Guides Amsterdam How to Make the Most of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum in 2024

How to Make the Most of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum in 2024

City Guide May 10, 2024



With its picturesque canals and vibrant cultural scene, Amsterdam is home to one of the most incredible art collections in the world at the Van Gogh Museum. This museum offers a unique look into Vincent Van Gogh's troubled life and the stunning art he created, which continues to captivate audiences today. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual visitor, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam promises a deep dive into the works of one of the most fascinating figures in art history. Here’s how you can make the most of your visit in 2024, with tips on exhibits, experiences, and more!


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Planning Your Visit

Book Tickets in Advance

Book tickets to the Van Gogh Museum before your visit to avoid long lines and ensure entry at your preferred time. Tickets can easily be purchased online, saving time and guaranteeing your spot, especially during the busy tourist season. Ticket prices are €22 per person, with free admission for those under 18. This pricing structure makes it accessible for families to explore the extensive collection and learn about Van Gogh's profound impact on art.


Best Time to Visit

The museum tends to be busiest in the mid-morning and early afternoon. Planning your visit early in the morning, right after opening or later towards closing, can provide a more tranquil experience, allowing you to enjoy Van Gogh’s works more intimately.


Highlights of the Van Gogh Museum

The Sunflower Room

One of the must-see parts of the museum is the Van Gogh Museum sunflower room. This room houses the iconic Sunflower series and vividly displays Van Gogh’s use of yellow tones. It's a bright and uplifting experience that brings you closer to the essence of Van Gogh's artistic vision.


Immersive Experience

2024 introduces the Van Gogh the immersive experience, a state-of-the-art VR experience that takes you through a day in the artist's life. This multi-sensory showcase allows you to walk through Van Gogh’s most famous landscapes and truly experience the world through his eyes.


The Timeline Room

The Timeline Room offers visitors an in-depth look at the key periods in Van Gogh’s life and work. Through interactive timelines, you can explore significant events and artistic phases, providing context to the emotional and creative journey of the artist. This educational feature enriches your understanding of how Van Gogh’s experiences influenced his unique style and subjects.


The Phone Call Room with Theo

In the Phone Call Room, visitors can experience a deeper understanding of Vincent and his brother Theo's relationship. Here, visitors can listen to recitations of letters exchanged between the two, which reveal the emotional and financial support Theo provided to Vincent. This room gives a unique insight into their bond, shedding light on Theo's pivotal role in Vincent’s life and work and enhancing the emotional depth of the museum's narrative.



Exhibitions and Events

Van Gogh Exhibit

The museum features special exhibitions each year focusing on different aspects of Van Gogh’s life and works. These exhibitions often provide new insights into his techniques, influences, and relationships with other artists of his time. Check the museum’s schedule to catch these enlightening displays.


Workshops and Lectures

The museum also hosts a variety of educational workshops and lectures that delve deeper into Van Gogh's works and artistic techniques. These sessions are perfect for those looking to understand art history better and Van Gogh’s particular methods and motifs.


Additional Amenities

Food and Drink

After exploring the art, relax and reflect on your experience with some refreshments. The museum’s café offers a variety of food and drink options, providing the perfect spot to ponder the intense emotion and vibrant colors of Van Gogh’s works.


Gift Shop

Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop on your way out. It’s stocked with postcards, books, and replicas of Van Gogh’s paintings, allowing you to take a piece of your experience home.



Nearby Attractions

Stedelijk Museum

If you're in the mood for more art, the Stedelijk Museum is just next door. Here, you can explore modern and contemporary art and design, featuring works contrasting with and complementing Van Gogh’s historical depth.


Anne Frank House

A short tram ride away, you can visit the Anne Frank House. It’s another profound Amsterdam experience that offers a deep historical insight, much like the introspective journey at the Van Gogh Museum.

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