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How to Get Cheap Accommodation in Lisbon?

City Guide December 21, 2023



Exploring Lisbon doesn't mean you have to empty your wallet on accommodations. With various hotel choices ranging from charming boutique hotels to wallet-friendly rooms, finding cheap accommodation in Lisbon is more accessible than you might think. Whether looking for a wallet-friendly hotel offering specific amenities or a comfortable place to rest, plenty of options exist to save money.

Let's dive into some essential tips and tricks for securing budget accommodation in Portugal's capital. From understanding the best times to book to exploring different neighborhoods, we'll cover all you need to know about finding cheap hotels in Lisbon without compromising quality or experience.

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Discovering Budget-Friendly Stays

Search, Compare, and Conquer

Embarking on the quest for affordable accommodations in Lisbon begins with a thorough search and comparison online. Use websites like, Hostelworld, and Airbnb to unearth various options, from budget hotels to hostels and vacation rentals. These platforms allow you to filter choices based on price, location, amenities, and more. Be sure to dive into the reviews left by previous guests; they often provide valuable insights into the quality and value of the stay, helping you make an informed decision.


Timing is Everything

The timing of your visit can have a significant impact on accommodation costs. Traveling during the off-peak seasons (outside of summer and major holidays) can lead to substantial savings

on hotel rates. Lisbon's shoulder seasons, spring and autumn, offer pleasant weather and fewer tourists, making it an ideal time for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, consider staying mid-week rather than over weekends, as prices often drop during less busy days.


Look for Package Deals or Special Offers

Many hotels and online booking platforms offer package deals that include accommodations, meals, or even tours at a discounted rate. Watch for special promotions, especially if you're planning a longer stay. These deals can sometimes be found on the hotel’s website or through travel agencies.



Types of Affordable Accommodations

Hostels: Not Just for Solo Travelers

Hostels in Lisbon are redefining the traditional hostel experience. Far from being just a haven for backpackers, many hostels in the city now offer private rooms, providing an excellent option for solo travelers, couples, or even small groups who seek affordability without sacrificing privacy. These rooms often come with their own bathrooms and sometimes even small kitchenettes, blending a hostel's social ambiance with a hotel's comforts. For example, the Lisbon Destination Hostel, located within the iconic Rossio Train Station, offers stylish private rooms alongside shared dormitories, perfect for those who want to enjoy the communal vibe while having their own space.


Boutique Hotels: Unique and Affordable

The rise of boutique hotels in Lisbon has brought a wave of unique and affordable lodging options. These hotels stand out for their personalized service, distinctive design, fitness centers, and often a deep connection to local culture and art. For instance, The Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, inspired by the works of the famous Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, offers an artistic and luxurious experience at reasonable prices. Boutique hotels like this often occupy renovated historical buildings, offering a charming and intimate stay in the city's heart.


Family Rooms and Long-Term Stays

Lisbon’s hotels with family rooms provide a practical and cost-effective solution for those traveling with family. These rooms are designed to accommodate families comfortably, often including additional beds or connecting rooms, ensuring enough space for everyone. For example, the Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites caters specifically to families, with child-friendly facilities and spacious rooms. For extended stays, apartments or aparthotels with kitchen facilities are a great choice. They allow families to save on dining out, offering the flexibility to prepare meals. Establishments like the Lisbon Serviced Apartments offer the convenience of a hotel with the practicality of an apartment, ideal for the longer term.


Saving Tips for Accommodation

Book in Advance or Last-Minute

When booking accommodation, timing can make a big difference in your expenses. Booking in advance often secures lower rates, especially for sought-after hotels or specific room types. It also gives you a wider range of options to choose from. On the flip side, last-minute bookings can also be advantageous. Many hotels offer discounted prices to fill unsold rooms close to the date, which can lead to significant savings, especially if you're flexible with your accommodation choices.


Credit Card Rewards and Points

Maximize the benefits of credit card rewards and hotel brand loyalty programs. Accumulated points and rewards can often be converted into discounts, room upgrades, or even free accommodations. Before booking, check if your credit card offers travel-related benefits or partnerships with hotels that could translate into direct savings for your stay.


The Perks of Staying Central

Choosing a centrally located hotel in Lisbon might initially seem more expensive, but it can be more economical in the long run. Staying in the city center reduces the need for public transportation, as many major attractions are within walking distance. Central areas like Baixa, Chiado, or Alfama are well-connected by public transport, offering easy access to further destinations. This convenience saves money and time, allowing you to see more of the city without the added transportation costs.


Opt for Alternative Accommodations

Consider options beyond traditional hotels. Hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals like Airbnb can offer more affordable rates, especially for longer stays. Many of these alternatives provide amenities such as kitchens, which can help save on food costs. Additionally, staying in a local apartment or guesthouse can offer Lisbon a more authentic living experience.


Seek Out Deals and Special Offers

Watch for special promotions, package deals, or off-season discounts. Many booking platforms and hotels offer special rates during certain times of the year or for specific customer groups (students, seniors, etc.). Signing up for hotel newsletters or following hotels on social media can also alert you to exclusive deals and offers.


Beyond Traditional Hotel Rooms

Alternative Accommodation Options

When planning your stay in Lisbon, consider alternative accommodations beyond traditional hotels. Options like Airbnb, hostels, and guesthouses can be more budget-friendly, particularly for longer stays. These accommodations often provide amenities like a kitchen, which can help save on meal costs, and a more home-like atmosphere. Many of these alternatives are located in local neighborhoods, offering an authentic experience and a chance to live like a Lisbon local.


Embrace National Parks and Campsites

For a truly unique experience, consider staying in one of the national parks or campsites near Lisbon. This option is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers exploring Lisbon's stunning natural surroundings. Camping can significantly reduce accommodation costs, and a national park offers a serene and beautiful environment. Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature and spending your evenings under the stars – it's an unforgettable way to experience Portugal's natural beauty.



Stay Connected: Free WiFi and More

Connectivity on a Budget

In our digital age, staying connected is often a necessity. Fortunately, many budget accommodations in Lisbon, including hostels, budget hotels, and vacation rentals, offer free WiFi. This amenity is crucial for travelers who need to keep in touch with family, manage work remotely, or plan their travel itineraries. Additionally, many cafes and public spaces in Lisbon provide free internet access, so you can stay connected while exploring the city.


Look for Accommodations with Extra Perks

When searching for budget-friendly accommodations, look for places that offer additional perks. Some hostels and guesthouses in Lisbon offer free breakfast, communal kitchens, or even city tours. These extras can add significant value to your stay, saving you money and enhancing your travel experience. In Lisbon, it's common to find accommodations that go the extra mile to make your stay more comfortable and convenient.

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