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Where Can I Find Self-Storage Options in New York?

City Guide September 22, 2023


So that we're on the same page here— this article is about luggage storage in New York! Now, let's get started. New York City is a dream, the lights, the energy, the people.

However, dreams can turn into nightmares very quickly. Picture this: you've arrived in NYC early, and your hostel isn't letting you store your bags before check-in.

Now you're navigating the concrete jungle, and it's time to take a metro; you must carry your 23kg bag down the stairs. Indeed, a nightmare. Let's talk about the best luggage storage in NYC and where to store luggage in New York.

Finding luggage storage services in train stations like Penn Station can be difficult because many stations got rid of them and their storage lockers after 9/11 for security purposes. To find storage in NYC, you'd either venture out and trust the stores or use a luggage storage application— and that's where we come in. There are many luggage storage companies, but if we want to talk about the convenience of luggage storage options in NYC, look into Nannybag.

The Big Apple can be expensive, so you have to take it when there’s a good deal. With Nannybag, you can store your bags for only $6 per bag per day. There are no hidden fees; you won’t get charged extra if your bags are oversized.

But of course, be mindful it’s not a Manhattan mini-storage unit in New York. If you’re wondering where you can find the luggage storage locations, we’ll expand on those and even tell you some things to do in the area.

Luggage Storage Near Soho

Soho, known for its artistic and fashionable vibe, is famous for shopping, dining, and exploring art galleries. You'll find Nannies at local businesses or dedicated luggage storage services if you're looking for luggage storage here. This allows you to explore Soho's cobblestone streets and unique boutiques without the hassle of carrying your bags as you visit these attractions:


Washington Square Park

The park attracts locals and visitors with its iconic arch, serene fountain, and lively atmosphere. Prepare to see outdoor performances, chess matches, and relaxation; it truly offers a glimpse into New York City's vibrant culture and history.


New York City's Fire Museum

Dedicated to the heroic firefighters of the city, the New York City Fire Museum showcases the history of firefighting through artifacts, vintage equipment, and interactive exhibits. Visitors can learn about the challenges firefighters have faced over the years and gain a deeper appreciation for their bravery and service.


Nannybag - Where Can I Find Self-Storage Options in New York?


Luggage Storage Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is a significant transportation hub and an architectural marvel. Make luggage storage just as marvelous by using Nannybag and explore these incredible places:


New York Public Library's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Housing millions of books, manuscripts, and artworks, the library invites visitors to explore its grand reading rooms and admire its breathtaking design.


Bryant Park

Bryant Park offers a peaceful escape with its lush greenery, seasonal gardens, and outdoor amenities. From free yoga classes to outdoor movie nights, the park hosts various events catering to all kinds of crowds.


Luggage Storage Near Harlem

Harlem is famous for its rich history, cultural institutions, and vibrant music scene. It’s a neighborhood you have to put on your It's-do list. Find a luggage storage facility with storage space and explore the following places:


Apollo Theater

The historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem is a cultural landmark for promoting African-American talents. I’m past; it’s hosted legendary performers and still hosts events. Catch a comedy or concert here. You never know who the following legend might be.


Studio Museum in Harlem

Dedicated to African-American artists and their contributions, the Studio Museum in Harlem showcases art that explores themes of identity, culture & social issues. The exhibits offer a unique perspective of Harlem and are worth a visit if you want to learn more about the neighborhood.


Luggage Storage Near Williamsburg

You didn’t think we’d cross the Brooklyn Bridge, did you? Williamsburg, located in Brooklyn, is a trendy neighborhood with hipster vibes, unique shops, and waterfront views. Find a storage facility and explore some of these nifty spots:


McCarren Park

This park in Williamsburg offers a diverse range of recreational activities, from sports fields to a pool, making it a popular spot for relaxation and those who want to live an active lifestyle. The park has a vibrant atmosphere and hosts many community events. Please take a look at their site to see what you could be interested in.

Wander through the streets

Okay, this technically isn’t a cool spot, but that’s because all of Williamsburg is cool. Check out the incredible street art and maybe take a street art tour to guide you through the pieces.


Luggage Storage Near Times Square

Times Square is a bustling hub of entertainment, bright lights, and Broadway shows. While you immerse yourself in the excitement of this iconic location, you might need a place to stow your luggage. Here are some of those exciting places:


Catch a Broadway show

Broadway is synonymous with world-class theater; catching a show here is a quintessential New York experience. If you have time, check out what shows.


Madame Tussauds

Times Square is a pretty touristy place, so why not pair that with Madame Tussauds, one of the most touristy activities? Check out the iconic wax museum where you can get up close and personal with lifelike wax figures of celebrities. Think House of Wax, but less scary.


Luggage Storage Near Bushwick

Bushwick is another artistic hub in Brooklyn similar to Williamsburg, but they’re not too close together. Don’t worry, though; Nannybag has storage services there as well! Book and get to know the neighborhood.


Morgantown Market

Morgantown Market in Bushwick is a haven for vintage/ secondhand enthusiasts and those seeking unique finds. With a curated selection of vintage clothing, furniture, and eclectic goods, it's a treasure trove where you can discover one-of-a-kind pieces and immerse yourself in the neighborhood's creative spirit. Find it before the Depop girlies do! If you shop too much and don’t want to carry it, you can easily find one of those luggage storage locations we’ve been discussing.


Maria Hernandez Park

This park is a gathering place for the community, offering a playground, sports facilities, and open spaces. New York doesn’t have many green spaces, so we’ll tell you all about the few we do find! See the events and check off another park.


Luggage Storage Near Queens

Queens offers diverse attractions, from Flushing Meadows Corona Park to the Queens Museum. If you're exploring this borough's cultural diversity and landmarks, consider looking for self-storage options in NYC near Queens to facilitate your life as you venture out. Here are some areas worth venturing out to:


Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is one of the largest parks in Queens; Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a diverse playground with attractions like the Unisphere, Queens Museum, and plenty of green space. It’s a hub for festivals and outdoor activities frequented by locals and tourists.


Experience the diverse food offerings

In the culturally rich neighborhood of Flushing, you can embark on a culinary adventure through its diverse food scene. But the highlight here is the Asian cuisine. The neighborhood is a haven for foodies seeking unique and flavorful oriental dishes.


Nannybag - Where Can I Find Self-Storage Options in New York?


Luggage Storage Near JFK

JFK International Airport is one of New York's major airports. If you have a layover or some free time before your flight, you might want to explore nearby attractions or neighborhoods. This would be a great time to pull out the app and book a luggage storage facility near JFK. Here are some nearby things you can check out:


Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Nature enthusiasts can find solace in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, a spot for birdwatching and wildlife observation. Located near JFK Airport, it's a serene escape where you can explore marshes and trails and observe various bird species in their natural habitat.


Resorts World Casino New York City

Explore another set of wildlife at the casino. Choose from various slot machines, table games, and live entertainment. Try your luck; if you invest it correctly, you could be the next Logan Roy.


Luggage Storage Near Staten Island

Staten Island is often overlooked, and it has its charm and attractions. We’d never overlook the home of Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and that’s why we make storing your luggage easy here, too. Explore the island at these, and here are some recommended spots to check out:


Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

Snug Harbor in Staten Island features botanical gardens, museums, and historic buildings. Art, nature, and history converge here, offering a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.


Explore Historic Richmond Town

Step back in time at Historic Richmond Town, a living history village that recreates colonial life on Staten Island. It’s an immersive experience that allows you to learn about life in America, you know, before there was storage in NYC!

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