walk around the tower's outer edge.


3. Explore St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is a food lover’s paradise. With over 120 vendors offering everything from fresh produce to artisanal goods, it's the perfect place to grab a bite and experience Toronto's culinary diversity. Don’t miss the peameal bacon sandwich, a local favorite.


Nannybag - FREE Toronto Travel Guide: 15 Tips to Make the Most of It


4. Discover the Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of North America's largest museums, featuring diverse exhibits ranging from natural history to world cultures. The striking Michael Lee-Chin Crystal entrance alone is worth a visit.


5. Take a Walk in the Distillery District

The Distillery District is a pedestrian-only village filled with charming cobblestone streets, unique boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. It's an excellent spot for an afternoon stroll and perfect for photography enthusiasts.


6. Enjoy Hockey Hall of Fame

For sports fans, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-visit. Located in downtown Toronto, this museum celebrates the history of hockey with exhibits, interactive displays, and memorabilia. It's a fun and educational experience for all ages.


7. Relax at High Park

High Park is Toronto's largest public park, offering beautiful gardens, walking trails, and recreational facilities. In the spring, the cherry blossoms are a major draw, providing a picturesque setting for a relaxing day outdoors.


8. Experience Kensington Market

Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most eclectic neighborhoods, known for its bohemian vibe and diverse shops. Explore vintage stores, quirky cafes, and vibrant street art. It's a great place to soak up the local culture.


9. Shop at Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre is Toronto's premier shopping destination, featuring over 250 stores. Whether you're looking for high-end brands or unique local shops, you'll find it all here. The iconic indoor atrium with its flying geese sculpture is a highlight.


10. Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) houses an impressive collection of over 90,000 works, including pieces by Canadian artists, European masterpieces, and contemporary art. The building itself, redesigned by Frank Gehry, is a work of art.


11. Take a Ferry to the Toronto Islands

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands. These islands offer beautiful beaches, picnic areas, and bike rentals. Centre Island is particularly family-friendly, with an amusement park and petting zoo.


Nannybag - FREE Toronto Travel Guide: 15 Tips to Make the Most of It


12. Explore the Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is home to many of Toronto's top attractions, including theaters, concert venues, and sports arenas. Catch a Broadway show, a live concert, or a game at the Scotiabank Arena to experience the city's vibrant nightlife.


13. Walk Along the Harbourfront

The Harbourfront area offers stunning views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. Stroll along the waterfront, visit the Harbourfront Centre for cultural events, or relax at one of the many lakeside cafes.


14. Visit Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a majestic castle in the heart of Toronto, offering a glimpse into the city’s past. Explore the grand rooms, secret passages, and beautiful gardens. It’s a fascinating place for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.


15. Plan Your Visit Around Festivals

Toronto hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to the Caribbean Carnival (Caribana). Check the city's event calendar to see what's happening during your visit and join in the celebrations.

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