Guides Florence Top 13 Trattorias and Osterias in Florence Worth Trying

Top 13 Trattorias and Osterias in Florence Worth Trying

City Guide October 19, 2023



Florence, a culinary jewel in the heart of Tuscany, unfolds a realm where traditional Florence trattorias and various restaurants curate a symphony of authentic flavors. Discover the heartwarming embrace of family-run establishments as you meander through the city’s historical tapestry.

These venues, rich with generational wisdom and passion, become the gateways to experiencing the genuine essence of the region's delightful dishes. Within their warm atmospheres and amidst heartfelt hospitality, each restaurant in Florence becomes a cherished haven, where the soul of Tuscan cuisine is lovingly cultivated and shared with those seeking a true taste of this magnificent region.

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1. Trattoria da Rocco

Trattoria da Rocco offers a bustling atmosphere in the heart of San Lorenzo. This family-run trattoria embodies authenticity, where Tuscan dishes like pappa al pomodoro and Bistecca alla Fiorentina are stars of the menu.


2. Osteria dell'Enoteca

Presenting a finely curated wine list, this osteria offers an experience where you can savor a tasting menu of Tuscan delights, embracing a blend of traditional and contemporary Italian food.


3. Osteria delle Tre Panche

This osteria, famed for its wild boar dishes, also presents an assortment of Tuscan cuisine. The intimate dining room ambiance adds to the charm of your dining experience.


4. Trattoria Cibreo

Near the historical center, this Florence trattoria offers many Tuscan dishes, from hearty bread soups to exquisite tasting menus that celebrate the essence of Italian food.


5. Osteria Santo Spirito

Situated overlooking the Piazza della Signoria, this osteria is renowned for its exceptional wine bars and a menu boasting classics like Vin Santo and other Tuscan delights.



6. Trattoria Il Contadino

A place where traditional Italian street food meets elegance. At this trattoria, you'll find a variety of dishes, from delightful pappa al pomodoro to heartwarming bread soup.


7. Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori

An ideal spot for wine lovers, offering a wine list that perfectly complements many Tuscan dishes, ranging from bistecca alla Fiorentina to simple yet delectable street food options.


8. Trattoria Mario

A family-run gem located amidst the alluring pathways of Florence. Traditional Tuscan cuisine takes center stage in a cozy dining room setting, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


9. Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

Dedicated to showcasing the robust flavors of Tuscan cuisine, this osteria offers everything from wild boar specialties to a delightful variety of Italian food.


10. Osteria Le Antiche Carrozze

Located near Piazza della Signoria, here you'll find a splendid blend of wines and a menu infused with the authentic essence of Tuscan dishes.



11. Trattoria da Garibardi

Immerse yourself in a delightful dining experience where the wine list is as compelling as the variety of Tuscan dishes, ensuring every meal is worth trying.


12. Osteria Il Gatto E La Volpe

At this osteria, the convergence of a warm dining room atmosphere and delightful Tuscan dishes guarantees a dining experience that is both genuine and memorable.


13. Osteria dell'Agnolo

This is where tradition meets the palate with a bounty of Tuscan dishes, each articulating the rich culinary narrative of Florence, ensuring every visitor finds something worth savoring.

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