Guides Lisbon Lisbon Public Transport Complete Guide: Metro, Bus, Tram

Lisbon Public Transport Complete Guide: Metro, Bus, Tram

City Guide December 21, 2023



Navigating Lisbon? Say Olá to your comprehensive guide to Lisbon public transport! From the whooshing Lisbon metro to the charming trams, getting around this picturesque city is a breeze. Dive into the essential aspects of transport in Lisbon, including the convenient card costs for various travel options, and experience the beauty of key locations like Terreiro do Paço.

This guide is your all-in-one resource for effortlessly moving through the arteries of Lisbon's transport system. Whether you're zipping under the city on the metro, hopping on a tram, or catching a bus, this guide ensures you have all the information you need for a smooth journey. Let's journey through Lisbon's vibrant streets and discover the heart of this beautiful city!

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Mastering the Metro: Your Underground Ally

The Lisbon Metro Network: Quick and Convenient

When exploring Lisbon, the metro system is an invaluable resource. With its four color-coded lines – Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red – the Lisbon metro spans the city, connecting major tourist attractions, neighborhoods, and essential services. It's renowned for its efficiency, cleanliness, and ease of use, making it a preferred mode of transportation for locals and tourists. Whether you're headed to a museum, a historic district, or just roaming around the city, the metro gets you there quickly and conveniently.


Navigating the Lines: Color-Coded Ease

Blue Line

The Blue Line is a historical timeline, taking you from Santa Apolónia in the east to Reboleira in the west. Key stops include Baixa-Chiado for the city center, São Sebastião for shopping at El Corte Inglés, and Restauradores for access to the Elevador da Glória and the start of your journey to Bairro Alto.

Yellow Line

This line is your fast track to Lisbon's heart, running from Rato to Odivelas. Use this line to reach Marquês de Pombal for luxury shopping, Campo Pequeno for its famous bullring and cultural events, and Picoas for business areas.

Green Line

The Green Line is a cultural thread connecting Cais do Sodré to Telheiras. Cais do Sodré is your gateway to the riverside and the Time Out Market, while stops like Baixa-Chiado and Rossio are perfect for exploring Lisbon’s downtown charm and historic cafes.

Red Line

The Red Line is a modern artery of Lisbon, linking São Sebastião to Lisbon Airport. Essential stops include Oriente for the Lisbon Oceanarium and Parque das Nações and Alameda for connecting to the Green Line.

Each metro line is designed for easy navigation, with clear signs and announcements in multiple languages. Stations are equipped with ticket machines, and you can purchase a Viva Viagem card, a reusable ticket that you can top up for multiple journeys.


Metro Ticket Prices and Viva Viagem Card

The Viva Viagem card is your essential travel companion to navigate Lisbon's metro. This reusable card is available for a nominal initial cost and offers the flexibility of being recharged with single tickets, a daily pass, or even credits for multiple trips. It's an economical choice for visitors, allowing you to travel across all metro lines at affordable rates.

For those planning extensive travel within Lisbon, the 24-hour pass option provides unlimited rides and is a cost-effective solution for exploring the city. The Viva Viagem card can be purchased and recharged at any metro station, making it a convenient tool for your Lisbon travels.



Lisbon's Iconic Trams: A Scenic Route

Tram 28: A Rolling Postcard

No visit to Lisbon is complete without a ride on Tram 28. More than just a means of transport, this vintage tram offers a picturesque journey through the heart of Lisbon. Starting from Martim Moniz, it trundles through the narrow, winding streets of neighborhoods like Alfama, Baixa, and Graça, past landmarks like the São Jorge Castle and Sé Cathedral, and ends in Campo Ourique. Each turn unveils stunning views and historic sights, making Tram 28 a beloved rolling postcard of Lisbon.


Bus Routes: Lisbon's Road Warriors

Lisbon Buses: Covering All Corners

While the metro and trams cover the main tourist areas, Lisbon's extensive bus network reaches corners of the city that other public transport doesn't. Buses provide an ideal way to explore areas beyond the typical tourist path, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of Lisbon. With routes that meander along the Tagus River, climb steep hills, and traverse bustling streets, the buses offer both convenience and scenic views. They complement the metro and tram services, providing a complete picture of Lisbon's diverse neighborhoods and attractions.


Getting the Most Out of Lisbon's Public Transport

The Lisboa Card: Unlimited Access

The Lisboa Card is an invaluable asset for visitors exploring Lisbon extensively. This all-inclusive card not only grants you unlimited access to the city's extensive public transport network, including metro, buses, and trams, but also offers a range of additional benefits. Available in 24, 48, or 72-hour durations, the Lisboa Card caters to different lengths of stay.

Beyond transport, it provides free or discounted entry to many of Lisbon’s top attractions, museums, and historical sites, making it an economical choice for tourists. This card can be a great budget-saver, especially for families and individuals planning to visit multiple points of interest across the city.


Monthly Passes and 24-Hour Tickets: Travel Smart

Monthly passes are an economical and convenient option for residents or long-term visitors. These passes offer unlimited rides across various modes of public transportation, making them ideal for frequent commuters or those with extended stays in Lisbon.

On the other hand, 24-hour tickets are perfect for short-term visitors. They offer unlimited rides within 24 hours from the first validation, allowing you to hop on and off the metro, buses, and trams as much as you like. This option is particularly beneficial for tourists who plan to cover multiple destinations within a day or two, as it saves money and the hassle of purchasing individual tickets for each journey.



Safety on Lisbon's Public Transport: Travel with Confidence

When exploring Lisbon, the safety and comfort of travelers using public transport is a top priority. The city's public transportation system, encompassing metro, trams, and buses, is well-regulated and maintained, ensuring a secure environment for passengers. Regular patrols and the presence of security personnel in stations and on major routes contribute to a safe travel experience.

For added safety, travelers should stay aware of their surroundings, especially during peak hours or crowded spaces. Keeping personal belongings secure and being cautious of pickpockets, as in any major city, is recommended. Well-lit stations and clear signage help navigate the system safely, even during evening hours.

Moreover, Lisbon’s public transport adheres to strict safety protocols, including regular maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure. Emergency procedures are in place, and staff are trained to handle various situations, ensuring prompt response to any concerns.

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