Guides Melbourne 9 Great Day Trips from Melbourne: Australian Coastal Escapes

9 Great Day Trips from Melbourne: Australian Coastal Escapes

City Guide October 18, 2023



Dive into the charm of Australia with our curated list of 9 Great Day Trips from Melbourne, offering a blend of Australian Coastal Escapes just at the city's doorstep. Wondering what to do near Melbourne? From serene road trips that weave through breathtaking landscapes to art galleries pulsating with creative energy, you’ll find diverse options to enchant every traveler.

Whether you’re an explorer or a curious tourist, we highly recommend these day trips to experience the spellbinding beauty and dynamic culture surrounding Melbourne. Each destination promises a unique allure, welcoming you to discover the magic of Australia.

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1. Great Ocean Road

Partake on a mesmerizing adventure down the iconic Great Ocean Road, a captivating journey in the Southern Hemisphere known for its coastal views, including the majestic Twelve Apostles. This renowned route beside the wild Southern Ocean unfolds breathtaking panoramic vistas at every curve, revealing surf-ready waves, diverse wildlife, and charming small towns sprinkled along the coastline. Guided tours provide an exploration experience, turning your adventure down this winding road into unforgettable visual delights and making your trip along the Great Ocean Road a journey into Australia’s coastal beauty.

Distance: Approx. 100km from Melbourne; Accessible by car or organized bus tours


2. Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula, near the tranquil waters of Port Phillip Bay, is a sanctuary for travelers seeking a harmonious blend of leisure and excitement. This retreat boasts pristine beaches and exquisite vineyards, providing an idyllic backdrop for wine-tasting and wine tours, indulgent dining experiences featuring local cuisine, and relaxation sessions at the renowned Peninsula Hot Springs. The Peninsula invites travelers with its soothing ambiance and a palette of tantalizing flavors and experiences, making it a delightful haven for relaxation and culinary exploration.

Distance: Approx. 75km from Melbourne; Accessible by car, train, or bus


3. Phillip Island

Beyond its iconic Penguin Parade, Phillip Island offers attractions and activities. The island invites engagement with exhilarating water sports, exploration of scenic trekking trails, or relaxation on its serene beaches. Every visit promises unique and enchanting encounters with Australia's delightful wildlife and natural landscapes, providing a canvas of experiences that cater to adventurers and relaxation seekers alike.

Distance: Approx. 142km from Melbourne; Accessible by car, bus tours, or V/Line train and bus


4. Yarra Valley

For enthusiasts of fine wine and vibrant art, the Yarra Valley is an irresistible destination. With a collection of world-class wineries and art galleries at your fingertips, spend a delightful day immersed in tastings of meticulously crafted wines, each glass telling the story of the valley’s rich terroir while soaking in the local art scene. The picturesque vineyards and rolling hills serve as a backdrop for a sensory adventure through the valley's celebrated wineries and dynamic artscape.

Distance: Approx. 50km from Melbourne; Accessible by car or organized tours



5. Daylesford

Nestled in the heartland of Victoria’s spa country, Daylesford offers a magical escape characterized by its wellness retreats and rejuvenating mineral springs. This enchanting town, renowned for its commitment to relaxation and tranquility, provides a soothing sanctuary from the pace of city life. With its tranquil lakes, iconic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, and myriad wellness offerings, Daylesford is a beacon inviting visitors to experience a day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and tranquility amidst its serene landscapes.

Distance: Approx. 115km from Melbourne; Accessible by car or V/Line train and bus


6. Grampians National Park

For a day filled with adventure and rich cultural history, the rugged Grampians National Park offers a captivating escape. Explore the majestic mountain ranges, experience the diverse wildlife, and admire the significant indigenous Australian rock art, all within the confines of this impressive park.

Distance: Approx. 260km from Melbourne; Accessible by car or organized tours


7. Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula

With its enticing blend of fine wineries, pristine sandy beaches, and historic seaside towns, the region of Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula near Port Phillip Bay is a compelling destination for day-trippers. It’s a locale that caters to all, offering a range of activities and sights for family outings or romantic escapades.

Distance: Approx. 75km from Melbourne; Accessible by car, train, or ferry from Docklands



8. Ballarat

Journey to Ballarat and step into a time capsule of Australia’s vibrant gold rush history. From the serene botanical gardens to the meticulously preserved architecture, the town offers a delightful mix of history and modernity, all easily accessible from Flinders Street Station for a day of exploration and learning.

Distance: Approx. 120km from Melbourne; Accessible by: Car or V/Line train


9. Glenrowan - Ned Kelly Country

Glenrowan provides a window into the life of legendary outlaw Ned Kelly. Engage with Australia's rich past in this small yet historically significant town, where the Ned Kelly Museum is a captivating chapter of the nation’s history, inviting visitors for an intriguing day of exploration.

Distance: Approx. 230km from Melbourne; Accessible by car or train to Wangaratta and then bus to Glenrowan

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