Guides Las Vegas Hidden Gems in Las Vegas: Unusual Spots to Visit

Hidden Gems in Las Vegas: Unusual Spots to Visit

City Guide November 13, 2023



Las Vegas is a city known for its bright lights and bustling casinos, but it's also brimming with hidden gems that provide an escape from the usual tourist traps. From speakeasies that transport you back to the Prohibition era to live music venues where the atmosphere is as electric as the Vegas Strip, this guide is your treasure map to the city's best-kept secrets.

Dive into the world of clandestine bars with a twist of modern-day mixology at the speakeasies in Las Vegas, or venture off the beaten path for some unusual things to do in Las Vegas that are just as exciting as anything you'd find on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Whether you're a local or a tourist, these insider spots will show you a different side of Sin City.

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Uncover the Speakeasies of Sin City

Step Back in Time at The Laundry Room

Nestled within the heart of Fremont Street, The Laundry Room is not just a bar—it's an experience. A nod to the clandestine bars of the 1920s, this hidden gem is an invitation to indulge in the past. With a secret code required for entry, which changes regularly and is shared only with those who have secured a reservation, the aura of exclusivity is palpable.

As you step through its doors, you'll leave the modern world behind and enter a space where the art of mixology is celebrated, and the ambiance is intimate. The bartenders, more akin to storytellers, serve classic cocktails crafted with precision and flair, and every sip is a reminder of an era shrouded in mystery and decadence.


Ghost Donkey: A Secret Haven

Tucked away inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Ghost Donkey is a speakeasy that offers an unexpected escape into a world of Mexican spirits and a vibrant atmosphere. To find this secret haven, one must look for the emblem of a donkey discreetly placed upon a door.

This symbol is the only clue behind this door lies a realm of carefully curated mezcal and tequila offerings. The atmosphere here buzzes with a dynamic energy akin to the live music that fills the space—a carefully selected mix that complements the indulgence of each unique drink. Ghost Donkey doesn’t just offer a menu and an exploration of flavors and an ambiance that captures the essence of a hidden, jubilant Vegas that many never discover.


Gastronomic Delights Off the Beaten Path

Las Vegas Hidden Food Gems: Famous Foods Street Eats Food Court

At the Resorts World, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor, you'll find the Famous Foods Street Eats Food Court—a gastronomic tapestry that weaves together the world's street food cultures under one roof. This food court isn't your average mall fare; it's a mosaic of culinary excellence where each kiosk is a window into another part of the globe.

From the tantalizing spices of Southeast Asian cuisine to the hearty, comforting flavors of a European bistro, every bite promises an authentic taste and a story of distant lands. Here, adventurous foodies and those seeking the warmth of traditional dishes will find satisfaction without leaving the Las Vegas NV 89109 zip code. It's a hidden gem within a gem, offering an escape to a world of flavors where each dish is served with a side of discovery.


The Mob Museum's Underground Taste of History

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas does more than showcase the gritty history of organized crime; it invites you into it. Beyond the interactive exhibits and captivating stories, the museum harbors a secret. Descend the stairs to the basement and step back in time to the era of speakeasies and bootleggers.

The Underground at the Mob Museum is not just an exhibit but a fully operational Prohibition history experience, complete with a distillery that produces moonshine—the infamous spirit of the 1920s. Sip on cocktails crafted from their house-made hooch, each with a narrative as rich as the drink in your hand. The bar, with its vintage ambiance and echoes of a turbulent past, doesn't just serve alcohol; it serves a piece of history that's as intoxicating as the spirits that flow from the still.



Entertainment and Art: The Soul of Vegas

Live Entertainment at Mandalay Bay

Amid the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip, Mandalay Bay emerges as a beacon for music and performance aficionados. The resort, famous for its golden facade and beach-like pools, is a cultural haven beyond gaming tables and aquatic wonders. With venues such as the House of Blues, an intimate setting that draws both rising stars and legendary musicians, the resort offers a diverse live entertainment lineup.

The eclectic mix of shows on any night might range from a soul-stirring jazz performance to a heart-pounding rock concert. The Mandalay Bay Events Center further amplifies the experience, hosting events from major headlining concerts to electrifying UFC bouts. In this corner of the Strip, the thrill of the game is matched by the thrill of the stage, making Mandalay Bay a premier destination for those seeking the vibrancy of Vegas entertainment in all its forms.


Omega Mart: Where Art and Retail Collide

Nestled within the innovative and immersive entertainment complex of AREA15, Omega Mart is an enigma, challenging the notion of a traditional shopping experience. This is no ordinary grocery store, but a portal into an extraordinary art experience created by the visionary collective, Meow Wolf. Every aisle and product in Omega Mart conceals a surrealistic narrative that invites curiosity and interaction.

What appears to be a typical supermarket shelf is an entry point to secret rooms and unexpected landscapes, blending high-concept art with fantasy elements. Interactive installations, dazzling displays, and hidden messages await those willing to delve deeper into the mart's mysteries. A journey through Omega Mart explores creativity and consumerism, wrapped in the whimsical and the bizarre. It’s an essential stop for anyone looking to step off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the avant-garde side of Las Vegas.



Embrace the Unknown on the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip might be known for its grandeur, but its true allure lies in the nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered by the curious traveler. From hidden bars to unusual food courts, speakeasies, and live music venues, Las Vegas is a city of endless surprises. So venture off the beaten path—Sin City's hidden gems are the real jackpot.

Among these unexpected delights is 16, an urban food hall with a mosaic of gourmet flavors worldwide. Nestled within the bustling corridor of this neon oasis, 16 offers a reprieve from the traditional dining experience, inviting visitors to indulge in a tapestry of culinary craftsmanship. It's more than a meal; it's a journey through global cuisine, encapsulated within the vibrant heartbeat of the Strip.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is much more than its globally renowned casinos and vibrant entertainment scene. For locals and travelers alike, it stands as a multifaceted destination brimming with hidden gems. Beyond the glittering lights of the MGM and the famed pizza buffets lies a city rich in art and culture, perfect for art lovers seeking inspiration from local artists. The mountains, just a mile away, offer serene outdoor adventures, contrasting the city's bustling energy. Safety is a key aspect of the Las Vegas experience, ensuring visitors can explore everything from the tranquil Colorado landscapes to the dynamic art galleries with peace of mind. Whether you're indulging in the decadent buffets, venturing into the mountains for an outdoor adventure, or immersing yourself in the local art scene, Las Vegas is a city that continually surprises and delights, revealing layers far beyond its casino roots.

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