Guides Melbourne Kid-Approved Melbourne: Family-Friendly Activities for All

Kid-Approved Melbourne: Family-Friendly Activities for All

City Guide October 18, 2023



Planning a trip to Melbourne with kids? The city welcomes families with a varied mix of kid-friendly and family-friendly attractions and activities sure to engage children of all ages. From world-class museums to enchanting wildlife parks, Melbourne City offers endless adventure for your family. Consider planning to spend a day at each exciting location, as the city is filled with enticing spots that promise fun and educational experiences for both kids and adults alike. Each destination within Melbourne is designed to provide families with a comfortable and engaging environment, making your trip both relaxing and exciting. Whether you’re interested in interactive learning experiences or simply looking to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces Melbourne has to offer, spending a day at these attractions will create memories for the whole family.

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How to Visit Melbourne with Kids

Melbourne, Victoria, is brimming with family-friendly attractions and activities that ensure an engaging experience for both kids and adults alike. From the fascinating art programs at the National Gallery of Victoria and playgrounds scattered across the city, to close encounters with diverse wildlife at Healesville Sanctuary and the captivating gardens of Werribee and Fitzroy, there’s a diverse array of attractions for children of all ages to explore and enjoy. Venture to vibrant neighborhoods like St Kilda, where the thrilling Luna Park awaits, or delve into educational wonders at the Melbourne Museum. Planning your visit with a diverse mix of both educational and entertaining stops, such as exploring the unique flora in various gardens or indulging in playful adventures in the many playgrounds, ensures a rich, multifaceted experience. Remember to check for any age restrictions or special programs in advance to embark on a smooth, hassle-free adventure in this dynamic and vibrant city.


National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

Taking the time to explore the National Gallery of Victoria is a rewarding experience for both adults and children alike. Known for its vast and impressive collection, NGV houses a variety of artworks ranging from contemporary pieces to historical artifacts. The gallery has a dedicated commitment to making art accessible and enjoyable for all, especially for younger audiences. The engaging programs designed for children are both educational and interactive, providing them with a hands-on approach to appreciating art. Through these programs, kids can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artistic world, fostering creativity and inspiration from an early age.


Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary is a must-visit for families looking for an immersive experience with native Australian wildlife. Children are offered an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with various species, learning about their habitats, behaviors, and roles in the ecosystem. The Sanctuary places a significant emphasis on conservation and education. Through interactive exhibits and guided tours, children not only observe wildlife but also understand the importance of preserving and protecting these unique species. It’s a perfect destination for a family day out, providing fun, education, and inspiration for conservation efforts.


Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo provides a gateway to the fascinating world of wildlife, making it an ideal destination for an adventurous and enlightening day out for kids. With a wide range of species from around the globe, children can observe and learn about the diverse world of animals, gaining knowledge that fosters a deep sense of wonder and respect for living creatures. The Zoo offers various programs and exhibits carefully crafted to provide educational insights in an engaging manner, ensuring that the visit is not just entertaining but also informative.



Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum is a beacon of knowledge and entertainment for families visiting the city. With a variety of exhibits that are both interactive and educational, the museum offers something for everyone. Exhibits designed specifically for children provide one-of-a-kind learning experiences that spark their curiosity and imagination. From natural history to cultural exhibits, kids can explore different facets of knowledge in a fun and supportive environment. It’s a prime destination for families seeking a combination of learning and entertainment in Melbourne.


Luna Park

Luna Park, located in the heart of Melbourne, is a historic amusement park that has been providing joy and excitement to families for generations. With its iconic entrance, thrilling rides and entertaining games, it promises a day filled with fun and laughter for people of all ages. Kids can explore different rides suited for various age groups, participate in games, and enjoy tasty treats available within the park. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of Luna Park makes it a destination for a delightful family outing, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Royal Botanic Gardens

Immersed in the heart of the city, the Royal Botanic Gardens offers a tranquil escape for families. Within its expanse, the enchanting Children’s Garden provides a captivating and safe space where kids can explore, play, and connect with nature. Designed with young minds in focus, this area stimulates curiosity and appreciation for the environment through playful exploration and interactive features. It's an ideal spot for a delightful day of outdoor activity, learning, and relaxation for the entire family.


Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is a vibrant marketplace, renowned for its wide choice of delectable snacks, treats, and artisan products. Families can indulge in delightful snacks and refreshing ice creams, with options that tantalize the taste buds of both kids and adults. The market presents an opportunity to not only savor tasty treats but also to explore and shop for unique, locally-produced goods and souvenirs, making it a great experience for every family member.


Great Ocean Road

For those families inclined towards scenic beauty and adventure, a journey down the iconic Great Ocean Road is a must-do. With its breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and majestic cliffs, the route offers a visual feast for travelers. Along the way, there are opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking trails, surf spots, and picnic areas, all set against the backdrop of Australia’s golden coastline. This trip promises not just picturesque vistas but a wealth of shared family memories and bonding experiences.



Family Activities at Federation Square

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Federation Square is a hub of cultural and public activities, regularly hosting events and festivities designed for family fun. From interactive workshops and live performances to seasonal celebrations and food festivals, the square offers entertainment options that appeal to children and parents alike. With its dynamic schedule of events, families can always find something engaging and enjoyable to participate in during their visit.


Yarra River and Valley Excursions

Exploring the Yarra River and its surrounding valley is an adventure waiting for families in Melbourne. Take a ride on a cruise along the river, witnessing the city’s skyline from a unique vantage point, or venture into the Yarra Valley, known for its picturesque landscapes and family-friendly attractions. The valley boasts wildlife parks where kids can encounter native animals, as well as chocolate factories and ice creameries offering sweet delights. With a diverse range of activities and attractions, the Yarra region provides enjoyable experiences for family members of all ages.

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