Guides Rome Ideal Budget-Friendly Day Trips from Rome to Make the Most

Ideal Budget-Friendly Day Trips from Rome to Make the Most

City Guide August 24, 2023


Attention, fellow explorers, lend me your ears! Rome is undoubtedly a dream, boasting iconic landmarks like the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City with its renowned Sistine Chapel. However, let's not overlook the hidden treasures just a short train ride away.

Get ready for killer day trips that won't break the bank and will give you epic stories to brag about back home. Sure, you can stay in Rome and keep exploring Rome, but if you have the time, we recommend venturing close by!

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Ancient Adventures in Ostia Antica

Here's the deal: just a hop on the train and you're in Ostia Antica, a jaw-dropping ancient Roman town that's like a real-life history lesson. Imagine yourself strolling through ruins, exploring the awesome Roman forum, and checking out the remains of a legit ancient Roman theater. Ensure you have your comfy kicks, a refillable water bottle, and your curious cap.

How to Get There: Take the Rome-Lido train from Piramide Train Station in Rome and leave at Ostia Antica Station.



Castelli Romani: Italian Charm on the Cheap

Who's up for a magical medieval adventure? Say hello to the Castelli Romani, a bunch of adorable small towns in the Alban Hills near Rome. Think cobblestone streets, quaint vibes, and local eats that'll make your taste buds dance. Strap on your comfy shoes, prepare for panoramic views and savor some Italian goodness.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to towns like Frascati, Albano Laziale, or Castel Gandolfo.


Tivoli's Renaissance Rendezvous

Tivoli is calling your name if you're into jaw-dropping gardens and Renaissance vibes. Brace yourselves for the stunning Villa d'Este, with its Insta-worthy gardens and epic waterworks. Then, hit up the Villa Adriana to feel like Emperor Hadrian for the day.

What truly sets the Villa d'Este apart is its remarkable water features. This Renaissance wonderland boasts an intricate system of cascades, jets, and fountains that were groundbreaking in their time and remain a testament to ingenious engineering. The pièce de résistance is the "Organ Fountain," where the water dances to the melodies played on an actual hydraulic organ.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Tivoli.


Amalfi Coast: A Slice of Paradise

Hold onto your hats because the Amalfi Coast is a bit further but totally worth it. Think turquoise waters, charming villages, and all those Instagram shots you've been drooling over. Jump on a high-speed train and make your way to coastal bliss.

The Amalfi Coast is renowned not only for its breathtaking beauty but also for its mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh seafood, sun-ripened tomatoes, fragrant basil, and local olive oil are just a few of the ingredients that make the regional dishes a culinary delight. Savoring a plate of freshly caught seafood pasta or enjoying a slice of lemon-infused cake with a view of the sea is a gastronomic experience that will stay with you long after you've left.

How to Get There: Trains from Rome are more convenient than ever. Take a high-speed train from Rome to Naples and then continue by bus or train to the Amalfi Coast.



Orvieto: Hilltop Haven

North of Rome, you can find Orvieto. Picture this: You hop on a train and arrive in the hilltop wonderland of Orvieto. It's like a medieval fairytale come to life. You'll wander through ancient streets, take selfies with stunning cathedrals, and enjoy panoramic views that steal your breath.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Orvieto.


Hadrian's Villa: Emperor for a Day

Time to unleash your inner emperor at Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli. It's like stepping into a Roman palace with UNESCO world heritage site vibes. Explore the sprawling grounds and imagine the grandeur of ancient times.

As you explore the grounds of Hadrian's Villa, it becomes abundantly clear why it holds the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The site boasts a stunning array of architectural wonders, from meticulously designed buildings and temples to lush gardens and water features, all meticulously preserved over the centuries.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Tivoli.


Lake Bracciano: Serene Escape

Need a break from the hustle? Head to the tranquil Lake Bracciano and let the serene beauty wash over you. Stroll the shores, hop on a paddleboat, or chill out and soak in the peaceful vibes.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Bracciano.


Bomarzo's Park of Monsters: Whimsical Wonderland

Want to add a touch of weirdness to your adventure? Bomarzo's Park of Monsters is calling your name. Imagine a garden filled with quirky sculptures and structures that make you feel like you're in a trippy fantasyland.

How to Get There: Take a train from Rome to nearby stations like Attigliano or Bomarzo.


Viterbo's Hidden Treasures

Let's hit up Viterbo and dive into its well-preserved medieval awesomeness. From charming alleys to stunning architecture, this hidden gem is a total win. And don't forget to capture that Instagram-worthy shot.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Viterbo.



Florence: Renaissance Vibes

Florence is a bit of a ride, but you can catch a high-speed train and arrive in the heart of the Renaissance. Imagine wandering through art-filled museums and historic landmarks that'll transport you back in time.

How to Get There: Take a high-speed train from Rome to Florence. Make sure to book your tickets in advance.


Cascata delle Marmore: Nature's Masterpiece

Nature lover alert! Get ready to be wowed by the stunning Cascata delle Marmore, a waterfall near Terni surrounded by lush greenery. It's like stepping into a fairytale.

For those who crave more than just a panoramic view, there are hiking trails that allow you to explore the area further. You can venture along well-maintained paths that lead to different viewpoints, each offering a unique perspective on the falls. Whether you're a casual nature lover or an avid hiker, the Cascata delle Marmore has something to offer every adventurer.

How to Get There: Take a train from Rome to Terni and then a bus to the waterfall.


Siena: Medieval Magic

Ready to get lost in the medieval magic of Siena? Walk its picturesque streets, marvel at its cathedral, and soak in the iconic Piazza del Campo views. Pro tip: Gelato pit stop is mandatory.

Pro tip: A visit to Siena is incomplete without indulging in its world-famous gelato. Siena takes its gelato seriously, and you'll find artisanal gelaterias that craft these frozen delights with the utmost care. Whether you opt for a classic flavor like fragola (strawberry) or something more adventurous like ricotta and fig, every spoonful is a taste of pure bliss.

How to Get There: Take a high-speed train from Rome to Siena.


Perugia: Rich Culture and Good Eats

Fancy a mix of rich history and mouthwatering eats? Head to Perugia, a charming town that's got it all. Explore the historic center, visit local markets, and dive into art and culinary delights.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Perugia.


Naples: History and Pizza Paradise

Naples is calling all history buffs and foodies! Dive into the historic center, visit museums, and indulge in some killer Neapolitan pizza. It's a taste of history with a side of nom nom.

Naples is a city of contrasts, where ancient history and modern life coexist harmoniously. As you explore its historic streets, you'll encounter vibrant markets, bustling piazzas, and a warmth of spirit that's quintessentially Neapolitan. The city's authenticity and unapologetic embrace of its heritage make it a truly unique destination.

How to Get There: Take a high-speed train from Rome to Naples.



Grottaferrata: Hillside Hideaway

Last but not least, hop on a train and hit up the hillside gem of Grottaferrata. Think peaceful vibes, the Abbey of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata, and a perfect escape from the city buzz.

How to Get There: Take a regional train from Rome to Grottaferrata.

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