Guides Amsterdam Everything You Should Know About Amsterdam's Royal Palace

Everything You Should Know About Amsterdam's Royal Palace

City Guide May 10, 2024



Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam's bustling city center, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is a crucial part of the Dutch royal family's heritage and a pivotal landmark that captures the grandeur of the 17th century. Often regarded as one of the city's most magnificent treasures, the Palace has a vibrant history and an architectural elegance that attracts tourists and scholars alike.

Whether you're keen to explore its historical corridors, marvel at the stunning art, or gather insights into the Dutch royal traditions, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam offers an enriching experience for everyone.

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What to See in Amsterdam's Royal Palace

Architectural Grandeur

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is a striking example of classic Dutch Baroque architecture designed by Jacob van Campen. Originally built as the city hall during the Dutch Golden Age, Louis Bonaparte transformed it into a palace. Its facade and interiors are adorned with classical sculptures, large murals, and intricate decorations that reflect themes of justice, peace, and the city’s importance in the world during the 17th century.


The Throne Room and State Visits

One of the highlights of the Royal Palace is the Throne Room, often used during official receptions such as state visits. With its elaborate decorations and historical significance, this room showcases the Dutch Royal Family's commitment to tradition and state affairs. Along with several other reception rooms, the Throne Room is adorned with lavish furniture and artwork, making it a central attraction in the palace.


The Royal Palace Museum

The Royal Palace Museum is part of the palace and offers visitors a deeper understanding of the building's history and its role in the Dutch monarchy. The museum features a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions that display artifacts, paintings, and tapestries related to the royal family and the palace's architectural evolution.


Who lives in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, one of the three palaces still used by the Dutch Royal Family, primarily serves a ceremonial function rather than as a royal residence. While it is no longer the home to the reigning monarch on a day-to-day basis, the palace is used by King Willem-Alexander for state visits, award ceremonies, and other official functions.



Visitor Information

Royal Palace Tickets and Opening Hours

To visit the Royal Palace, purchasing tickets ahead of time is recommended. You can easily find information on Royal Palace tickets online, including discounts for students and groups. The palace's opening hours vary depending on the season and the royal family’s use of the building, so checking the schedule before planning your visit is essential. Here are the current ticket prices for various visitors:

  • Adults: €12.50
  • Museum card holders: €0.00
  • ICOM members: €0.00
  • Under 18: €0.00
  • Students: €9.00


Accessibility and Facilities

The Royal Palace is open to the public and accessible to visitors with disabilities. Elevators and ramps are available throughout the palace to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit without limitation. Additionally, the palace has modern facilities, including a luggage locker service where visitors can store their luggage safely while exploring. Luggage Amsterdam Royal Palace prices can be found online and Nannybag luggage storage prices start at €4.5 per bag per day.



Around the Royal Palace

Dam Square

Dam Square is one of Amsterdam's most famous and vibrant public spaces directly outside the Royal Palace. Here, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere, view street performers, and participate in various cultural events throughout the year. Dam Square also provides easy access to other major attractions in the city, making it a perfect spot to start or end your palace visit.


Proximity to Central Station

For those traveling to Amsterdam by train, the convenience of the Royal Palace’s location is unmatched. Just a short walk from Central Station, the palace is ideally situated for tourists. This proximity makes it a preferred destination for those looking to explore the heart of Amsterdam efficiently.

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