Guides Miami What to Actually Do in Wynwood, Miami's Artsy District

What to Actually Do in Wynwood, Miami's Artsy District

City Guide January 18, 2024



Wynwood Miami, once an overlooked warehouse district, has blossomed into a world-class global art and culture hub, earning its reputation as Miami's premier art district. Known for its dynamic transformation, Wynwood is a testament to creativity and urban revitalization. Visiting Wynwood will immerse you in a colorful canvas of street art, contemporary galleries, and innovative creative spaces.

Whether you're in town for the renowned Art Basel event or simply exploring the vibrant Miami art district, this guide is your key to uncovering the best experiences Wynwood offers. From awe-inspiring murals that span entire building facades to cutting-edge galleries showcasing the works of emerging and established artists, Wynwood is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the artistic heartbeat of Miami.

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Explore the Wynwood Walls: A Canvas of Urban Artistry

The Wynwood Walls are a vibrant heart in Miami's Wynwood Arts District, representing the pinnacle of street art and urban creativity. This outdoor gallery features large-scale murals, making it a global mecca for spray paint art.

The Wynwood Walls are more than just an attraction; they celebrate artistic diversity, showcasing works by some of the most renowned street artists from around the world. As you wander through this colorful maze, you're treated to a visual feast of styles and themes, each wall telling a different story. It's an essential Miami experience for art lovers and a vivid reminder of the power of public art to transform spaces.


Visit Art Galleries: A Journey Through Contemporary Creativity

Wynwood's reputation as an art hub extends beyond its famous walls to a collection of cutting-edge contemporary art galleries. These galleries highlight works from emerging and established artists, offering diverse styles and mediums. From avant-garde installations to thought-provoking paintings and sculptures, the galleries in Wynwood provide a snapshot of the global contemporary art scene.

The best part is that many of these galleries offer free general admission, making it accessible for everyone to immerse in contemporary art. A visit to Wynwood's galleries is not just an activity but an exploration of artistic expression and innovation.


Wynwood Brewing Company: A Toast to Local Craftsmanship

For those with a penchant for craft beer, the Wynwood Brewing Company is a must-visit. As Miami's first craft production brewery, it brings a unique flavor to the Wynwood neighborhood. Here, you can savor a range of locally brewed beers, from refreshing lagers to bold IPAs, each reflecting the brewery's commitment to quality and taste.

The brewery's taproom offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a pint with friends or engaging with the friendly staff to learn more about the brewing process. Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or just looking to try something new, Wynwood Brewing Company provides a delightful experience of Miami's burgeoning craft beer scene.


Museum of Graffiti: Celebrating Street Art’s Evolution

In the heart of Wynwood, the Museum of Graffiti is a unique institution dedicated to the evolution and influence of street art. This museum provides visitors with an educational journey through the history of graffiti, showcasing its rise from a form of underground expression to a recognized and celebrated art form.

The exhibits feature works from pioneering graffiti artists and offer insight into the techniques and stories behind this dynamic art style. Visitors can expect a blend of education and visual delight, with vibrant displays that trace graffiti's impact on culture and the contemporary art world. The Museum of Graffiti is not just a showcase of art; it's a testament to graffiti's rich history and cultural significance.


Zak the Baker: A Must-Visit for Fresh, Artisanal Baked Goods

Zak the Baker is a culinary staple in Wynwood, known for its exceptional baked goods and cozy atmosphere. This popular bakery and café is the perfect place to indulge in freshly baked bread, pastries, and various delightful sandwiches. Each item is carefully crafted, using high-quality ingredients emphasizing flavor and texture.

The bakery's inviting space, often bustling with locals and visitors alike, is ideal for a relaxed breakfast or lunch. A visit to Zak the Baker offers more than just a meal; it's an opportunity to experience the artisanal food scene that Wynwood is famous for.



Coyo Taco: A Blend of Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Hidden Delights in Wynwood

Coyo Taco on NW 2nd Avenue stands out as a vibrant gem in Wynwood, serving up authentic Mexican cuisine in a lively, contemporary setting. Renowned for its mouthwatering tacos, this eatery prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes bursting with traditional flavors. The guacamole, freshly prepared and paired with crispy tortilla chips, is a standout dish and a favorite among the locals.

But there's more to Coyo Taco than meets the eye. Hidden within this bustling eatery is a speakeasy-style bar, offering a unique experience to those in the know. After enjoying the rich flavors of Mexican street food, venture into this secret space where the atmosphere transforms.

Here, you can sip on various inventive cocktails and immerse yourself in a more intimate and exclusive ambiance. This hidden speakeasy adds an element of surprise and excitement to the dining experience, perfectly capturing the eclectic and dynamic spirit of Wynwood.


Veza Sur Brewing Co.: A Fusion of Latin Flavors and Craft Beer

Veza Sur Brewing Co. in Wynwood stands out as a vibrant and dynamic spot in Miami's craft beer scene, offering a unique Latin-inspired twist on traditional brews. This brewery has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its inventive beer selection that infuses classic styles with Latin American influences.

The atmosphere at Veza Sur is lively and inviting, featuring live music that adds to the energetic vibe. Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or just looking for a fun night out, Veza Sur provides the perfect setting to enjoy great beer, good company, and the pulsating spirit of Wynwood.


Miami Design District: A Hub of High-End Fashion and Art

Just a short distance from the eclectic streets of Wynwood, the Miami Design District presents a world of luxury and creativity. This elegant neighborhood is renowned for its high-end designer shops, where fashion enthusiasts can find the latest offerings from top global brands. The area is also a haven for art lovers, with numerous art installations and galleries showcasing contemporary works.

Upscale dining options abound, offering gourmet experiences that complement the district's chic and sophisticated ambiance. For those seeking a blend of luxury shopping, art, and fine dining, the Miami Design District is an unmissable destination.


Wynwood Art Walk: A Monthly Celebration of Art and Community

The Wynwood Art Walk is a monthly cultural event that transforms the streets of Wynwood into a vibrant celebration of art and community. Held on the second Saturday of each month, this event sees local galleries and studios opening their doors to the public, inviting everyone to explore the diverse range of artworks on display.

The streets come alive with food vendors, live music, and performances, creating a festive atmosphere. It's a night where art enthusiasts, locals, and tourists alike can mingle, enjoy the creative energy of Wynwood, and experience the neighborhood's rich artistic culture up close.



Wynwood's Ice Cream Paradise: A Guide to the Sweetest Spots

Azucar Ice Cream Company: A Celebration of Local Flavors

Azucar Ice Cream Company, located in the heart of Wynwood, is a beloved destination for ice cream lovers. This artisanal shop is famous for its creative and tropical-inspired flavors that pay homage to Miami's diverse culture. Signature offerings include 'Abuela Maria,' a unique combination of vanilla ice cream, guava, cream cheese, and Maria cookies, and the bold 'Café con Leche' flavor for coffee enthusiasts. Each scoop at Azucar is a work of art, bursting with vibrant flavors that reflect the local palate.


Dasher & Crank: Artisanal Ice Cream with a Twist

Dasher & Crank takes ice cream to a new level with its inventive and ever-changing menu of artisanal flavors. Located in Wynwood, this ice cream shop is known for its unique creations, such as lavender and honey, Ube Macapuno (purple yam and coconut), and craft beer-infused varieties. The shop's modern and bright interior adds to the delightful experience, making it a must-visit for those seeking unconventional and surprising ice cream flavors.

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