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12 Unusual Things to Do in Seville

City Guide February 5, 2024



Seville, a city where history whispers from ancient walls and vibrant life pulses through its streets, is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Beyond the well-trodden path of its majestic cathedral and bustling plazas, Seville hides unusual, quirky, and less-known experiences that offer a unique glimpse into its soul.

Whether you're a returning visitor or new to its charming streets, diving into these 12 unusual things to do in Seville will reveal a side of the city you've never seen before. Get ready to explore Seville's lesser-known attractions that promise to make your visit unforgettable.

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Unusual Things to Do in Seville

1. Discover the Secrets of Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is a gem tucked away in the bustling streets of Seville, offering visitors a glimpse into the grandeur of Andalusian nobility. This exquisite palace, with its fusion of Renaissance and Mudéjar architectural styles, stands as a testament to Seville's cultural crossroads. Its courtyards are adorned with intricate azulejos (ceramic tiles) that tell tales of a bygone era, while the ornate coffered ceilings whisper secrets of the past.

The palace's gardens are an oasis in the city, where fragrant orange trees and vibrant flowers create a serene atmosphere. Embarking on a guided tour allows you to uncover the rich history and architectural details of this 15th-century mansion, including stories of its noble inhabitants and the artistic treasures housed within its walls. Casa de Pilatos offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life and a chance to return to the splendor of Seville's aristocratic past.


2. Watch a Sevilla FC Match

Attending a Sevilla FC match at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium is an exhilarating way to connect with the local culture and experience the fervor for football that permeates Seville. The stadium comes alive on match days, filled with the vibrant chants and colors of Sevilla FC's fervent supporters. Witnessing a game here is not just about watching football; it's about feeling the city's pulse and sharing in the communal passion that unites Sevillians.

The energy in the stadium is electric, with every goal and play eliciting roars of excitement or sighs of despair from the crowd. For visitors, it's an opportunity to join in the local tradition and perhaps even become a temporary fan, cheering alongside locals and feeling the intense emotion that football evokes in this part of the world.


3. Stroll Through the Jewish Quarter at Night

As night falls over Seville, the Barrio Santa Cruz, the city's former Jewish quarter, takes on an ethereal charm. The narrow lanes and alleyways, which buzz with activity during the day, become quietly enchanting under the glow of street lamps. A nighttime stroll through this historic neighborhood allows you to experience its beauty in a new light, with the soft illumination casting shadows that dance on the ancient stone walls.

This change in atmosphere reveals a different facet of the Barrio Santa Cruz, inviting visitors to imagine life in medieval Seville. The sound of distant flamenco guitar, the scent of jasmine from hidden courtyards, and the cool breeze that whispers through the streets make for a magical and memorable exploration of one of Seville's most iconic areas.


4. Experience an Alternative Flamenco Show

For those seeking a more authentic flamenco experience, venturing into the heart of Seville's local scene to discover an alternative flamenco show is a journey worth taking. Away from the more commercialized tablaos, there are venues where flamenco is performed not for tourists but for the love of the art. These intimate settings, whether a small bar or a secluded courtyard, offer a raw and emotive flamenco experience.

The connection between the performers – the dancers' fiery footwork, the guitarists' soul-stirring strums, and the singers' heartfelt cante – and their audience is tangible. The intensity of the performance in such close quarters captures the essence of flamenco, making it not just a show to watch but a profound cultural experience to feel and remember.


5. Visit the Naval Museum in Torre del Oro

Nestled within the iconic Torre del Oro, the Naval Museum is a treasure trove of maritime history that charts Seville's pivotal role in the Age of Discovery. This museum, though small, is packed with artifacts, maps, and models that recount the adventures and endeavors of Spanish explorers who sailed from Seville to unknown parts of the world. The exhibitions provide insights into the life of sailors, the evolution of naval technology, and the impact of maritime exploration on global trade and cultural exchange.

Additionally, the Torre del Oro is an architectural marvel, allowing visitors to learn about its military history and enjoy panoramic views of the Guadalquivir River and Seville's skyline. The Naval Museum is a journey through Spain's naval past and a tribute to the spirit of exploration that defines the city's history.


6. Picnic in Maria Luisa Park's Hidden Corners

Maria Luisa Park is well-known, but many visitors overlook its secluded spots, perfect for a peaceful picnic. Wander beyond the popular areas to discover hidden corners where you can enjoy a quiet meal surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature. This free thing to do in Seville offers a break from urban exploration and a chance to connect with the city's natural beauty.



7. Explore the Metropol Parasol for Modern Views of the City

While the Metropol Parasol, known locally as Las Setas, is gaining popularity, many visitors are unaware of its unique perspective on Seville. Ascend to its winding walkways for panoramic city views, blending ancient rooftops with modern landscapes. The structure, a striking example of contemporary architecture, contrasts beautifully with the historic city below. This visit provides spectacular photo opportunities and a chance to see Seville from a fresh angle.


8. Indulge in a Secret Tapas Tour

Seville is renowned for its tapas bars, but the best experiences often lie hidden from the typical tourist routes. Embark on a secret tapas tour, guided by a local, to uncover the culinary gems where locals dine. From traditional dishes in tucked-away taverns to innovative cuisine in avant-garde eateries, this experience will tantalize your taste buds and introduce you to the real flavors of Seville.


9. Attend a Workshop on Orange Tree Care

The scent of orange trees is synonymous with Seville, but few know that you can attend workshops on the care and history of these iconic trees. These sessions offer a unique insight into an integral part of Seville's identity, combining botanical knowledge with cultural history. It's an unusual activity allowing you to engage with the city's environment actively.



10. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts on a Free Entry Day

Seville's Museum of Fine Arts, housed in a former convent, is a treasure trove of Spanish art, with works spanning from the medieval period to the 20th century. While the museum is a must-visit for art lovers, many don't know that it offers free entry on certain days. Plan your visit accordingly to enjoy masterpieces by Zurbarán, Murillo, and Velázquez without spending a dime.


11. Take a Kayak Tour on the Guadalquivir River

Take a kayak tour on the Guadalquivir River for an adventurous perspective of Seville. Paddling along the water offers unique views of landmarks like the Torre del Oro and Plaza de España from a vantage point few see. It's a refreshing and exciting way to experience the city's sights, providing a workout and a new appreciation for Seville's geography.


12. Uncover the Legends of Barrio Santa Cruz

Lastly, delve into the legends and lore of Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville's most historic district. Beyond its beauty, this area is steeped in love, betrayal, and mystery tales. Joining a guided storytelling walk in the evening reveals the secrets behind the ancient walls and brings the cobblestone streets to life in a way that daytime tours cannot capture.

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