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15 Things You Should Know to Explore Vatican City Like a Pro

City Guide August 24, 2023


Exploring Vatican City is a dream for many travelers, but to truly make the most of your visit, it's essential to be armed with the proper knowledge and tips. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the epicenter of the Catholic Church, following these expert suggestions will help you navigate Vatican City like a seasoned traveler.

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1. Planning Your Visit in Advance

Vatican City is a popular destination, and its attractions can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. To avoid long lines and maximize your experience, book your tickets and book a tour in advance. This is particularly crucial for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.


2. Opt for Skip-the-Line Tickets

One of the best Vatican City tips is to invest in skip-the-line tickets. These tickets grant you priority access to the Vatican Museums, allowing you to bypass the often lengthy lines and save valuable time.

Entrance to the Vatican, the assistance of tour guides, and the experience of visiting the Vatican Museums are all integral aspects of ensuring a memorable and enriching visit to this iconic destination. When thoughtfully combined, these elements can enhance your exploration of the Vatican's art, history, and culture.


3. Explore Early in the Morning

To enjoy a more serene and less crowded experience, consider visiting the Vatican in the early Morning. This pro tip allows you to appreciate the art and architecture with fewer crowds around you.

Arriving at the Vatican in the early morning, ideally just as it opens, is a wise choice. This typically means arriving around 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM, depending on the season and the day of the week. These early hours provide a window of serenity before the masses of tourists arrive.


4. Book a Guided Tour

For a more insightful experience, consider booking a guided tour of the Vatican. Knowledgeable guides can provide historical context, intriguing stories, and hidden gems you might otherwise miss.

Guides engage with your questions and make the Vatican's rich history and art come to life. In short, a guided tour transforms your visit into an immersive and educational experience, connecting you deeply with this iconic destination.


5. Take Advantage of Early-Access Tours

Some tour operators offer early-access tours that allow you to enter the Vatican Museums before the general public. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the masterpieces of art in a more intimate setting.



6. Visit St. Peter's Basilica Early

While visiting St. Peter's Basilica is free, it can get crowded later in the day. To avoid the crowds, consider visiting St Peter’s Square early in the Morning. The basilica's grandeur is even more breathtaking when you can take it all in without the rush.


7. Respect the Dress Code

One of the most important aspects of dressing appropriately when visiting the Vatican is ensuring that your clothing is modest. This means covering your shoulders and knees. Sleeveless tops, tank tops, shorts, skirts, or dresses above the knee are generally not considered appropriate attire for entering St. Peter's Basilica. To comply with the dress code, it's advisable to wear clothing that extends to at least your shoulders and knees.

By dressing modestly, you demonstrate your understanding of and respect for the religious and cultural norms of the Vatican. It's a way to show that you honor the sanctity of the place and the religious customs of those who gather there for prayer and worship.


8. Discover the Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens, often overlooked by tourists, are a serene and hidden gem within Vatican City. To explore this lush oasis, you must book a guided tour in advance due to restricted access. These gardens provide an exclusive glimpse into Vatican life, featuring stunning landscapes, architectural wonders, and profound spiritual significance. Knowledgeable guides lead these tours, sharing insights into the garden's history and significance, enriching your experience.

The Vatican Gardens offer a welcome escape from the bustling crowds that often gather at more popular tourist spots, allowing you to enjoy a moment of tranquility and reflection in this sacred space. In summary, don't miss the chance to discover this hidden treasure in the heart of Vatican City by booking your guided tour in advance.


9. Be Prepared for Security Checks

Upon arriving at the Vatican, you'll encounter security checks at various points, notably before entering the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. These checks typically involve the examination of bags, metal detectors, and often a visual inspection by security personnel. While these procedures are essential, they can occasionally result in delays, especially during peak tourist seasons.

To minimize any inconveniences caused by these security checks, arriving a bit early for your planned visit is advisable. Doing so allows ample time for these necessary security measures to be conducted efficiently. Arriving early reduces the chances of missing out on scheduled tours or activities and allows you to explore the surroundings, soak in the atmosphere, and capture memorable photographs of the iconic St. Peter's Square.



10. Respect Photography Rules

While photography is generally allowed in the Vatican Museums, be mindful of any areas where photography is prohibited. Flash photography is usually not allowed, so keep that in mind.

Respecting the rules regarding photography helps preserve invaluable art and historical artifacts and enhances the experience for all visitors. The absence of camera flashes and disruptive photography allows everyone to immerse themselves fully in the art and history on display, free from distractions.


11. Allocate Time for the Vatican Museums

The first thing to remember is that the Vatican Museums are extensive, comprising numerous galleries, halls, and chambers that house an astonishing collection of centuries-old art. From ancient sculptures and classical paintings to Renaissance masterpieces and historical artifacts, there's something to captivate every art enthusiast and history buff.

To fully appreciate the breadth and depth of this collection, it's wise to plan for several hours of exploration. Rushing through the museums would be a disservice to yourself and the remarkable works of art on display. Instead, take your time to savor each piece, allowing yourself to get lost in the details, intricacies, and stories they convey.


12. Marvel at the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a highlight of any visit to the Vatican. The iconic ceiling painted by Michelangelo is a masterpiece of art and one of the most recognizable works in the world. Take your time to gaze up and admire the intricate details.


13. Visit the Vatican Necropolis

For a unique and spiritually significant experience, consider visiting the Vatican Necropolis. This ancient burial site lies beneath St. Peter's Basilica and provides insight into the history of the early Christian church.

Located beneath the grandeur of St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Necropolis is an archaeological wonder. To access this sacred site, you typically need to make a reservation in advance, as the number of visitors is limited to preserve its historical integrity and spiritual ambiance.



14. Embrace the Grandeur of St. Peter's Square

St. Peter's Square is a grand open space that welcomes visitors to the Vatican. As you stand there, you're surrounded by the imposing colonnades designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, creating a sense of awe and reverence.

One of the most striking features of St. Peter's Square is its impressive colonnades, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. These colonnades stretch outward from the facade of St. Peter's Basilica in a graceful and embracing gesture, symbolizing the Church's open arms to welcome all who come on pilgrimage. The arcades consist of rows of towering columns, each crowned with statues of saints, creating a sense of order and solemnity.

When you stand within this architectural embrace, it's as if you are being cradled by history and faith, and you can't help but feel a deep reverence.



15. Immerse Yourself in the Rich History

Remember that Vatican City is not just a tourist attraction; it's also the smallest independent country in the world and the spiritual center of the Catholic Church. Immerse yourself in its rich history, culture, and spirituality to appreciate its significance.

As you visit Vatican City, these insider tips will help you explore it like a pro. With luggage storage services like Nannybag, you can explore this historical and spiritual destination unburdened by heavy bags, ensuring you make the most of every moment.

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