Guides Dublin Where To Stay in Dublin: 15 Affordable Accommodation Options

Where To Stay in Dublin: 15 Affordable Accommodation Options

City Guide September 18, 2023


Are you planning a trip to Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, and wondering where to stay without breaking the bank? Dublin offers a wealth of options for budget-conscious travelers, from cozy hostels to charming hotels in Dublin, Airbnb rentals, and even home exchanges. Since we’re talking about affordable accommodation, we won’t mention luxury hotels here.

To make your stay in Dublin more enjoyable, remember to opt for reliable and affordable luggage storage with Nannybag so you can explore the city unburdened. Now, let's dive into our list of 15 affordable accommodation options, all conveniently located for you to enjoy the best of Dublin.


Budget Hostels vs. Budget Hotels: Making the Choice

Regarding budget-friendly accommodation, travelers often decide between budget hostels and hotels, each offering a distinct experience.


Budget Hostels

Budget hostels are beloved for their affordability. They provide shared dormitory-style rooms, which means lower costs, making them a go-to choice for budget-conscious travelers. They appeal to solo adventurers or those who enjoy meeting fellow travelers. Hostels foster a social atmosphere with communal spaces and often organize events, creating a sense of community. However, they also offer private rooms for those seeking more privacy, making hostels versatile.


Budget Hotels

Budget hotels, on the other hand, prioritize privacy and comfort. They provide private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, ideal for couples, families, or travelers wanting solitude. Budget hotels typically offer a quieter atmosphere compared to the vibrant social scenes of hostels. Chain budget hotels tend to maintain a consistent level of service and sometimes include complimentary amenities like breakfast and Wi-Fi, enhancing the overall value of your stay.



While budget hostels are the champions of affordability and a friendly atmosphere, perfect for travelers looking to connect with others, budget hotels, in contrast, focus on privacy and tranquility, appealing to those who value a quiet and comfortable retreat. Your choice between the two largely depends on your priorities and travel style. Here are some suggestions to choose from:

  1. Generator Hostel Dublin: Nestled near Connell Street, this trendy hostel offers a vibrant atmosphere and easy access to popular attractions like Grafton Street, the General Post Office, and the River Liffey.
  2. Jacobs Inn Hostel: Located in the heart of Dublin city center, this friendly hostel is within walking distance of St. Stephen's Green, the National Gallery, and the National Concert Hall.
  3. Abbey Court Hostel: Situated by the Grand Canals, it combines affordability with a central location, making it an ideal choice for those exploring the city's history and nightlife.
  4. The Belvedere Hotel: Found near Connell Street, this charming hotel offers comfortable rooms and is within walking distance of the National History Museum and the Dublin City Centre.
  5. The Castle Hotel: Situated close to the General Post Office and O'Connell Street, this historic hotel provides a taste of old-world Dublin at an affordable price.
  6. Jurys Inn Dublin Parnell Street: This modern hotel is conveniently located for exploring Dublin on foot, with attractions like Grafton Street and the River Liffey just a stroll away.
  7. Cozy Apartment in Temple Bar: Experience the city's cultural heart with this Airbnb rental in the lively Temple Bar district, a hub of art galleries, restaurants, and pubs.
  8. Quirky Georgian Townhouse: For a unique stay, consider this rental in a Georgian townhouse near St. Stephen's Green, offering both comfort and style.
  9. Riverside Retreat: Enjoy the tranquility of the River Liffey with this riverside Airbnb rental while still being close to Dublin's attractions via public transport.
  10. Home Exchange Worldwide: If you're open to home exchange, platforms like offer opportunities to swap homes with Dubliners, allowing you to save money on accommodation and experience life as a local.
  11. Blooms Hotel: Nestled in the heart of Dublin's Temple Bar, the Blooms Hotel is a charming and vibrant establishment offering a delightful stay in the city center. Its comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and proximity to some of Dublin's iconic attractions make it an ideal base for exploring the city. 
  12. Ashling Hotel Dublin: Situated near the Guinness Storehouse and the National Museum of Ireland, this hotel offers easy access to central Dublin while providing a comfortable retreat.
  13. Maldron Hotel Kevin Street: Located within walking distance of St. Patrick's Cathedral and Dublin Castle, this hotel offers modern comfort in central Dublin.
  14. The Fleet Street Hotel: Nestled in the Temple Bar district, this hotel is a stone's throw from cultural hotspots like the Temple Bar Gallery and Studios and the Project Arts Centre.
  15. The Morrison Hotel: This stylish hotel is right by the River Liffey and the Millennium Bridge, making it a fantastic base for exploring Dublin's vibrant nightlife.

In the heart of Dublin's vibrant tapestry, finding accommodation is more than just a place to rest your head after seeing the landmarks—it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the pulse of Ireland's capital. From the bustling nightlife of Grafton and Connell to the tranquil embrace of Merrion, each neighborhood offers its own unique charm. As you explore the city, don't miss a chance to savor the iconic taste of Guinness along the banks of the Liffey. With a variety of affordable options, Dublin invites you to experience its rich history and lively culture, making your stay a memorable part of your Irish adventure.


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