Guides Los Angeles How to Spend Short Layovers at LAX: Quick City Tours of LA

How to Spend Short Layovers at LAX: Quick City Tours of LA

City Guide September 25, 2023


If you find yourself with a short layover at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or have a connecting flight, don't fret. With some planning, you can make the most of your limited time in the City of Angels. Whether you have just a few hours in LAX or a full day in Los Angeles, here’s a guide on how to spend a few hours in LA with quick city tours of LA.

Explore downtown Los Angeles with private tours or opt for a guided Los Angeles tour tailored for short layovers. Maximize your time in this vibrant city with these efficient and engaging excursions.

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Optimizing Your Time

Checking Your Layover Time

First things first, assess the duration of your layover. While a layover as short as 24 hours can be enough for a quick LA city tour, having at least 6-8 hours is essential to make it worthwhile.


Storing Luggage

If you've checked baggage, consider storing it at the airport. Conveniently located at the Arrivals level of Tom Bradley International Terminal, LAX offers luggage storage services.


Getting Around

Transportation Options

Choose your mode of transport wisely:


Quick and convenient. However, be mindful of potential traffic delays, especially in a bustling city like LA.


Airport Shuttle

Various shuttle services are available, offering connections to popular tourist destinations.


Public Transportation

The Metro Green Line links LAX to different parts of the city. Consider the FlyAway Bus service for seamless connections.


Rent a Car

If you're feeling adventurous and have a bit more time, renting a car can provide greater flexibility in your exploration.



Picking the Right Destination

Venice Beach and Santa Monica

For a taste of LA's vibrant beach culture, head to Venice Beach. Stroll along the famous boardwalk or rent a bike to explore the area. Adjacent to Venice, Santa Monica offers a stunning pier, shopping, and dining options.



For a dose of glitz and glamour, visit Hollywood. Take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, explore the TCL Chinese Theatre, and catch a glimpse of the iconic Hollywood Sign.


Downtown LA

Immerse yourself in the heart of the city. Explore historic Olvera Street, visit art museums like The Broad, or take a stroll through the trendy Arts District.


Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive

Indulge in luxury by visiting Beverly Hills and strolling down Rodeo Drive. Marvel at the upscale boutiques and celebrity sightings.


Making the Most of Your Visit

Set Realistic Expectations

Given your time constraints, focus on one or two main attractions rather than trying to cover too much ground. Quality over quantity is key.


Enjoying Views of The City

If time allows, consider a quick visit to Griffith Observatory. Apart from offering breathtaking city views, it's an excellent spot for stargazing.


Art and Culture Enthusiasts

If you're a fan of art, consider visiting the Getty Center. It boasts an impressive art collection and stunning architecture.


Fitness Enthusiasts

If you're up for a bit of outdoor activity, make sure to catch Muscle Beach in Venice. It's an iconic spot for fitness enthusiasts and a great place for people-watching.



Staying Informed and On Schedule

Monitoring Traffic Conditions

Keep an eye on traffic conditions and any unexpected events. Navigation apps like Google Maps can help you navigate around potential delays.


Clearing Security

Allow ample time to clear security and make it back to the airport. Keep track of time and set alarms or reminders on your phone.

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