Guides Rome Where to Go Budget-Friendly Souvenir Shopping in Rome

Where to Go Budget-Friendly Souvenir Shopping in Rome

City Guide August 24, 2023


Rome, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is a city that beckons visitors to take a piece of its magic home with them. Souvenir shopping in Rome can be an exciting adventure, offering an opportunity to find unique mementos that capture the essence of the eternal city.

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If you're wondering where to go souvenir shopping in Rome or where to find nice yet affordable souvenirs in Rome, you're in the right place. We'll guide you to some fantastic spots for cheap souvenir shopping in Rome.


Campo Marzio

In Rome's historic Campo Marzio neighborhood, near the Parliament and Pantheon, you'll find narrow streets flanked by 16th-century buildings. Tourists often overlook the area's boutique shops, while locals appreciate the Italian-made clothing and lifestyle products. These boutiques range from trendy newcomers to well-established brands, but all share a common thread – a deep pride in their Italian heritage. Explore these hidden gems to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines Italian craftsmanship.


Campo de' Fiori Market: A Burst of Colors and Flavors

Campo de' Fiori, a historic square, transforms into a lively market each morning. While it's famous for its fresh produce, it's also a great place to find budget-friendly souvenirs such as Italian spices, oils, and regional products. These culinary delights make great gifts and let you savor Italy's flavors long after your trip.

Address: Campo de' Fiori, 00186 Rome, Italy

Open: Monday-Saturday: 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Piazza Navona: Artists' Haven

Piazza Navona's artistic charm is enhanced by the presence of street artists and vendors selling their creations. You'll find a variety of handmade jewelry, paintings, and crafts that capture the city's spirit. The lively atmosphere and diverse offerings ensure you'll discover affordable treasures to remember your Roman adventure.

Address: Piazza Navona, 00186 Rome, Italy


Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè: Coffee and Memories

For a truly Roman souvenir, head to Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè. This café offers beautifully packaged coffee beans and accessories alongside its renowned coffee. These gifts encapsulate the essence of Italian café culture and make for delightful reminders of your time in Rome.

Address: Piazza Sant'Eustachio, 82, 00186 Rome, Italy

Open: Daily: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM


Porta Portese Flea Market: Vintage Treasures

Porta Portese is a sprawling haven for bargain hunters and avid collectors in Rome. This vibrant flea market is a sensory delight, offering an expansive selection of antiques and collectibles that span the ages. As you meander through its labyrinthine stalls, you embark on a captivating treasure hunt through time.

The market's offerings are a testament to the diversity of human history and creativity. Vintage clothing racks showcase styles that have long faded from the fashion spotlight. At the same time, antique dealers proudly display their timeless wares, each item bearing the scars and patina of bygone eras. Collectibles, trinkets, and curiosities beckon from every corner, inviting you to explore and uncover their stories.

Address: Via Portuense, 1645, 00100 Rome, Italy

Open: Sundays: 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM



Antica Caciara: A Taste of Tradition

Antica Caciara, a charming delicatessen, specializes in cheeses, cured meats, and traditional Italian ingredients. These high-quality food items delight your taste buds and make thoughtful gifts that bring a slice of Italian gastronomy to your loved ones.

Address: Via San Francesco a Ripa, 140, 00153 Rome, Italy

Open: Monday-Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


La Bottega del Marmoraro: Carved in History

La Bottega del Marmoraro pays homage to the city's ancient Roman roots by offering items crafted from marble. From tiny sculptures to intricate home décor, these unique pieces carry a piece of Rome's history and culture.

Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 150, 00153 Rome, Italy

Open: Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Roman Forum Gift Shop: Relics Reimagined

The Roman Forum is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, and its gift shop allows you to take a piece of this history with you. Replicas of ancient artifacts, coins, and Roman-themed souvenirs provide a tangible link to the city's majestic past.

Address: Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6, 00186 Rome, Italy

Open: Daily: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM


Shops in Trastevere: Artsy and Bohemian

The Trastevere neighborhood is a haven for artists and bohemians, offering a range of boutiques and shops selling designed items. From quirky jewelry to artistic home décor, these shops in Rome capture the eclectic spirit of this charming district.



Excelsior Corner

Coin Excelsior in Rome can be likened to Paris's renowned Galeries Lafayette. This multi-level store boasts an extensive array of products. Its diverse departments encompass perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, home decor, clothing, and more. Within its charming, vintage-inspired ambiance, you're bound to discover a fascinating souvenir that captures the essence of your Roman experience.

Address: c/o Coin Excelsior, Via Cola di Rienzo, 173/A, 00192 Roma RM, Italy


Vatican Museums: Artistic Reverie

While exploring the Vatican Museums, don't miss the opportunity to visit the gift shops. From art books to Vatican-themed souvenirs, these shops offer a range of gifts that resonate with the city's artistic and religious heritage.

Address: Viale Vaticano, 00165 Rome, Italy

Open: Monday-Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Spanish Steps Area: Fashion and More

The Spanish Steps area is known for its fashion boutiques and designer stores. While some items might lean toward the higher end, you can still find budget-friendly accessories and fashion finds that let you bring a touch of Italian elegance home.



Via del Corso Shops: Variety on a Budget

Via del Corso is one of Rome's main shopping streets, with shops catering to various budgets. From stylish accessories to trendy clothing, the street offers many options for those seeking affordable and stylish souvenirs or gifts from Rome. Don’t know what to get as a gift, try a cookbook! Bring the gift of Italian food back with budget-friendly recipes.

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